Crossbow Fella Running Amok In Bushey

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  1. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    This fella apparently already killed 3 women and the cops are after him. Kyle Clifford he's called and he's from Enfield.

  2. Otter

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    Terribly sad. I know a family who live on the street, they knew the victims; my mother taught two of the women when she was a teaching assistant in Bushey many years ago; the victims are a mother and two adult daughters. The husband of the older woman is connected to the horse racing world is also an ex-colleague of my dad, I won't say anything more at this point because it's not in the public domain yet.
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  3. SkylaRose

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    That's awful. I hope they catch him before anyone else is killed or badly injured. Absolute needless loss of life.
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  4. wfc4ever

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    Agree .

    RIP those killed .

    Condolences to their families.
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  5. Keighley

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    Or to their families?
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  6. The Voice of Reason

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    Condolences to the family.
  7. Harrow Orn

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    Let's hope they catch him and he gets the justice he deserves. Absolutely horrible.

    Unfortunately in cases like these it's not uncommon to find out they've killed themselves after coming to terms with what they've done. (I say unfortunately as that's the easy way out, much rather he rots in a cell).
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  8. Moose

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    Horrific. Crossbows are like guns in that the disqualification criteria for owning one should be anyone who wants one.
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  9. Lloyd

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    What about those who were killed?
  10. Keighley

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    Not much point in consoling them, to be blunt.
  11. Harrow Orn

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    Family of BBC racing commentator John Hunt. It was he who called the police too. Can't imagine what he's going through right now :(
  12. wfc4ever

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  13. The Voice of Reason

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    Is nothing sacred to you :rolleyes: you would pick a fight with your own reflection in a mirror!!!
  14. Malteser2

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    He’s been found, injured, and is currently receiving medical treatment
  15. SkylaRose

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    Well it's good to hear he won't be harming anyone else. Hopefully he's in the hand of the correct authorities now.
  16. oxhey67

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    Maybe the police can now concentrate their efforts in the town centre now. Just your every day 'gun altercation'

    What the **** is going on?!?

    The Watford Observer site 'front page'...

    Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 18.31.58.jpeg
  17. wfcmoog

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    I manage a village Facebook page with a set of entry questions. A couple of years ago we had a woman request to join because her grandfather was from the village and she used to visit as a young girl. No harm, I thought.

    She then spammed the group with incoherent messages about her love for the village and her connection to it. Then she went quiet.

    By chance I found out shortly after she was a victim in a triple stabbing. Seems her and her husband were murdered by a guy with schizophrenia who then did himself in.

    As annoying as she was, my moderating is not that harsh. She didn't deserve that. Poor old girl.
  18. The undeniable truth

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    Wrong thread !
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