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  1. We don't know they were far better. Clearly no other major club was interested. Both could have ended as cheap punts that failed. Maybe Kayembe will turn out to be a world beater ? They see the same data as you and plenty more.
  2. Burnsy

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    Sorry that’s a reach - one had good pedigree at the top of Italian football and stacks of international caps. And the other is already valued at 4-6 times more than the original fee.

    We do know they were better because all common sense tells you that and for you to suggest otherwise just looks silly.

    I don’t think you’re a Gino apologist. But this whole argument you’re making about affordability and not being able to upgrade CB’s is dying on its ar$e.
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    You’re not reading what I posted. I said supplement the centre backs with a single signing. One player. It’s really not too much to ask.

    Deeney and Gray weren’t starting the second half of last season so not sure what relevance that has really.
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    Your view isn’t balanced. I don’t mind your posts but you are relentless with your views that that we can’t compete and therefore Pozzo ignoring the defence over half a decade should always be excused.
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    The point could be that they needed to replace the entire defence before this season because they had totally neglected it for the previous 4 seasons. No real attempt to carry out affordable, gradual upgrading.
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  6. Easiest if I just respond to the last 4 posts in one post.
    We clearly have different views. I've no worries with that, though you seem to.
    It's a fact that we are at a disadvantage when competing with richer established prem clubs, that we made a significant number of signings to strengthen the squad in the summer, that we chose to focus on the forwards and midfield given the obvious need and the low goals conceded last season. Some hits, some misses. Of course a couple of quality CDs on top of that would have been great, if we could have bought them at a decent price and they'd wanted to come.
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    Eh? This debate has involved both of us - just ducking out and suggesting I’m the one with the issue is a bit odd.

    We disagree - I’m not sure how you’ve concluded that’s somehow anymore my issue than yours!
  8. ok apologies - trying to get a deck ready for a 14.30 presentation so ducking in and out quickly with little care and attention !
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