Correct Score Prediction League 21/22 Rules

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  1. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Correct Score Competition Rules

    Each week I will post 5 matches that are happening that weekend in a new thread, (in this area of the forum).
    You give me a score prediction for each match before the games take place.
    That's it.

    An example. I will give you 5 matches like this:
    Watford v Everton
    Arsenal v West Ham
    Southampton v Newcastle
    Brentford v Man City
    Aston Villa v Norwich

    You give me your predictions in this format:

    I enter your predictions into a master spreadsheet.
    Once the games are finished I update the spreadsheet and post the weekly results and league table.

    For a correct score result if the match is a draw = 12 points
    For a correct score result home or away = 10 points
    For a correct home/away/draw result but the wrong goals guessed = 5 points
    For a correct goal guess for either team = 2 points
    Any other result = 0 points

    An example:
    Watford v Everton finishes 2-0
    Your predict 2-0 = 10 points
    You predict 3-1 = 5 points
    You predict 0-0 = 2 points
    You predict 1-2 = 0 points

    Side Rules:
    The next weekends games will be up as soon in the week as possible, they could from any league!
    If you fail to make an entry one week I will mark all of your predictions as 1-0 home wins, (the most common Premier League score)
    If you enter after the competition has begun, I will set all previously missed weeks as all 1-0 predictions and update the tables accordingly.
    If you wish to enter a different set of scores for missed weeks just let me know and I will set that up for you.

    Each week, the player who scores the highest points total will have their next set of predictions used by myslef with a 50p bet on each game for the correct result. Any winnings will be put into the prize pool for the winner of this competition.
    Current prize pool £0.00

    Any questions or suggestions feel free to ask here.
  2. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    Using the score example above, if the prediction was 2-1, would the person get 7 points (5 from the result and 2 for guessing the number of goals for one of the teams)?
  3. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    No, just one set of points are awarded, whichever is highest. Thanks for pointing that out, unfortunately I can't edit the original post now :(.
  4. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Rule change on new entrants:

    I originally stated that any new entrants would be awarded the points scored by the control set of 1-0's for each week they were late. Unfortunately the 1-0 scores are currently leading so it seems unfair to players already taking part for new players to get such a head-start on many of them. So whilst any "current" players who miss a week will be given the points from the control set, new players will be given the average score for every week they missed so far. That way they will always start middle of the pack which IMO is fairer than starting them in the lead, (who knew that 1-0's would do so well :().

    For week 1 the average score was 18.48 so will use 18 as the week 1 average.
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  5. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    FWIW in my competition last year I had a couple of late starters and they soon caught up from 0. However the scoring system on mine does make it easier to do that.
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  6. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    If the 1-0's had scored 7 or 8 points last week then that would have been fine to have left it at that, but typically they did superbly well! It's a tough call with late players as you don't want them to be too far behind to have a chance but then your current players also need to be fairly treated.
    A thought for next season would be to make points much tougher to get, (such as only exactly correct scores get a point), then the issue of late starters is much easier to deal with, so thanks for the post.
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  7. Otter

    Otter Gambling industry insider

    The fairest solution, due to the nature of scoring in yours, is that anyone new joining in starts on the same points as the lowest person in the table.
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  8. Irishorn

    Irishorn Gael Force

    I had thought that I entered last week. Just got distracted and forgot to click the post reply button. I am not really bothered about what points new entrants are given, just welcome the opportunity to get involved. It is just a bit of fun. Thanks for organising it.
  9. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Over the course of the season I'll try my best to use each Premier League team the same number of times, (including Watford). So far:


    I will be delving into lower leagues when there is no Premier League schedule, such as Week 4.
  10. How about an average score column. Then there will be an overall points leaderboard which is the main one but any latecomers can try to see how they fair on average compared to the rest of the players too.
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  11. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Good shout, I'll take a look at the excel sheet and see how easy that would be to implement.
  12. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Had a play with this today and because we're still only 2 weeks into the competition the average score column just reflects the players position in the leaderboard, and I feel that an average score over the whole competition wouldn't work so well. However, it did give me some ideas.

    When there is a cutoff date for new entrants to receive average points, (I suggest week 6 is the last week for that), then what I think would work would be a "Last 6" average score column which would show the current form leaders. It's possible to have the leaderboard as normal alongside a current form table which I think would be a good motivation for later, (and current), players on far less points. I also feel that depending on how the bets go, that we could give a small prize for the form leader every 6 weeks once introduced, (say a free £5 bet of their choice).
  13. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    New entrants up to week 6 will receive the average score to that point to give them an outside chance of winning.
    From week 7 new entrants will start on 0 points but will still be eligible for the "6 weekly" current form competition.
  14. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    I noticed this week that we had the most non entries so far this season. Could this be a reluctance to do lower league predictions?

    If there is a general feeling that you would prefer Premier League only games and it would encourage more of you to enter each week then I'd certainly consider it moving forward
  15. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    No problem for me Diamond whatever league you choose.

    However on another point, I might be wrong but the scores you have given some people including me seem to be wrong this week?

    I only checked as I just wondered how 99mph had managed to score 37 points. When I did I noticed that according to my understanding of the rules he hasn't, so I checked a few others including my own and there were a few others that were way off too.

    Unless I have got it all wrong :confused:
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  16. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Thanks for that, I'll go through them all today.
  17. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    VoR was correct, Wealdstone v Eastleigh was entered as 2-2 on the spreadsheet when it was 1-2. Correcting the scores now.

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