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  1. Moose

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    I think many F2F NHS staff have to have the PCR tests. Mrs Moose does them weekly and is triple vacco.
  2. Arakel

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    I think being worried about currently unknown long term side effects is a reasonable concern to have.

    The problem is that the people who are concerned about that don't seem to put the issue in context. It's not down to vaccinated versus not being vaccinated, the consideration should be about being unvaccinated and contracting Covid versus possible side effects of being vaccinated.

    Given that we don't know what the long term side effects of Covid are either, it's a bit odd to bank on a disease that's killed millions being less of a threat to you than a vaccine that hasn't. By all available metrics the instances of people having vaccine related issues are dwarfed by the issues caused by Covid, and in fact most of the complications from the vaccine are also present in Covid at a much rather rate.

    For example, the myocarditis experienced by a very small percentage of vaccinated people also surfaces in people who contract Covid, but at a much, much higher rate. It doesn't seem unreasonable to hypothesise that the people who experienced it from the vaccine could well have experienced those same symptoms from Covid, too, but on a much more severe scale.

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