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    I’m sure you’ve been asked before but have you ever considered setting up your own Care Worker Provider business Clive?

    If I were a care worker I’m sure I would be very happy working for someone like you who has a genuine interest in the wellbeing of their clients and staff, and who treats/rewards them accordingly.
  2. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Yes! The little green badge finally arrived!

    It has pride of place on my lapel, just underneath my UNISON badge......
  3. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    No, not really. Thought about going on my own privately and still might. I have my pension coming from BR later this month - not so much, only £105 per week - so that means a nice little easy job paying only a little will be all that's needed, along with Ciff's wages to get by I reckon.

    I was telling people last night. From the end of this month when I hit 60, I consider myself semi-retired.
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    Don’t forget the tax free lump sum, could be enough to start a care worker co-op business.
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    Bet that's not where you really wanted to stick it, though.
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    Just seen and caught up on this thread. A great read @Clive_ofthe_Kremlin . Your writing style is exceptional, it reminds me a lot of Adam Kay who wrote a comedic but sad look at the life of a Junior Doctor in ‘This is Going to Hurt.’ Have you ever considered writing a book from your point of view? I’m sure you have many interesting stories to tell and many would appreciate your insight.

    Great thread, keep up the good work :)
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  7. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Thank you,very kind.

    Maybe I should write a book on it. There's certainly more than enough material.
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    For the "fiction" or "non fiction" section?

    Nonetheless, I agree, good style in most respects.
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  9. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    I'm currently engaged in studying for an NVQ level 3 in Care, with some success thus far.

    However the training firm has insisted that it is a government regulation that I must pass exams in basic literacy; maths and English. A waste of time my protests that I have a degree in maths and used to teach it. They don't recognise the OU they say and I'm not going to go rummaging in boxes looking for 1970s O level certificates from WBGS. So basic literacy it is.

    Unfortunately the young lady instructors themselves often seem to wrestle with literacy. There was a Tasha Slappa Scouse one the other day on zoom who did a really strong gggggchhh sound on the end of words like 'care whirrggggchh'. It was really off putting. As an icebreaker, she suggested that each of us attendees tell an embarrassing story about themselves and kicked things off by telling us a colourful and very detailed yarn about how she had something wrong with her guts when she was younger that made her shitt herself all the time lie-ggghhhhhh. I'd only just had me breakfast.

    Anyway, I've expressed a modest confidence that I may be able to have a fair shot at taking the maths and English exams without too much preparatory study. Nonetheless, I must attend at least one course in both to ensure that I am properly literate and thus I have been cordially invited to attend the below...

    Monday 13th September: Functional
    Skill’s English Writing: 9-11

    Tuesday 14th September: Functional Skill's Math’s: 9-11

    Aposterrific! I am looking forward to these classes with enormous anticipation. I do hope it's Scouse Tasha on the English...
  10. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Well you know, cos like it's literally around the corner..... Loads of info bro........:D:mad: Just overhearing the conversations between some school children is enough to make one stick your fingers in your ears. Of course education standards are rocketing upwards.
  11. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Well you know, cos like it's literally around the corner..... Loads of info bro........:D:mad: Just overhearing the conversations between some school children is enough to make one stick your fingers in your ears. Of course education standards are rocketing upwards.
  12. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    I know I'm getting old because I genuinely don't understand a good half of what I overhear teenagers saying to each other, even though I have kids myself. Sometimes I pick up on a word and ask them what it means, but then it's out of fashion again before I've even had a chance to use it. I described something as 'sick' recently, to horrified reactions

    Of their intentions, I particularly like "Boojees" to describe insensible consumerist richie rich people. Short for Bourgeoisie apparently. Very good.

    I found out from our 11 year old the other day that "to flex" means to show off, to brag or boast. I mentally noted it down and checked with him whether it was still in fashion. "It won't be if you use it..." he muttered. {Unhappy smiley with long grey beard}
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  13. Diamond

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    Try saying Peng or Wagone, that'll upset them!
  14. Moose

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    The opening half an hour or so of ‘Help’ on C4/All4 is superbly done, illuminating the warmth and purpose caring can give in a similar way to how @Clive_ofthe_Kremlin describes.

    Clive would also be delighted that it’s choc a bloc with scouse acting royalty who scouse it up royally. Naturally we get a misty-eyed team list for 1980s Liverpool etc.

    However, Julie Comer is terrific in the main part as an inexperienced and headstrong carer caught in the first Covid wave.

    Sadly, it takes a melodramatic and fanciful turn in the last third, the stars start actoring it up and it moves from show to tell in a clumsy way.
  15. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

    Clive_ofthe_Kremlin Squad Player

    Hmmm, just watching it now actually comrade. I've been asked to write a review of it for a group I'm in called CASWO (care and support workers - organise!).

    I've only seen to the second adverts so far. I don't work in a home remember, so it's slightly different. Some of it seemed realistic - the old lady not getting the joke for example and having to repeat and painfully explain it, so you wish you hadn't started in the first place. The way a coloured polo shirt was tossed at her and she was told to get on with it. The owner/manager who had inherited the home from his mother. All of that was too real. However Tony - who's supposed to have early onset dementia (not 'young dementia' C4) was completely unrealistic. Forgetting the occasional word in a complex conversation does not for alzheimers make...Unknown to talk to someone with dementia in that way and have them lead the conversation so much. Although they start off telling you something, they very soon meander off on a tangent until slowly stumbling to a confused halt and forgetting what they were trying to say in the first place. Also, repeating the same thing over and over. Although I suppose that would make for quite boring telly - indeed, to be brutally honest it's quite boring to sit through the same anecdotes over and over in real life. But that's caring. Those in care homes are generally quite a bit 'worse' than those still living at home, so it wasn't very realistic that all the residents were so co-ordinated, logical and responsive. Real dementia people in homes have pretty much forgotten who they are themselves, never mind the identity of carers and family.

    Outside of a very few very famous (and generally old or dead) actors like John Wayne or Marilyn Monroe, I could walk by 99% of celebrities and actors in the street, Scouse or otherwise, without being any the wiser. So the 'famous' actors in this program are wasted on me. Sometimes I can't understand their accents and can't get subtitles on C4 player. The part where she was relating her delinquent teenage years was unprofessional. I'm worried about it going even more 'drama' and less about the plight of care givers and receivers as it goes on and your warning has done nothing to alleviate that. I can't do another Scouse tragedy.
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  16. Moose

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    I agree about the early onset dementia being unrealistic. The people I’ve worked with who had it present with huge gaps in memory and function. The character in this could live independently just fine.

    It’s not unknown for care homes to have a wide and ridiculous spread of people living there. The sector is way too chaotic and young disabled people often get highly inappropriate placements.

    I’m afraid your fears will be realised. It does an about handbrake turn towards luvvie town from just after halfway shouting where’s my BAFTA?

    It’s a shame, because I think, despite your reservations, it’s warm hearted to begin with. But Covid was a mundane apocalypse and a better drama would have had people getting on with their jobs and the effects of those terrible long shifts when half the staff were sick playing out over a longer time.

    But surely you recognised Sheila from Brookside, Cathy (Mona Lisa) Tyson and assorted Bleasdale regulars in there?
  17. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Letter dropped through the door today, which worried me immensely. I don't like window envelopes as they've usually either got bills or they've come to tell me off about something.

    This one however says:-

    "Dear Mr Kremlin, Re: Estate of the Late [lady's name here]

    I am acting in the administration of the estate of Mrs [insert name here] who as you are aware sadly passed away on 21st December 2020. Mrs [insert name here] really valued your help and support which the family wish to thank you for and hope that you will accept the enclosed cheque in the sum of £500 as a token of their appreciation.

    Yours sincerely,

    A. Solicitor (Mrs)

    This is the German lady I mentioned earlier in this thread - we were really great pals and she was my absolute favourite client. Such a lovely lady. She's the one I took to the Oktoberfest and we used to go out regularly on a Friday lunchtime to a particular pub in the countryside for a stein of beer and "2 for the price of 1" special fish and chips. We got on really well.

    I am so moved by this. Of course I will have to keep it a secret. As you saw in the list of don'ts I copied earlier, we are strictly and understandably prohibited from soliciting for inclusion in wills or anything. We never ever mentioned wills or anything while she was alive, but of course I can't prove it. From the letter, it seems to me that it's the family who have decided to give me it anyway. I don't know.

    It is a massive boost and god bless her wherever she is now. I will remember her for many years....

    PS Just noticed this in the list of don'ts:-

    "Care Assistants must not receive gifts and/or bequests from Clients and/or their relatives or carers, except where policy allows or it can be shown that refusal of a gift of low value would be detrimental to the Client. The Home Care Worker must inform their Manager if such a gift is accepted and a record kept"

    Well screw 'em. You may remember that they made me take a day annual leave to go to her funeral after she'd paid them many, many thousands for her care over the years. I'm not bloody refusing it or sending it back. And anyway, I already paid the cheque in the bank.
  18. UEA_Hornet

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    I think you're safe if the family are on board with it anyway @Clive_ofthe_Kremlin. In my experience it comes to care it's always the family contesting the costs after granny/grandad have passed on. You know, because granny/grandad "didn't get the care they deserved" and definitely not because they'd quite like some of that dosh back to divvy up amongst themselves. So if they're happy for you to have it there's no one to complain to your employer and so no way they'd ever know. At least that's how I see it.
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  19. Moose

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    I think this is absolutely right that the only likely objection would come from family members or other beneficiaries and this is not an issue here.

    I would usually say that very wrong indeed for care staff to keep any gifts without declaring them, because even if freely given they will inevitably change the relationship going forward, putting both parties at risk. However, there is no going forward here.

    Unless there is any possible way in which this information could reach your employers it's unlikely to be an issue and even then, the fact that it was passed on by a solicitor makes it pretty cast iron.

    Seems highly deserved comrade and a thoughtful family too.
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  20. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Yes, after she died, they cleared her house out and asked me if I'd like some dining room chairs she had. I said yes (another illegal gift!) and her daughter and husband came round the house one Sunday afternoon after the funeral for a coffee and a chat about her mum - laughing about all the things she used to get up to.

    All sorts of things she did. She used to terrify the young girl assistants in the supermarket on our shopping trips by flipping up her walking stick and gripping it like a sub-machine gun while saying loudly "I VILL SHOOT YOU!" in her German accent...

    Well it amused us anyway. Perhaps you had to be there. What a lovely and unique lady she was. Even now I still talk about her a fair bit.
  21. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Another 'trainings' today via Zoom and at last our professor is Scouse Tasha. The subject is Equality and Diversity - another area I'm quite strong on.

    We had lots of references to clients who have "pacific needs" and sometimes need "preferral treatment", but best of all was when she warned us about those clients who may have "flatulating needs"....(I think she meant 'fluctuating')
  22. Moose

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    Depends on the client. Some can be highly flatulent.
  23. Filbert

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    *insert gas crisis joke here*
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  24. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Today's the deadline for the sacking of an unknown number of carers for not having the vaccine.

    Leaving aside the rights and wrongs of this policy, can anyone tell me the reason why it applies TODAY for carers and next year some time, maybe, for NHS staff?

    Our staff shortage is worse than theirs.

    Could it have anything to do with them having strong unions and we don't?
  25. Moose

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    I don’t think you’ll get a satisfactory answer to that and it’s most likely you are 100% correct about the unions.
  26. UEA_Hornet

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    I reckon it's just optics. The government probably feels it can get away with acting against carers now but knows picking a fight with the NHS over winter is a battle it can't win.
  27. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    The policy is a consequence of the permissive approach to the virus elsewhere. If we had ever got on top of the thing then a more liberal approach could have been taken.

    But we are British and there are many who won’t be told what to do for the sake of the rest.
  28. Arakel

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    Probably elements of all of those, plus the fact carers almost exclusively work with people very vulnerable to Covid due to advanced age and (usually) infirmity. While front line NHS staff work with sick people, they're not all guaranteed to be old.

    Having said that many NHS patients are probably more susceptible to Covid through nature of being sick, though, so it's hardly a good divider.
  29. The Voice of Reason

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    Because the decision for care workers was taken months ago therefore they have been given plenty of notice to comply. Whereas the decision for NHS workers has only recently been made, therefore they must also be given plenty of notice and a chance to comply.
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  30. Mr Heron

    Mr Heron Academy Graduate

    zero fcks given

    unless for medical reasons there is no rational excuse for not being vaccinated even if you are not at risk yourself it is for the safety of others
    if you work with those that are incredibly at risk from covid and you choose not to take the vaccine then it is obvious you do not give a stuff about them and you should not be working with them
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  31. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    That's quite a strong view, but it does seem very odd to me that so many health and care workers, who presumably have a vocation to work in those sectors, do not see the necessity to be vaccinated. There was a trainee GP on the news two nights ago who was quite vehement about being forced into it but wasn't prepared to give a reason why she would not have it. Then last night a care home worker, who was clearly quite upset at not being able to continue, but gave her reason for not being vaccinated as being "worried about the side effects". It's still not clear whether these apparently level-headed people are being influenced by misinformation or something else.
  32. hornmeister

    hornmeister Club Legend

    Wonder if she was the one in the videos that went viral the other day, crying because she lost her job due to being unvaccineated but she hadn't ruled out having the vaccine in the future. I didn't understand how I should have felt about her., certainly I had no sympathy.

    Because there is a low chance of some side effects and because you are personally not at serious risk from covid are both not valid excuses. You have the vaccine to protect others. I'm mystified as to why it wasn't made compulsory for those in the NHS earlier either.
  33. Moose

    Moose First Team Captain

    Seems odd to be in healthcare and not believe in medicines.
  34. Bwood_Horn

    Bwood_Horn Squad Player

    Some (unvaccinated) NHS employees are involved in a study and undergo weekly(?) PCR tests.
  35. hornmeister

    hornmeister Club Legend

    Legitimate reason and precautions imho.

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