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    Help please! I am one of those lazy people who has never changed energy supplier and been with BG for decades. My DD has been £150pm for last 2 years and when I had paper bills would flit in and out of credit/debit.

    2 of us living in average size 3 bed house. 4 months ago they put my dd up to £405 , so I went online to look at my account and the site was down for ‘technical reasons’. I’ve tried ringing but obviously can’t get through to a human being. I check once or twice a week but the site is always down. I daren’t cancel my dd as I don’t want to get hit with a big bill.

    I’m wondering whether it’s a b*ll ache to change and if I do change who and do they get your BG balance.

    Note….it’s for gas and electricity, the house is super well insulated and the boiler is 3 years old. We use normal light etc, the tumble dryer and washing machine go on 3 times a week. We are quite delicate so like the house to be warm
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    You almost certainly won’t be able to switch, as almost everyone outside of the few left on a fixed deal is on the same Truss tariff. The suppliers aren’t accepting switches as far as I know. In the unlikely event you do manage to switch they wouldn’t get you BG surplus - BG would have to pay that back to you directly.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if your direct debit is in the ballpark though given your usage - we’re a family of 4 in a four bed Victorian house, 4 year old combi boiler with new rads and every room has smart thermostats, we keep the trigger point for the heating at 17c, use the washing machine twice a week at 30c and tumble dryer only in height of winter and I’ve projected £300pm will cover us.
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    Cheers UEA, although slt depressed by that…..what happened to £2500 pa per average house???
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    Quite. We went up from under £120pm to £300 in a year. Disgusting. Got to think there are a lot of batchelors in lonely flats and vacant second homes pulling the average down. Either way, whenever you're able to it's definitely worth discussing your direct debit with BG.

    The only long term answer is to think about whether there are any efficiencies you can make.
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    We’ve not had the heating on yet, but the smart meter suggests £2500 is highly unlikely indeed.
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    I'm not sure the 'average household' on which the £2500 pa was 'based' would pass any sort of rigorous statistical analysis.
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    Stop using the tumble dryer and buy an air dryer, (or put washing outside), is one of the biggest savings you can make. Next biggest user of power is the power shower, use fleetingly. Put LED bulbs throughout the house. Block up any unused chimneys. Turn off radiators is un-used rooms and close the doors.
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    You can still switch if you don't like your provider but you'll need to call to plead your case. You won't save any cash unless you go from a standard tariff to one of those smart ones which has a super cheap rate in the middle of the night for car charging and have an electric car. Octopus (who I'm with) are decent.

    moneysaving has all you need to know.
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    Update. Finally managed to get logged in and got my latest bill. Combined usage last 6 months £1200. Am £700 in credit…..and they are putting my dd up in December to £525! Work that out! No choice but to spend hours on the phone to sort. The words thieving and b*****ds spring to mind
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    I assume you are up to date with bill payments and that £1200 isn't outsanding? If so it looks wrong to me.
    Give Octopus a ring or use this link and we might get £50 credit each.

    My credit built up and I requested some of it be refunded, a simple online process and got paid out within 5 days. Bonus is I still got the cashback from santander for the overpayments.
  13. rochdale away

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    Cheers Meister, will look at that over the weekend. All payments up to date+the bill is definitely showing a £635 credit
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    A family of four and you use the washing machine twice a week? Ours seems to be on constantly
  15. Lloyd

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    Some good advice for anyone worried about their rising gas and electricity bills .... just don't pay them!

    I'm in. Vive la revolution!
  16. hornmeister

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