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    GG for john-boy hes on a roll!

    money cant buy golden gavels - except for the one on ebay....
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  2. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Yep, I remember watching it as a pre-teen and my elder brother pouring scorn. It was on ITV in that late afternnon after school slot.
  3. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Superb episode. Nice items, lovely Steph and a Jenrick Auction.
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  4. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Wow an absolute gravel fest!


    I have a number of questions about BH though and wonder if anyone knows the answers?

    Anyone seen a golden gavel being sold off on eBay or Facebook etc?

    How much do they go for?

    Are they made of real gold?

    The experts must get dozens of them over time. If they're not actually gold, do you think they make them give them back?

    Who's the gavelling-est BH expert?

    How does the GG fix on to the clothing? Is it a pin with a push on back? Is it sticky? Does it have a clip like a tie pin? It isn't obvious.

    Great episode though as Reg says. Could even forgive squeeky Dan with his specs on his forehead a little because he got some excellent height on the kick - I think topping out everyone else present. So a good effort there.
  5. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    You'd think he'd do his top button up though, when he knows he's going to be on telly. Slovenly git.
  6. OldTraff78

    OldTraff78 Reservist

    Did I hear Mongo is in the navy?
    We already had a mincer earlier.
    Jenrick & Danny both love a huge gravy container. Snigger.
    Weather vane was great. Stunned by those figures doing £45.
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  7. OldTraff78

    OldTraff78 Reservist

    How it should be done:

    TIMMY WANNACOTT First Year Pro

    One sold just the other week, very rare though. Jackets are more common, but I suppose they are issued more too.. gavel.jpg

    TIMMY WANNACOTT First Year Pro

    seems its a long pin on the back..

  10. reg_varney

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    Yet another Jenrick Maule Auction.

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  11. reg_varney

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    Steph firmly pushes it in.

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  12. reg_varney

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    If YOU think you can do better at jabbing your finger at the screen.

  13. reg_varney

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    Just the briefest flash of triumphant Steph tongue today.

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    Pure Delight in the Red Camp.

  15. reg_varney

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    BBC approved preamble:
    Carmarthen 26
    Series 68
    Danny Sebastian gets green-fingered as he learns about a 200-year-old herbarium, while experts Stephanie Connell and John Cameron shop with two teams of families. Danny Sebastian presents a bloomin’ marvellous episode from the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. The garden is home to a vast collection of pressed plants dating back to the 1800s, and Danny has the privilege of adding a new specimen to the garden’s herbarium. Meanwhile, two teams shop for bargains under the impressive glass dome. In red are father and son Phil and Dan. Phil is a drama teacher and Dan is a music student, but will they be in harmony? The blues are mother and son Jill and Jack. Jill reckons they’ll get on well – if Jack does as she says! Fingers crossed their experts, Stephanie Connell and John Cameron, can stop any family feuds. In Stroud, auctioneer Stuart Maule does his best to rally the bidders. But which team clinches victory?

    The Translation:
    The Screen Finger Jabbing, monologue mangling, Denizen of the Dump, he who doesn't need to be named, thrills us once again with his Presenting skills. If I was the BBC, I'd demand my money back from the back of a fag packet style Training Course he's been attending. He'll be joined in the National Botanic Garden of Wales by Bingo Cameron, who has already located where the digitalis laden foxgloves reside, just in case his ticker has another episode or the Challenge is to find a vintage pacemaker. Our lovely Steph will also be here, hopefully this time she won't be saddled with having to buy ceramic figures of Hanna-Barbera figures, Scooby, Scooby, Don't. Auction is with Tory Opposition Leader hopeful Jenrick Maule in his Aladdin's Cave of profitable outcomes. Will Steph lose her shirt, a tempting option or will the strain on Marine Boy's cardiac muscles be too much, years of Southsea Skinflint Woe replaced with Stroud Spendthrift Wow. It's just all a bit too much. Time for another Stent.

    The Staff:
    [Gaffer] Danny Smoke Alarm Sebastapol Sebastian, glass shatters along with any hopes
    [Red Team Expert] Stephanie Connell, the Cockermouth Cumbrian, Our Steph
    [Blue Team Expert] John Bingo Marine Boy Cameron
    [Auctioneer] Stuart Jenrick Maule, shifty transauctions are us
    [Auction Location] Stroud Auctions
    [Miserlin Rating] Unlisted

    Start.jpeg Auction.jpeg

    The Teams:
    [Red Team] Drama teacher Father Phil and music student son Dan, who will soon be learning the harsh realities of life, busking in doorways while ploughing his trade, or perhaps that should be getting ploughed for coins, in the burgeoning Soho escort market. Oh what a drag, yes that could be an option too.
    (Challenge: Piece of gardenalia)
    [Blue Team] Mother Jill and son Jack, whill be wondering if their Challenge will be to find a pail for some water, or another item from a Nursery Rhyme.
    (Challenge: With a nautical collection)

    The Shopping:
    Reds: Owl weather vane (75 Challenge) bit rich, WMF silver-plated gravy/sauce boat (18) bargain, Boxed set of Dinky Toy male figures (9) absolute bargain.
    Blues: Wyllie's Marine painting book (35 Challenge) OK, JR Freeman cigar display box (22) Good, Silver-plated chrome duck-head cigar cutter (75) Interest already in this, hopeful then.

    The Distraction:
    Danny Sebastian gets green-fingered as he learns about a 200-year-old herbarium. Danny Sebastian presents a bloomin’ marvellous episode from the National Botanic Garden of Wales in Carmarthenshire. The garden is home to a vast collection of pressed plants dating back to the 1800s, and Danny has the privilege of adding a new specimen to the garden’s herbarium. Helium Boy gets green fingers by sticking his digits up his large hooter for some Squeaky Bogey Delights. As soon as he enters the huge herbarium, a huge alarm goes off and 30 officers of the Serious Crime Squad descend. A person from a certain ethnic background in a room full of funny looking tomato plants without tomatoes is surely guilty their logic dictates. They order him to explain what he's doing but his high-pitched squeaking is viewed as trying to resist arrest and he promptly tumbles down a set of mobile steps on wheels which have brought along to serve this very purpose. Along with his extensive knowledge of Vladimir Jerkitoff he'll soon be very experienced in choke holds and how a makeshift noose can be made from a needlework sampler attached to a 1970s Dentist Lamp. Choke, Squawk.


    The Auction:
    Reds: Owl weather vane (35 profit), WMF silver-plated gravy/sauce boat (52 profit) GG surely on, Boxed set of Dinky Toy male figures (36 profit) GG smashed.
    Steph's BB is the Vintage Chessboard/Backgammon set from earlier (34), 40-60, 70 (selling to France). 36 profit again for Steph.


    Blues: Wyllie's Marine painting book (15 profit), JR Freeman cigar display box (20 profit) GG on, Silver-plated chrome duck-head cigar cutter (35 profit) GG achieved.
    Bingo's BB is a 1910 silver Naval sweetheart brooch (20), 15-20, 32. Bingo gets a 12 note profit.


    The Aftermath:
    The Squeaking and the Squawking. The Finger jabbing doesn't stop. It's almost as if he he has a weird form of Tourette's Syndrome. Eddie Marsan would struggle eliciting sympathy if Dustbin Danny was the poster boy. Decent location in the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Lovely Steph and good value Bingo. 2 OK teams who were prepared to listen to their experts. As expected, yet another superb Jenrick Maule Auction in Stroud. Even in the intro piece to the Auction, a previous bid of 440 is heard, probably for an old matchbox, or some paperclips, in this cash oasis. Reds were easily pleased and built up a variety of decent items for their back burner. Steph was great offering some top guidance, and they neither rushed or dithered to steadily accumulate their haul for Maule. Weather vane big spend made a profit, possibly their only risky item, while the excellent WMF sauce boat really coined it in. The Dinky Toy figures, Do you like just the men?, Steph pointingly asks "artistic" music student Red Son, she's safe there as was the price paid, guaranteed that the Golden Gavel would arrive like the Labour government. They had a nice set of items on their back-burner, perfect material for a Steph raiding BB. She did partake, and it was the vintage chess/backgammon set which she managed to shave another fiver off. French interest ensured it doubled it's price and the Reds added 159 quid to their gleaming GGs. Mongo from Blazing Saddles Blue Bloke and his mum were ably guided by Bingo and his straining ticker. Once again he guided his team to some nice items. His personal fave of the Book of Maritime paintings made a nice profit and this was followed up by 2 items with a cigar theme, a display box and a novelty duck-headed cigar cutter. Both make good profits, and an extra big cigar greets the arrival of another Golden Gavel. Bingo rounds things off with an agreeable Cognac in the form of a silver Naval sweetheart brooch. They end 82 quid up. Bingo for Bingo. Bongo for Mongo. What a cracking episode! Highly recommended!

    RedWin.jpeg BlueWin.jpeg



    The Hi-Kick:
    Standard Indoor kick. Red Son and The Squeak are up super early, with the Son producing a huge head kick. Steph and Red Dad are not far behind achieving par while the Blue half are a bit lacklustre, probably because Blue Mum has a stick and they didn't want to de-stabilise her, fair enough. Yes, YES!!

  16. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Ggs all round. Profits on every item and I don't actually think the purchases were that cheap. Discounts were not huge.

    Just a very generous auction.

    Stil, very entertaining, if you can filter out the squeaking.
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  17. OldTraff78

    OldTraff78 Reservist

    enjoyed the mrs danny brady mock-up too :D
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  18. reg_varney

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    From Series 47 onwards:
    Pos Name Apps GG
    Kate Bliss 106 20
    2 Nick Hall 78 14
    3 Charles Hanson 58 11
    4 Tim Weeks 85 11
    5 Philip Serrell 67 10
    23 Ben Cooper 55 0

    These are the experts to have hit double figures on Golden Gavels with a special mention of Posh Carloss Wispa Tragicooper who still hasn't won one.
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  19. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    4 items were 22 notes or less: WMF silver-plated gravy/sauce boat (18), Boxed set of Dinky Toy male figures (9), JR Freeman cigar display box (22), 1910 silver Naval sweetheart brooch (20).

    Half the items were cheap.
    Both big spends on the 75 note cut-off.

    Reds spent 136 and make 159
    Blues spent 152 and make 82

    Steph's Reds more than doubled their money. Very impressive.

    TIMMY WANNACOTT First Year Pro

    I see Timpole Treepants is taking over H*ns*ns role as gavalleur for the BH Children in Need auction. No big top setting for the circus this year then. Will the good folk of Wiltshire be as generous in the Bunker as the Derbyshire hunting-set were in the carnival setting of H*ns*ns big top? Time will tell.

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  21. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    A very Roo-tastic opening.

    Large tall objects stand proud around her.

    Wearing her Chinese hostess outfit again.

    Get the Harpoons ready. Art Psychotherapsit Psycho Whale part of Red Team.

    Married couple featuring a Quality Advisor aka I Am Worhless, Blue Hubby.

    Dizzie Zhivago and Plaidy Clouseau

    Connection to bird/Feline connection

    So it's Burds and Pussy then.

    People love Copenhagen says Plaidy, particularly their pictorial literature.

    Howda Gouda.

    Very effeminate sounding cat figurine dealer.

    Costa. Coffee coloured figurines?

    I think it's for a woman. Not many blokes having a combined jewellery and writing slope 100+ years ago. Duh.

    More bloody boxes.

    Dizzie imitating a chimney. Is she smokin' @TIMMY WANNACOTT ?

    Blues are obsessed with sodding boxes.

    Your Challenge is not to buy bloody boxes.

    Rick Wakeman Auction. Pointless buying anything over a tenner.

    Not a great advert for the beautiful people today.

    80 notes of Poole pottery = 60 note loss at Wakeman Wake.
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  22. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Didn't he do it last year?

    Wokesfuhrerjugend-in-Need I think you'll find.
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  23. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Brass Lincoln Imp door knocker for 9 notes is a maybe. What!!! That's an instant profit even at Goldwyn Mayer and Metro Auction. Buy it now.

    Hardstone teapot for a cold-hearted brew.

    BH-branded coffee cups.


    Reds Rush. Never a good sign.

    Reds buy Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Poole pottery, aeroplane

    Blues: cat, vanity box, hardstone teapot.

    Roo keeps saying pound. Some gentle chastisement needed.

    She demonstrates how to just about get away with wearing Tartan. Foghorn take note.

    Windmill sails will wotate. Wing watch.

    Roo's ornate piece.

    Pentagram watch for the Devil to tell the time.

    WTF is this.

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  24. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Roo doing her best Mrs Doyle/Fascist reply impression.

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  25. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Reds make 43 on the Royal Crown Derby.

    Dizzie induces a headache with that interference outfit.

    Poole loss 58, as predicted.

    Chrome Spitfire loses 11.

    What is this Tiny little thing says Dizzie Well it is a cold day and it's been stressful, blather, blather

    Dizzie's BB is a silver horse head pin cushion for 10. Surely a profit. 18 notes profit.

    Reds -8.

    Nothing to be ashamed of says Dizzie. Certainly isn't in this place.

    Blues up.

    Copenhagen pussy loses 12.

    Expensive box. loses 30.

    Anti-GG on the cards.

    Dutch Auction start for the Teapot. It climbs but falls short. 10 notes lost.

    Anti-GG attained.

    Plaidy's BB is that Brass Lincoln Imp in a Lincoln Auction House. Surely a profit at 9 notes.

    Yup, profit. Somebody is flashing.

    Makes 11 notes. Blues end -41. That's more like it.

    Decent kick to end. Not the best teams or Auction but Roo, Dizzie, and Plaidy elevate this episode above the humdrum.

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  26. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Nice shot of one of our Faves.

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  27. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Back to an episode with some previous chat and natter from Sep 2022, not long after you joined us @OldTraff78 .......

    I really like Roo as a host. She's very good.

    @wfcmoog is so right; Roo is lovely. I wish she'd stop saying 'pound' instead of 'pounds' though.

    I realise Scots don't like spending more than one, but still.

    That penguin!

    But absolute bants from Eberneezer Wakeman 'never has so little been bid by so many.' Top notch gavelling

    Rick really wrung every drop out of his online misers today.

    Didn't he just!
    Desperately harassing online lurkers towards the end.
    'I can see you flashing!' he shouted at the screen at one point.
    Not the first time he's said that on the Net, I suspect.

    "A Copenhagen pottery model.
    It's 11 centimetres long.
    We're not even a pound a centimetre!"

    "Do you want a thrilling, exciting experience?" etc etc.
    Blimus! She was laying it on a bit thick, wasn't she? I was half-expecting her to continue "...then call 0898...."
    As Reg says, some of us have to watch our tickers.

    [Recent Note: So does Bingo!!]


    Get the three younger girls, Roo, Dizzie, and Strict Natasha, get H****n to manage them, and Hey Presto:

    Rock Follies


    present epic double album of materialist woe set in 1973
    'Sales of Tatotastic Notions'


    and those two foregrounded fish look they have already been BH exhibits. framed in faux-victorian bronzage and bought by the idiot H****n for two ton.
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  28. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Watching on catchup. Will update with my thoughts anon. I refuse to watch BH at 1145.
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  29. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    Blues were screwed. That lady's travelling box was a steal. Cat was worth way more than a tenner.
  30. OldTraff78

    OldTraff78 Reservist

    Roo dressed like Juliette Greco and speaking French at the beginning! :eek:
    Colin asks who wants a pussy; Roo raises her hand.:oops:
    That travel box was fabulous.
    Contestant says an item is "more perfect" :mad:. Was it "very unique" too, mate?
    Cool kick; legs all at same angle. Although canny Izzy deploys hand to avoid us enjoying tunnel vision.:(
  31. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    Re-up from Sep 2022 with additions.
    BBC approved preamble:
    Southwell 4
    Series 62
    Roo Irvine and the teams visit Southwell Racecourse with experts Izzie Balmer and Nick Hall. Roo takes a look at some extremely rare and valuable watches at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln.

    The Translation:
    It's a fresh BH from Southwell/Southall Racecourse. It's the end of the week with the ever delightful Roo Irvine as our Friday Crunchie treat, joined by Fish on Friday Bready Plaidy Plaice with an accompaniment of Dizzy Izzie Mushy Peas, who this time is dressed like an extra from Doctor Zhivago. Ready with the Rennies for the Auction of impending indigestion is Rick Wakeman in his very Fishy indeed Showroom at Lincs Penny Pinchers, home of the Pork Pie estimate and the indigenous Lincs Miser Moth primed and ready to emerge from their Wallet cocoons made from the finest flint of skin.

    The Staff:
    [Gaffer] Delightful Roo Irvine, full of Eastern Promise
    [Red Team Expert] Dizzy Izzie Barmy Balmer
    [Blue Team Expert] Nick Plaid All Over Hall
    [Auctioneer] Colin Rapido Young, Rick Wakeman variant
    [Auction Location] Golding Young & Mawer, Lincs
    [Miserlin Rating] Approved




    The Teams:
    [Red Team] Daughter & Mother-in-Law, arch-prattlers. Ready the Harpoon for the Humpback Daughter.
    (Challenge: Avian connection)
    [Blue Team] Married couple, he's a quality advisor, as Frankie Boyle would say, "how more worthless can you be".
    (Challenge: Feline connection)

    The Shopping:
    Reds: Royal Crown Derby Penguin paperweight (52 Challenge) OK, Collection of Delphis Poole pottery (80) overspent, Chrome-plated Spitfire paperweight (53) fine.
    Blues: Royal Copenhagen pottery cat (22 Challenge) good, Plaidy says they are going to smash this, hopefully not the pottery, Travelling wooden Vanity box (90) might get there, Carved hardstone Chinese teapot (55) struggle.

    The Distraction:
    The delightful Roo takes a look at some extremely rare and valuable watches and other items at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln, full of ice-cream concession trays, torches, and watches for pointing at and telling cinema goers that they are too late and the auditorium doors are closed. Hopefully, the seats here are not too stained. As has often been noted on here, Roo herself is a great watch and a very pleasant strain for any dodgy tickers in the room.


    The Auction:
    Reds: Royal Crown Derby Penguin paperweight (43 profit), Collection of Delphis Poole pottery (58 loss), Chrome-plated Spitfire paperweight (11 loss).
    Dizzie's BB is a Silver horse's head pin cushion (10), 20-40 an offer you can't refuse, will it sleep with the fishes, no, 28. Good buy Dizzie.


    Blues: Royal Copenhagen pottery cat (12 loss), Plaidy says they are going to smash this, hopefully not the pottery, Travelling wooden Vanity box (30 loss), Carved hardstone Chinese teapot (10 loss). Anti-GG attained.
    Plaidy's BB is the earlier seen Lincoln Imp door knocker (9), 10-30, 20, decent profit. Plaidy's reputation successfully defended.


    The Aftermath:
    Lovely Roo alternating between her slinky Chimese outfit and her Tartan welcome blanket, to help with our heart cockle warming. Dizzie Izzie and Plaidy as 2 of our fave experts. Hazard to shipping Red Team, well the daughter anyway, and the Boring Box-obsessed Blue Team. Rick Wakeman Auction, the Centre for Midlands Misers. Small loss for the Reds, undone by some overpriced Poole pottery, you just knew it was going to sink them. Blues undone by a very stingy audience. All of their first 3 items made losses and they were awarded the order of the Anti-Golden Gavel. They'll have to mint some more at Gollum Young & Murder, as they've almost exhausted their huge supply. Ebeneezer Steptoe would be cackling with delight at his purchases to hoard under the bed. Special mention in Dispatches goes to Rick Wakeman who desperately tried to extract every Shekel out of the bidders with this highlight:
    "A Copenhagen pottery model.
    It's 11 centimetres long.
    We're not even a pound a centimetre!"

    Despite the skinflintery on display, we had Roo and Dizzie and the Plaidster, which makes it a worthwhile watch.




    The Hi-Kick:
    Indoor Covid diagonal special. Decent kick, decent coordination. All boxes ticked. "Do you want a thrilling experience?", finishes Roo. Yes, YES, OH YES!!


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  32. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    There's Something About Dizzie. Pearl surprise hanging from her ear.

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  33. reg_varney

    reg_varney Squad Player

    I forgot about that montage. That French top was Trilly Tight.




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  34. OldTraff78

    OldTraff78 Reservist

    :D me too. recorded it.
    Channeling don revie circa 1971: 'leeds united do not play football on thursdays.'
    ...we do not watch tv in the morning.

    TIMMY WANNACOTT First Year Pro

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