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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by nfh, Sep 9, 2023.

  1. nfh

    nfh Academy Graduate

    Hi my grandsons who is 6 years old, is going to his first game when we play Birmingham 16/9/23. He wants to try and get some autographs of the Watford team when they arrive at the ground. Any helpful comments would be most welcome eg time coach arrives, best vantage spot. Thanks so much as he is getting so excited about it, how long that lasts is another thing :D
  2. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Others may know for sure but I'm sure I've seen they block off Occupation Road now when the coach arrives. Presumably you can't get near. A few people on here have mentioned after the match as a better option.

    Good luck with a 6yo. My youngest has just turned 7 and she's borderline at staying interested for most of a match.
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  3. SkylaRose

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    This is a guess, but perhaps they block off Occupation Road due to the risk of the players getting swarmed post game? You sometimes see very short videos of the team arriving at the ground and walking past officials with their headphones on, ignoring most people it has to be said. Maybe the sound is "Hello, and welcome to Football 101." :)

    I agree with UEA that it's probably a little easier after the game. Generally when they go to clap the fans (if they do it) would be the best chance. Heck if the players' stood around long enough that time for Holebas to offer a fan a punch up I am sure an autograph is no problem for most. Long gone are the days football fans could wait for the team coach to pull up and welcome the squad. I get the security issues are a lot more heightened nowadays, but it would be nice for players to mingle with fans' a bit more than they do. I hope your grandson has a great first game and we put on a good show.
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  4. nfh

    nfh Academy Graduate

    Thanks Skyla greatly appreciated.
  5. nfh

    nfh Academy Graduate

    Thanks UEA for the info .
  6. Robert Peel

    Robert Peel Squad Player

    We ended up getting some at the last home game of last season. We dithered in the shop for ages and the players were starting to come out.

    I think by the players entrance about 5:30 is your best bet. I think there's usually a little crowd
  7. nfh

    nfh Academy Graduate

    Thank you
  8. leighton buzzard horn

    leighton buzzard horn Squad Player

    The Rookery End of the Lower GT stand before the game is an option, sometimes one or two come over and dish out autographs. Before the Plymouth game I was there with my 8 year old daughter who dared to put her knee on the wall and one of the latest idiots in high viz came running over telling her to get her knee off the wall immediately. I told him to clear off and he soon did but it is worth being aware the stewards are pretty hot on removing any joy for youngsters in that part of the ground pre match.
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  9. R4E

    R4E Reservist

    Some of the stewards since the end of last season have been total muppets. Some of them are clearly unloved at home and relish the opportunity to throw their weight around.
  10. wfcwarehouse

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    Not sure if it’s still a thing the club does but I remember hearing if you sent a shirt/pendant/whatever to the club, they’d do their best to triage and have it signed at London Colney - maybe worth dropping the club a line by email?

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