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  1. Yes I know your views and you're welcome to your views of course but it's the intolerance towards anyone who doesn't hold your view. If fans don't want to hold them to account, it's presumably because they don't think they have committed such sin that they need to be held to account rather than they are too afraid, lazy or stupid to do so?
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    You like to think that, but everything you say is generally not at all far from where TVOR is, you just always caveat everything you say with something along the lines of “of course they haven’t got everything right” to appear more balanced, without ever giving any specifics of what they haven’t got right.
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  3. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    No, people who blindly support the owner are described as blindly supporting the owner. I don’t think you fall into that group. I actually enjoy your posts and views. You haven’t, as far as I can tell, embarked on a personal stalking mission against anyone nor are you seemingly trolling. But you do like a dig too so alls fair in COGs and beds as far as I’m concerned. I don’t think you need to go down this route that so many others have, which is to suggest that the threads are all dominated by negativity just to try and make a cheap dig. You aren’t one of the trolls.

    To be fair, there’s a lot less defending the owners these days. We’re 2nd from bottom clinging on to the PL with a directionless recruitment system and a ragtag group of players. And a fanbase which is all over the place. Of course the views are going to be more negative at the moment. Some people are deliriously happy at a 0-0 draw against a fallen giant. I can’t bring myself to be excited at that when we were hammered and didn’t win. Might have been different had recent results not been horrific.

    On people who have left the forum (and there’s a few on the other side who have too), if what someone wants on a forum is an exclusive group that believes the way that they do, that’s what Facebook, Twitter and Reddit is for. If someone can convince me that my views on the way the club has been run since the cup final are incorrect, fire away. I’m more than tolerant to those views, like with you. But people are angry about things. That might come across. Probably best not to take it personally.
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  4. I'm not close to TVOR and have been taking the **** incessantly out of him over recent weeks as you well know !
    I've given plenty of examples of things that they have got wrong, even this aftrenoon in this very thread.
    However you are very unbalanced. Would you like to give some examples of things they have got right this season ? Through gritted teeth ?
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    Louza is a good player but he wasn't seen as good enough by two previous head coaches and even this third one till impressing off the bench. When you rarely spend money, let alone £8-9million whatever the figure is, surely he should WALK into the first team? He should have looked heads and shoulders above the rest.

    Kayembe looked okay in cameos but has later been dropped by that same manager and hardly used since. His bar is Cleverley and Kucka, anyone brought in should look far than them, it shouldn't be a question, hence why it's a miss.

    Kamara is Pozzo's rectifying a mistake, fine. He looks fantastic compared to Masina, the fact we had to play Masina for what I estimate was about 18 league games when £4 million could've solved that is what I mean by miss. The player himself is fine, the business, the decisions and process surrounding it all is what I class as a Miss.
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    Was anyone “deliriously happy” at the draw with United?

    Some, including myself, were pleased with the outcome but no more than that.
  7. Jumbolina

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    Dennis and Kamara look good signings. They are using the domestic loan market much better. I suppose they haven’t offered any of their stupid contract extensions yet so that might be a lesson learned. Quick signings in January rather than messing about. That’s about it for me.
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  8. RS2

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    Option to buy included according to New York. Obviously no mention of that by Watford because why the hell should fans need to know that information...
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  9. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Amazing. We are undoubtedly one of the funniest clubs out there.
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  10. a19tgg

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    So basically we were just flipping Fletcher like an old sofa from Facebook market place. Picked him up for free, stuck him in the garage for a few months and we might eventually get a £100 for him on gumtree at some point.
  11. BeersThen

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    Good luck to 'Fletch' hope he scores a touchdown on third and 25 from his own 4.
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    The bit of in bold sums up the incompetence/arrogance of the management. ‘We can do less than what is needed and survive, look how clever we are. Nobody can buck the football trend like we do’. Morons.

    As for Sissoko for me he’s a victim of not having anything another decent attacking midfielder around him. He’s been very good at picking the ball up in and around our box and using his body to either create space and clear, or drive forward.

    The problem is, as you’ve pointed out, once he’s past the halfway line he looks mindless - kind of like the mate who plays rugby and fills in at 5 a side every now and then when you’re short.
    Louza will sit deep so the options are:

    Sarr and Dennis - run it down a blind alley

    We could go on forever but each part of the team has such massive deficiencies before you even get into how they work as an 11. Recruitment, managers/coaches it all traces back to one source that repeatedly f’ck things up
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  13. a19tgg

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    The Ranieri appointment sums that up, he’s a good manager, he’s obviously won the league and did well at both Roma and Sampdoria, he bombed at Fulham though, as nothing about him is a survival/relegation specialist. They thought they could just appoint their mate and it would all be fine because the squad is good enough, it isn’t. They had no idea they were in a relegation battle from day one, despite doing less than the bare minimum in just about every position on the pitch.
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  14. wfc4ever

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    Tbf people were quiet excited when he joined and hoped he was the answer .

    But the Fulham fans were right - he didn’t know how to help them and with the odd exception didn’t here either .
  15. .....Or they knew they would be in a relegation battle and weren't prepared to put the financial future of the club at risk by over-spending in what could have been a failed attempt to buy survival, so just tinkered with some cheap patching up and a few punts ?
  16. a19tgg

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    Being on our third manager completely disproves that though.
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  17. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    A more worrying scenario is that they have already driven the clubs finances off a cliff and the taps of other people’s money have largely been turned off. Which would leave them scrabbling around in the budget bin even after promotion prevented meltdown.
  18. ?? Disproves what ??
  19. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    What you said.
  20. So the fact we are on our third manager disproves that they "...weren't prepared to put the financial future of the club at risk by over-spending in what could have been a failed attempt to buy survival, so just tinkered with some cheap patching up and a few punts" ?? They may have expected we might be in a relegation battle but that doesn't mean they'd just sit back and accept players not putting 100% in, poor tactics or runs like we've had pre Hodgson.
  21. GoingDown

    GoingDown "The Stability"

    What I take from this is, that they’d accepted relegation and hoped we might spring a surprise and survive. Each coach representing another cheapish punt to avoid the inevitable. I’m inclined to believe this. I’m even inclined to accept this as a fair enough approach if and only if they change their ways with an appointment of a project coach like Martinez and give him some recruitment responsibilities for next season and allow him to spend the money we end up with from the exodus of our above average players.

    Except they won’t and it’ll be more of the same.
  22. a19tgg

    a19tgg Squad Player

    Or they think the squad is good enough so keep sacking managers after 10 games because they think that’s the problem?

    Why bother with the cost and reputation damage if they knew the squad wasn’t good enough? Why sack a manager who got us promoted from the championship after only 7 games if they thought we were going back there?
  23. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Surely paying off managers and their staff can be classed as ‘over-spending’? Unless it’s budgeted for? And if it is - well then, kinda point proven no?
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  24. Since63

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    And whether today's players would have managed to last 90 minutes on the mixture of mud & sand those players not only played on, but also produced moments of sublime skill, whilst all the time having such as Chopper Harris, Tommy Smith and Norman 'Bites Yer Legs' Hunter attempting to surgically remove their legs below the knee.
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  25. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Can’t keep a good man down…


    Genuinely seems like a bit of a ‘Hodgson’ type to me and wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s getting regular game time come the end of the season.

    Not really convinced he’s worse than Cleverley or Kayembe and I certainly think he’s better than Kucka. Still crap though mind you.
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  26. Can we do this ? Get rid of a player and add another in ??
  27. My guess, WFIF, is they thought no transfer activity = certain relegation, some cheap tinkering and yes we'd be involved in the relegation battle but might have enough to stay out of the bottom 3. As per norm, change managers regularly if it looks like the plan is failing.
  28. I doubt they thought the squad wasn't good enough to stay up but I expect they assumed we'd be involved in the relegation battle rather than comfortable mid table.
  29. It's certainly "spending", not sure if it's over-spending, depends on the contract terms. They obviously get through their managers so they may even budget for it :).
  30. Jumbolina

    Jumbolina First Team

    didn’t think so. Maybe special rule only for unregistered players? If we shift some of our assets our we can get Danny back in :)
  31. a19tgg

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    Which still doesn’t explain the constant hiring and firing of managers and their average 10 game tenure.
  32. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    Leventhal seems to be suggesting it’s not an issue. As you can still add unattached players if you have space - so would seem strange you can’t add players already contracted to you.

    Do need to seek permission though.
  33. RS2

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    I did laugh when I saw this from Leventhal. But like you say, we're at a depressing point now where I'd rather see what Gosling can do under Hodgson instead of Cleverley and Kucka.
  34. Burnsy

    Burnsy First Team

    I don’t think he’s good enough for what we need and where we (apparently) want to go. But I’ve never really shared the sentiment of some that Gosling is a ‘terrible’ footballer. I can think of many worse that we have had and indeed still have.

    My issue was the stupid contract we gave him. And that again comes down to the owner, not the player.
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  35. Would need to shift 3 or 4 to fit him in.
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