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Discussion in 'Anonymous Werewolf Cemetery' started by Venice, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. miked2006

    miked2006 Premiership Prediction League Proprietor

    I went into the Eurovision Wikipedia page and still couldn’t work it out
  2. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    It does. If I hadn't had your name I wouldn't have ever suspected you. Team evil really were the nuts.
  3. Denver

    Denver Academy Graduate

    I also checked a couple of Eurovision stats but not the one that mattered.
  4. Quito

    Quito Academy Graduate

    I was pretty chuffed the night I guarded Santiago. It went downhill from there for myself sadly...

    I guarded Helsinki as I was advised to guard someone from the start of the alphabet, and I had no inkling of who to go for - should not have picked Helsinki in hindsight! It 100% would have been Jeddah as I knew he was good - but he was killed off for inactivity that evening!
  5. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    I think that message re the alphabet was actually for my benefit....
  6. Nairobi

    Nairobi Academy Graduate

    No idea why we're all praising team evil and why they're patting themselves on the back.

    Not that I'm bitter but they had a shocking start and only won because the overlord helped them out!!!

    You ate your traitor. You initial alpha screwed up. And you new wolves picked the same kill 3 nights in a row!

    Bloody wolves.

    Nairobi signing out.
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  7. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Spot on lol.
  8. wfcSinatra

    wfcSinatra Predictor Choker 14/15

    Norn is brilliant at this game to be fair, if he's Team Good he's a great help also. Well played!
  9. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Haha no need to apologize! Thanks part luck part deduction.
  10. Istanbul

    Istanbul Academy Graduate

    Great game Mike, thanks for running - gave me a panic though when you added the back-up seer!

    I actually didn't have a massive amount to do except for Day 7. Definitely made things easier for me being good for the first two days, decided to not change tactics as I felt I was one of the more 'obvious goods'.

    The fact Cancun and I kept making the same picks actually probably saved me in the end, despite obviously being unintended! When Fes asked why I was still alive if I was clearly good that was my first 'oh crap' moment. Thankfully as Cancun and I hadn't had a chance to kill off unconfirmed goods due to picking the same kills I was able to use that as an excuse. If we had no confirmed goods left at that point I might have been stuck as to why I wasn't killed.
  11. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    If it was intended to even things up relative to the Full Moon, then shouldn't you have also signalled in one of your write-ups that the backup Seer had been activated, in the same way that in your write-ups you indicated that the back-up Wolf had been activated?!
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  12. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

  13. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    That did indeed help you.
  14. From a 3rd party point of view, the late back up SEER definitely helped team EVIL rather than team GOOD. It looked a really stupid and desperate team EVIL act given it arrived so late and unannounced. Reading the posts as they landed I was 100% convinced that it had to be a EVIL post as such an introduction was so unlikely.
  15. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    I disagree completely with the above points regarding a back-up seer.

    Before the back-up seer was introduced, Tokyo was sure Fes was a wolf and Fes thought Tokyo was the last wolf 'Tokyo must be the last one then'.

    I went and made lunch before the new seer's message and was thinking about ways in which I could play with both Fes/Tokyo in the final day as I assumed they would both vote for each other early and try and persuade me which one of them to vote for. The final day would have been a guaranteed victory for evil.

    However, adding the back-up seer gave good a chance. It meant Tokyo knew I was evil for sure and he had a chance to try and persuade Fes - without the back-up seer Day 7 would have been over in minutes.
  16. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    If things had played out differently in the last few days I had a few other tactics I was going to use, which probably would have led to my downfall!

    If Nairobi didn't out Fes as the last mason, I was going to announce myself as the final mason if/when the actual mason announced themselves. There were a lot of examples in the game of myself working closely with Nairobi and Santiago and I felt I could use these to fight my case and then have the last remaining mason lynched on Day 6 which would result in an evil victory (obviously this also wouldn't have happened with Denver outing Cancun either).

    I was also trying to get Tokyo to out themselves as the Late Saviour in desperation on Day 7, but sadly they didn't take the bait. Upon re-reading the threads I realised Rio was our late saviour but it hadn't really been mentioned by any players, so if Tokyo said he was the Late Saviour (and therefore couldn't be the Beta), I was going to be able to show Fes they were lying by highlighting the clues that Rio was the Late Saviour.
  17. Venice

    Venice Academy Graduate

    Voted for the Beta on day one and got lynched for it. Can't complain.
  18. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    One doesn't always say in the game of werewolf exactly what one is thinking - as per my post in Day 4, you were still very much under my suspicion.

    Also, yes Tokyo thought I was a wolf at that point, but I was waiting until the finger was eventually pointed at me before explaining myself. I'd even written a long message over the weekend prepared for that eventuality.

    The thing is, I know it may not have worked and I might not have been able to convince Tokyo, but I could have accepted that as being an understandable part of the game. It was a possibility I'd been considering for a while prior, and although it would have been disappointing it would have been fair.

    However, the Seer thing was the main factor which ultimately swayed my decision on the final day, and it seemed completely out of the spirit of the game. It was unprecedented. I could have accepted losing due to the nature of my decisions in the context of a fair game, but introducing a back-up Seer unannounced right at the end did not seem a fair and reasonable administering of the game.
  19. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Disagree with this. Not because Evil won, as that was not down to me but rather due to nornironhorn’s great play. But because, if it was 100% confirmed that a Seer has been activated, Evil would have had zero chance. As it was, it was down to Tokyo to persuade you that it was genuine and Istanbul to persuade you otherwise. I thought the late Seer had tipped the scales too much in Good’s favour initially, but it actually made for a more entertaining last day. The fact that you were persuaded the “wrong” way is more a reflection of how good nornironhorn is at the game - I doubt I would have had the same success.
  20. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    That was actually making me suspicious of you, and it was to your benefit that they didn't take the bait - because as far as I could see in the rules there was absolutely nothing preventing the Late Saviour from being made the Beta.

    "The new wolf will not be the seer, traitor or the guardian." It says nothing about the new wolf not being the Late Saviour. Plus, "the powers of this role expire on when the village opens on day 4".
  21. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    It simply should not have been activated so late on. It was unprecedented.

    It's not just me - undeniable truth and Denver have also pointed out that it just seemed 100% unbelievable, and therefore had to be a desperate move from the wolf.
  22. HappyHornet24

    HappyHornet24 Crapster Staff Member

    Also, running the game takes an awful lot of time and commitment. I struggled sometimes when I became the Alpha as I had commitments in the morning which made it sometimes tricky juggling them with needing to be active in the game. So, while debating the details of the game afterwards can be helpful for future games, can we not lose sight of the effort that miked put into it and appreciate it. Ta.
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  23. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    From the end of Day 2:

    So if someone had claimed to be the Late Saviour, they would be clearing their name of being the Beta.
  24. Diamond

    Diamond First Team

    Whilst I disagree with the late backup seer introduction I have to admit Norn is correct when he says that without it the game would have been over quicker. I was so happy to be killed off as I wasn't sure which way to vote but would probably have been Tokyo or yourself fes.
  25. nornironhorn

    nornironhorn Administrator Staff Member

    Would you be saying this if you had won as a result of the backup-seer?

    If I had lost, I'd have been annoyed at the introduction of it too, but that doesn't mean it was a bad decision to introduce it - it would have just meant the decision went against me.
  26. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I also put in a lot of time and commitment over the last few game days towards my decisions, only for it to have been undermined by that, so.
  27. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    As I've pointed out, it's not just me that found it completely unbelievable. The decision had very much the opposite effect of helping Team Good.

    Losing under more reasonable circumstances would have been fine.
  28. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I hadn't seen that part, fair enough.
  29. Yeah, taking off my bitter Nairobi hat, thanks for running the game Mike.

    I do think a lot of good players were being too quiet. It's easy to be a wolf playing vocally when you have so many good villagers playing like wolves.

    Whether it be work commitments or maybe people trying to stay of the wolves radar to get longer in the game rather than playing for team good and speaking out, the more good that keep quiet the easier it is for team evil to win.

    Zagreb got unlucky too. Stitched up massively by the timing of their posts in a couple of days.
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  30. Quito

    Quito Academy Graduate

    Crikey. I’d leave it if I were you as this sounds like sour grapes. There’s no ‘but’ in this - Mike ran a great game and that’s all there is to it.
  31. TBF I think it would have been pretty difficult to argue that it was genuine given it was unannounced and so late in the game. How would someone persuade that they were the SEER given this other than to say "No, honestly, I really am". No other evidence can be supplied and as Istanbul pointed out, it was pretty unlikely that such a role would be introduced so late, and that was impossible to argue against. Great game overall though !
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  32. I wish you'd put this much effort into being a Mason Fes!!!

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  33. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    Sorry but that's not it at all. I've been killed off early and been on the losing side in games of werewolf before with no hard feelings.

    Consider what Sheffield Utd players would have felt like after their game with Villa when the failure of Hawkeye denied them a goal. They could have accepted that they may not have won anyway, but it least it would have been fair rather than unduly influenced by a strange decision by the officials.

    I appreciate the effort that goes in to running a game of werewolf, but it also requires time to play the game and one hopes that those running it make reasonable decisions.
  34. Fes

    Fes Academy Graduate

    I was intentionally being shady. My strategy had been working as well - it's only the second time I'd made it to the last day in four attempts.
  35. It's not always about making it as far as you can though.

    As a team of 3 we needed to work together. Even though the full moon made us suspect each other, we could've still tried to sound each other out a bit. On day 3 after the full moon I dropped a couple of hints that I was still good, maybe too subtle.

    But the aim of team good is to win as a team not for each individual to get as far as they can.
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