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    Yes, exactly that. If you had a very quiet channel it worked really well. It helped that both of us had 20 foot aerials bolted to the side of our parents houses and the signal only had to reach Rayners Lane from South Harrow and back.

    I had a mate at the time who decided to purchase a 200 watt booster system, (boots) for his setup which was already illegal. Two days later Bedfordshire Police turned up on his doorstep and confiscated all of his kit as he'd talked all over their channels without realising. We were all very impressed with the speed in which they located him, and even more impressed that he'd wiped out Bedfordshire from Harrow.
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    I have a Pete Shelley album from about 150 years ago that, apparently, if you wired your record player up to your ZX Spectrum when it was playing, it made pretty patterns. I didn't have a ZX Spectrum so I didn't get to see this wonder of the age

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