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Discussion in 'The Team Bus' started by The Recluse, Dec 18, 2020.

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    Is this buffoon still here?
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    I'm finding the way he interacts on social media really nice. A lot of managers just post bs cliches when on Twitter/Instagram, whereas here he is liking club tweets or commenting on players' instagrams with some praise and encouragement. It's definitely not something I've seen before and quite refreshing.
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    Also saw a couple of coaches tweeting Scott Tingley the groundsman, praising the pitch. Not exactly a big deal in and of itself, but just another example of the positive atmosphere that Xisco and his team seem to have brought not just to the players, but the club as a whole.

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    Well it’s a bowling green compared to most pitches in the league!
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    Probably bored off his nut living in a flat with no family and unable to go anywhere. Might as well spam some social media with good vibes whilst dancing round the kitchen singing Sweet Caroline into a bottle of Cruzcampo.
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    Well, that starting line-up worked, by hook or by crook! Questionable subs, why oh why did he keep on a visibly shattered Sarr and Sema, but it didn't affect the result in the end
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    Fair play to Gino, bizarre appointment at the time, from absolutely nowhere, but Xisco has done a fantastic job so far.
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    Credit where credit's due. I've been one of the most vocal critics of the appointment and Xisco's decisions after arriving but today he couldn't have done any better with the players available. Playing Pedro in midfield was ballsy but paid off and he introduced the other players at the right time, Sanchez settled things down and Success helped up see the game out far better than Perica would have, and Hungbo carried a threat and enabled us to bring the ball up the pitch.

    Here's to hoping he continues to ram my words down my throat.
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    TBF, as one of the most "positive" people on here, I was having a serious wobble until Deeney stopped playing and the formation changed. I just couldn't see how he was going to get the best out of the players. I honestly think it was something as simple as Deeney not being around.
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    I have to give him some credit, the players clearly like him more than Ivic, and by hook or by crook he was the one who introduced Sierralta to the first team, but the jury is still out for me. Yes we've been on a good run of form, but I don't think we'd have gone to 4-2-3-1 if Deeney hadn't got injured (the talk around the Coventry game was about using 3 at the back again), and the games before he got injured (Norwich aside) were unconvincing at best, shambolic at worst. I'll defend some of his subs as the schedule is so hectic that we need to give players rest, but some games, most importantly Bournemouth, he was pretty clueless
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    But we're so far gone now that I'm not Xisco out, we might as well stick with him until the end of the season, but either way, I don't see him sticking around next season
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    Well he's definitely bought in something to the club in attitude. I still believe he's got lucky over the DeeKnee injury and quite literally stumbling into a system that works for our current squad. It's been a remarkable upturn in points, goals and positives since Captain fantastic put on his moon boot.
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    Most of time when pundits talk about our performances it is our defence that gets most of the praise, and lets be honest it was Vlad who tightened up our defensive system, so a lot of that praise is down to him.

    I know we played some real turgid football under Vlad, but for the most it was effective. Furthermore Vlad saw us through when a lot of our more creative players were not available, so you have to ask had Vlad had the players available that The Kid has now would we be doing even better than we are now?

    I think we just might.
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  16. Otter

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    The players are clearly enjoying playing under Xisco, and with the squad we have we should have been nailed on automatic promotion it's easy to see past the fact that anyone should get this team up, and I wonder what would have been had Pearson continued on. The issue with Vlad is that he was too strict and the players hated it, it's true he did well early on to get a tune out of a threadbare squad but some of the results must have been simply because we had better players than our opponents.
  17. zztop

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    I'm still not certain either, and with Deeney possibly getting fit wanting to come back, I wonder if Munoz will get sucked back into problems.

    He most certainly has established a much better environment and culture around the players and for me that is 80% of what a coach has to do, but I'm not sure of his tactical ability, and like you not sure whether he has got where we are by design or accident/forced upon him. I think he still needs to show he can take us to the next level. But I hope he does as having happy players with a bit of freedom to play progressively is an extremely good place to start.
  18. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    I can't be sure, but I suspect Deeney is out for the season, you can usually add a good couple of weeks to any timeline they give for injured players to return! If he does return to fitness fairly soon, hopefully he'll finally read the room and realise we're far better off without him as an automatic starter, maybe he'd be an asset as an impact sub off the bench, but that's about it
  19. Otter

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    If we got to the play off final, would you have Deeney on the bench in case of a penalty shoot out?

    Other than that I think we won't see Deeney again this season.
  20. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    Yes, I give Vlad credit for getting us to look organised, and getting results without so many key players, but ultimately, we have much better players than most teams in this league. I think it's arrogant to suggest we should be strolling to automatic promotion, there are other good teams in this division, but ultimately, you feel anyone could get us at least top 6
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    Vlad record....P 20 W 9 D 7 L 4 F 23 A 15 Pts 34 Gd +8 Clean sheets 8 Point average 1.70

    Munoz record....P 15 W 10 D 2 L 3 F23 A 9 Pts 32 Gd +14 Clean sheets 9 Point average 2.13

    There's enough evidence to support Munoz is getting more from the squad than Ivic did.

    Ivic had 5 more games, yet Munoz has won more, scored more (on average), more clean sheets and a better points average.

    His real test is yet to come though. The the next 4 games should see a continuation of the good form, with 3 very winnable games amongst them. But his next real test now is the final 7 games. If he could somehow maintain the form we've had under him in the final 7 games, we could well make the autos, but it would require an uplift on what he's done already.
  22. Otter

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    The next test is the next match. Cardiff are now in the hunt for the play offs having had a recent run of form although drawing two of their last 3 games.

    Get a win v Cardiff then we can look forward to 2 winnable matches before the international break.
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    Still not convinced.
  24. Loyalhornet

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    Amazing how little credit Xisco gets on here. His tenure has seen a significant improvement in performances ,for the first time this season we are playing cohesive football and we actually look like a team . Plus we’ve had decent results.

    Yes at times his substitutions are questionable but I can’t remember many managers whose substitutions were always spot on.

    I realise it’s the bedwetters worst nightmare if Xisco gets us promoted but let’s give the guy some credit for what he’s done so far. It could all go **** up still but so far so good.
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    “Bedwetters” don’t want Xisco to fail.

    Promotion > eating some humble pie.
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  27. wfc4ever

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    Hopefully will get his badges if we go up to manage in the Premier league.
  28. UEA_Hornet

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    Who’s he going to manage?
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    Had Xisco lost the Bristol C game he would have been sacked. We got a big win in that game, and have progressed from there. Most of the bedwetters wanted him gone after he lost a game, lol
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    Can't wait until he's gone personally.
  31. Otter

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    Careful what you wish for.
  32. I'm not letting him off the hook until he shows, when TD is fit, that he doesn't walk straight back into this side.

    If he doesn't then he's got my support. If he does he can **** right off.
  33. Relegation Certs

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    See also: cleverley.

    We are now better than needing to rely on players who try hard, run around a lot, but have limited footballing ability.

    If he walks back into the side we can forget about promotion.
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    In fairness we were on a great run before Cleverley got injured, was starting to a decent impression of a prime Abdi! But yes, Deeney is finished, whereas Cleverley might come back into the team when he's fit (whenever that is lol), I think the penny might have finally dropped, I don't think Deeney will be back any time soon...
  35. Relegation Certs

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    But who do you drop for him? Even chalobah is ace now. He can only possibly weaken us. Though it seems the manager is not keen on changing winning teams so fingers crossed he' s lashed on the bench.
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