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    My office is closed, I'm working from home, I haven't played FM in years so thought I'd buy it and see what's going on. Playing as Watford in this 'what if' season of 2019/20. I wanted to share my season as quite honestly, my girlfriend doesn't give a **** and the dog just looks forlornly out the window. I know there's another FM thread but that's just chit-chat, I want to recreate the season.

    I'll be honest and straight up - I used the in-game editor to do one thing - dump off Fillipo Giraldi with no compensation. I have no qualms about this and he left without comment, although I envisioned him smashing up his office before he went - of which I agreed to cover any costs. I also used the editor to cancel the loans of Cucho Hernandez and Luis Suarez, as I wanted to see how they'd perform in the current squad. That be all.


    With Suarez and Cucho in the ranks, the striker department was looking nice. Deeney was out with an injury for 6 weeks and Sarr was on holiday until the day before the opening game. As in real life, the defence was pretty light so with the meagre £7m budget, I decided that having a decent defender that could play across the backline was essential. I decided on Patric of Lazio who was transfer-listed for £2.9m. A few other clubs including, of course, Bournemouth were interested but unlike Giraldi, I managed to get this one over the line. With such a small budget, it was virtually impossible to sign a CB so gave up and signed a couple of youngsters - Rober from Betis and Isaac Lihadji from Marseille for a combined £5.2m.

    I retained Shakespeare and went to work on all the new bits I wasn't familiar with - training schedules and the like. I employed a 4-4-2 formation and a preferred 4-2-3-1. Both with Capoue and Doucoure sitting deep.

    I played 9 friendlies and incredibly didn't concede a goal. I didn't play anyone decent though, the highlight winning Watford's first ever trophy in the 'Friendly Cup' defeating Minnesota and Panaitolikos to bring home the gold.

    Stand-out players were Isaac Success, who scored a hat-trick in the Panaitoliko's 7-0 win and Craig Dawson who scored four goals pre-season all, laughably, headers from corners. The game is shocking unrealistic.

    I sold Mariappa to Brighton which caused a mini-uprising in the ranks which was seemingly quelled by the sale of Jose Holebas to Al-Ahli to be managed, by all people, Christian Gross.

    The usual suspects were all out on loan and I added to this by sending out Sam Dalby and Cassidy to far flung places.

    Doucoure, Capoue and Deulofeu were all wanted by Leicester but no bids came in. Penaranda, Suarez and Cucho were all hunted down by clubs for a loan but were all rejected.

    The fixture list was kind, Southampton (H), Leicester (A), Wolves (H), Brighton (A), Burnley (H), Sheff Utd (A) to start the season. Must be aiming for 4 wins there. Or so I thought........
  2. I was with you up until this point. 100%. Now the bubble has well and truly burst. It's now just b******s.
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    It doesn't last.
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    Just to make it clear about Giraldi - his advice on possible signings was Vinicius Jr from Real Madrid, who was thought to be worth £80m. After giving me £7m to spend. Just like real life I'm sure.

    First up is Southampton at home. With Deeney injured and both Pereyra and Sarr available but not match fit, I started with a 4-2-3-1 formation with Success on the left and the pre-season impressive Luis Suarez up front. Alas, the game reinforced it's realism.

    18 shots, 7 on target, we lost 3-1. Most of the team didn't turn up and Nathan Redmond scored a hat-trick. We had 6 players booked too and were fined.

    For the game with Leicester, I decided to play a little more defensively. The returning Sarr setup Suarez after a weaving run only for Albrighton to nick an equaliser towards the end finding himself free of all players at the far post. Watfordy.

    Against Wolves, a similar scenario happened. An early Kabasele goal (knock down from a corner, don't get excited) was wiped out late by a Diego Jota goal through the middle of the defence like they were not there. Very Watfordy. 7 bookings in this game. I must have a setting incorrect. After the game, Nuno Santo predicted I'd be sacked for how aggressive my team was. I told him he was wrong and to go **** himself. Beardy ****.

    Deeney returned in the Carabao Cup game against Swindon. Going with a much changed side including the previously and always injured Welbeck, Deeney would score a hat-trick. Ably assisted by Quina and Rober. It was nice to have a win on the board. No clean sheet though thanks to another Watfordy end to the game. 3-1. We drew Sheff Utd in the next round.

    August stats:

    Position - 15th
    Best WFC Player - Doucoure (6.9)
    Top WFC scorer - Suarez (2)
    PL Leaders - Spurs (9pts)
    Top PL Scorer - Calvert-Lewin (4)
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    Please keep this going. Really enjoyable and fills the sudden void we all feel right now. Love the "watfordy" usage. Nice work.
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    After a middling August, I expected a big bounce back from the players in September. Still without a league win in the first three games, with two draws, I had a distinct feeling I knew what Quique Flores felt when he first took over all those years ago. Although I didn't dump off fan favourite players or play Almen Abdi at left-back, so I'm already better than he was.

    We travelled to Brighton in the summer sunshine and with a virtually full strength side, took the lead with an Sarr finish from a Doucoure through ball only for Bernardo to equalise being completely free at the far post. Even the AI knows that we can't defend a ******* cross. Stupid Miles Jacobson and his realistic bloody game. After letting rip at the players at half time and swapping out the ludicrous-at-times Kabasele, we took the lead following a distastrous backpass from Maupay which was seized upon by Deeney. Brighton pounded away at the Watford back-line for the remainder of the game, but we remained firm at the back and despite Patric's red card for preventing Maupay from running through to equalise, we held on for our first win. W 1-2 (Sarr, Deeney)

    Gino sent me a personal message of 'about ******* time, cancel the horse's head', wasn't overly sure if he meant to include the second part.

    The next game was the live Friday night football against Burnley at home. Not sure who drank enough to make that decision on the TV game, but they got what they deserved a 0-0. A game that included 8 bookings, 2 clear cut chnceds missed by Deeney and the usual kick-off-pitchery we expecting in the real world from a Sean Dyche team.

    After giving the team a good old bollocking for that disgrace, we moved on to Sheff Utd away. Unlike the real thing, this Sheff Utd aren't very good - but in true Watford style, we tried our best to help them out. After leading 1-0 and 2-1, we helpfully allowed them back into the game before Pereyra was sent-off for a 2nd yellow. Immediately following this, Deulofeu found himself clear to score the winner in front of the jubilant away support. W 2-3 (Sarr, Deulofeu 2).

    We followed that up by having to play Sheff Utd again in the Carabao Cup - a much changed line-up won through thanks to Cucho Hernandez's first competitive goal. He's going to tear up the Carabao Cup for sure.

    The final league game of the month was away to the 'always good in FM no matter what players they have' Chelsea, who found themselves in the lofty heights of 3rd place in the PL. I wasn't looking forward to this game so went with a defensive outlook with included starting Penaranda and Quina for the first time this season. Incredibly, Penaranda gave us the lead in the 44th minute when a cross from Deulofeu literally hit him and went in. The crazed celebrations were probably not all that deserved.

    Guess what? We conceded a goal from a corner! Time and time and time again, the same thing. Real life or FM. This time, the high-statted for some reason Tomori found space and headed home a simple one. Cathcart and Dawson looked at each other while Nath and Moog raged on the shoutbox. The raging and bedwetting continued until the 88th minute where the much maligned Adam Masina scored possibly the goal of the season with a jumping volley from a Deulofeu pinpoint cross. The away fans went crazy, various forum posters said 'I told you so', RC didn't leave early and Watford FC went sixth. W 1-2 (Penaranda, Masina)

    Position - 6th
    Top Scorer - Sarr/Deulofeu (4)
    Avg Rating - Sarr (7.17)
    Monthly Form - W D W W W

    PL Leaders - Liverpool (22)
    Top Scorer - Firmino (10)

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    Enjoying this!
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    I’ll be here ready to laugh at you when you hit a bad patch, just to keep it realistic.
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    Surely manager of the month is just a formality
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    Nice to know programmers are watford fans. Why else would the ratio of conceeding from a corner be so high even in this?

    Much enertainnent again GD. Great stuff.
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  11. Don't.
    I've seen this one before.
    We are 20 odd points clear in March but are robbed of our first ever prem title by the arrival of a killer virus.
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    Masina goal vs Chelsea
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    I’d just started a save as Hemel boss. Sadly Corona hit, and now my wife and kids are always at home. My hopes and dreams for some quality FM time smashed to pieces.
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    After the massive win over Chelsea, a feeling that the season had kickstarted reverberated around the Watford support. Twitter and the forums were glowing in their assessment of the managerial ability of Gowen Downe, whilst just a week earlier, several threads and YouTubers had been discussing the best way to disconnect his body parts.

    Up next was a horrific looking game against super high flying Spurs with no injury to Harry Kane to help. Jose Mourinho decided to slag off Downe before the game, deciding that luck was more to do with their lofty place in the EPL (and it's live!) and that it wouldn't last much longer. Downe responded that Jose knew all about luck, having been at the top for far longer than he should have been. #bantz

    Downe decided to reinstate Troy Deeney and Roberto Pereyra to the starting line-up and put Sarr behind Deeney in order to capitalise on any pacey counter-attack opportunities. This didn't work particularly well and Deeney was hauled off at half-time, much to his anger and disappointment. Spurs didn't offer much and the game was heading for a dull 0-0, until the third minute of stoppage time, where a quick break from Masina and Sarr led to a Suarez parried shot only for Doucoure to score from a ridiculously tight angle. The people that hadn't left early, not including RC obviously, erupted and Jose sipped angrily on his bottled water. W 1-0

    This took the mighty Hornets up to third. Discussions on the forum ranged from booking hotels in Romania for the next season to the bedwetters saying this wouldn't last and Downe was destroying the club with these results. "The performances weren't overly pretty", said WFCForums member 'wfcmoog', "and I go for a hotdog and a nice day out, not to have the fans around me celebrating wildly bumping into me and ****".

    Following the game, Troy Deeney approached Downe with his unhappiness at not being a first-teamer all the time. Downe calmly advised that it was a team game and with the young players coming through, his game time would not be guaranteed. Troy stormed off in a huff. Support came from the rest of the squad, including the previously unmentioned Andre Gray who had patiently waited for a moment when a substandard, League 1 level striker would be required by the team.

    Next up was Crystal Palace away. With Zaha being injured/scared of Harry The Hornet, the team comfortably disassembled Palace's creaking back line. with 26 shots and 13 on target, the team could be disappointed with only scoring 3. Deulofeu continued his completely unrealistic consistent form by blasting home the opener from just in the area. Palace rarely threatened throughout and Doucoure continued his hot streak with a header from a Patric long throw and a 20 yard shot into the corner following good work from Patric and Deulofeu. Just to make sure that we didn't get out of the game without being a bit Watfordy - Ben Foster gifted a consolation to Benteke in injury time. W 1-3

    Remaining 4th, the fans were in raptures. Players couldn't go to Walkabout or McDonalds in the High Street without being mobbed and Gowen Downe was being tipped for bigger jobs like struggling Everton. Speaking of whom, Watford played next at home. As Everton were struggling, this was an easy win, right? Nope.

    Despite utterly dominating the game, taking the lead after 13 minutes through Deulofeu again, Watford decided to capitulate and allow Everton to race into a 3-1 lead. Richarlison scored two of them, raising the ire of the Graham Taylor stand who shuffled slightly in their seat in anger and just like real life, a breakaway counter attack near the end by Theo 'Bloody' Walcott. Downe was pleased that in the 91st minute, Craig Cathcart scored a header from a corner. The game crashed and the PC exploded.
    L 2-3

    The knives were out all over social media for the players. Deeney and Penaranda put in poor performances and were the main target - 'I can't believe they still play', said NathWFC, 'it's almost like they've hypnotised Downe into picking them'. What Nath wasn't aware of was that Penaranda was a trained hypnotist, which is how he finally was able to get his work permit all those years ago. Better times.

    The month ended with a Carabao Cup game against struggling Championship Stoke City at home. Despite a relatively strong side, including the full debut of Ignacio Pussetto (who, by the way, I had no ******* idea was only 24. He looks at least 30.) fell behind very early 2-0 and although many shots took place, only 1 goals happened leading to defeat and bedwetting exploding like an Olympic event. L 1-2

    The first DOWNE OUT thread was started shortly after the game.

    Position 6th
    Highest Rating - Deulofeu (7.55)
    Top scorer - Doucoure (6)
    Monthly Form - W W L L
    Upcoming Games: - NEW (H), NOR (A), WHU (H), BOR (A)

    PL Leaders - Liverpool
    Top Scorer - Aguero (11)
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  15. Wow, games are realistic these days ! Do you get to pick your wife and kids ?
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    Tag your spoilers next time!
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    I’m going to guess you’ve got a lovely line up of fixtures of MUN, MCI, LIV in a row...
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    After two consecutive home defeats. the knives were well and truly out by some of the home fans. The 1881 cancelled their banner depicting yet another coach who hadn't done nearly enough to deserve a banner. Downe responded by promising to buy all fans that went to the next away game a pint. This was at Norwich though, so options were giving for a pie instead. Looking at the state of our away support, you can probably guess on what option they'd take.

    Before that though, it was Newcastle (H).

    With goals being the main problem for the team, a decision was made to play Ismaila Sarr upfront on his own with Success coming in to replace him out wide. The decision was a great one with Sarr scoring a first half hat trick which included, surprisingly, a penalty. In very Watfordy style, the rest of the game was in cruise control and Newcastle got a goal back. But substitute Domingos Quina put the icing on the cake with a late goal to take Watford to a comfortable win. (W 4-1 (Sarr 3, Quina)

    A convincing win which guaranteed Downe a new chant. An original ditty to the song 'Seven Nation Army' by The White Stripes. Never been used before for any Watford player or coach.

    Next up was bottom of the table Norwich (A) who had only won ONE EPL game all season and hadn't scored more than ONE goal in a game all season. You can guess what happened. (L 2-1, Doucoure)

    To add to a joyous occasion, Patrick and Doucoure picked up 'muscle' injuries that would keep them out for a few weeks but a blessed international break arrived just in time.

    On return, West Ham (H), was next and they were now bottom. With a few niggly injuries around the squad, Troy Deeney and Will Hughes returned to the starting lineup and Sarr moving back to the supporting role that Doucoure had made his own. A good first half showing resulting in a 2-1 lead, Sarr continuing his hot streak and Deeney chipping in with his quarterly goal. He then went and missed another penalty before West Ham got one back. A powerful second half showing resulted in an OG and a Dawson header from a free kick. (W 4-2, Sarr, Deeney, Balbuena OG, Dawson) LP -6th

    The fans seemed non-plussed about the win. Happy to push aside a much smaller team with an awful owner and the worst fans in the league - what came next - Bournemouth (A), was a much bigger prize.

    Bournemouth had a great start to the season, up to 4th at times, but had dropped away and this was a good time to play them. Downe resisted the urge to throw Doucoure and Patric straight back in, preferring to rotate slightly with Cleverley and Suarez coming in for their first games in some time. Despite a pretty poor first half, Watford found themselves ahead thanks to a Will Hughes volley. Deeney came on for the second half and immediate contributed doubling the lead. Luis Suarez got the third and Watford ran out easy winners taking them up to 5th. (W 3-0, Hughes, Deeney, Suarez) LP - 5th

    A very decent November albeit it should have been better. The points were on the board though and with the looks of the fixtures in the packed December period, they were going to be needed.

    In other news around the league, Beardy McBeardface Nuno Santos was sacked, amusingly. That'll teach the ****.

    Position 5th
    Highest Rating - Deulofeu (7.41)
    Top scorer - Sarr, Deulofeu (6)
    Monthly Form - W L W W
    Upcoming Games: - ARS (A), VILLA (H), MAN C (A), MAN U (H), LIV (H), EVE (A)

    PL Leaders - Man City
    Top Scorer - Vardy (14)
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    Such enertainment. Feels like you live every kick of the games. Quite the season so far. Going for CL. Great work again GD.
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    He’s up to Xmas. The wheels will come off, they always do.
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  21. I don't believe a word of it. Not a word. None of this happened.
  22. GoingDown

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    I've played up til February. The stuff that happens, it's not boring that's for sure. My favorite moments have been the return of not just one king. But two.

    Coming soon.
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    You’ve re singed Marlon King?!
  24. WillisWasTheWorst

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    Just lightly toasted.
  25. Filbert

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    He seemed like a proper ****** so a singeing is the best he could hope for.
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    We had him in his prime. He was scoring for fun on the field. Then it went sour when he decided that taking no off the field trying to score in a bad way ended his career. Shame.
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    With 6 games in December, with 4 against the fabled 'big 6', it wasn't looking good. The forums were full of talk of 'free hit month' and 'I'd take a couple of points to be fair'.

    First up was Arsenal (A). Always an interesting one for Watford fans, as a lot of them count themselves as Arsenal fans really, they just can't get/afford tickets to the Stadium of Silence. Troy Deeney returned for Cojones Derby whilst out of nowhere, Andre Gray - performing well in the reserves, got a place on the bench.

    Watford's worst performance of the season ensued. Bellarin opened the scoring early after being completely open at the far post only for Craig Cathcart equalising poking home after Troy Deeney's header came off the post. Lacazette scored the first of his 3 goals to give Arsenal a 2-1 lead. Half time changes didn't work and the second half saw ******* Arsenal rack up 27 shots, with 3 more goals, giving them a 5-1 lead. Laca (as Watford fans love to call him) missed a late penalty whilst Andre Gray scored a late consolation after replacing the injured Luis Suarez. Arsenal also decided to ****-house up the second half with 6 bookings. The Watford fans didn't boo the team off, instead they looked on lovingly at the Arsenal side tearing apart their team and went home happy. (L 5-2 (Cathcart, Gray - 5th)


    Unsurprisingly, the remaining real Watford fans wet the bed, bemoaning the fact that STILL Cathcart and Dawson were the starting centre halves. Downe made the decision that it was likely the last time that this would happen and was on the lookout for a decent central defender. This was helped by an unprompted increase in the transfer budget to £27m by Gino. All the money he'd saved from Giraldi going was finally paying off.

    Ismaila Sarr won both the Player and Young Player of the month award for November. Which was nice.

    Up next was Aston Villa (H). Probably what was needed after the disaster against the Arse. Moving to three at the back after an injury to only left back Adam Masina and starting Andre Gray for the first time, Daryl Janmaat went off for his quarterly injury and Watford struggled. Swapping out Suarez for Deeney at half time and the introduction of Roberto Pereyra in the second half made a big difference. On the hour mark Andre Gray was played through by Doucoure and just like real life, he finished cooly past Pepe Reina. Villa hit back straight away through Trezeguet after a pinball incident in the penalty area. With four minutes to go and SPOOKILY like real life, Andre Gray collected the ball on the touchline, ran at goal and powered home from 18 yards, giving Watford the deserved win. The fans chanted Gray's name, a banner was unveiled of Little Mix and all was right with the world. (W 2-1 - 4th)

    The games were coming thick and fast, players didn't have time to update their Insta and play video games which was a concern for manager Downe, he was quoted in the media as saying 'they say they're working from home. I have a sneaky suspicion they may be playing games and doing pointless write ups on internet forums. Or maybe that stupid Werewolf game.' Man City (A) was next and we were 1 point off the lofty heights of 3rd.

    I won't bother going into too much depth. We lost 3-0. All goals were in the second half. The defensive lineup worked a treat until they scored. Something too real about the game at times. Aguero scored obviously. Also Arturo Vidal joined them in the summer I guess. (L 3-0 - 6th)

    The fans were more forgiving this time but really their attention was on getting tickets for their United supporting mates as it was Man Utd (H) next. Deciding on a pacey line up, DAT GUY WELBZ returned to the team having been absent most of the season so far. Ignacio Pussetto took a spot on the bench.

    Battered them. All over them. Just, as usual, struggled to finish. 0-0 at half time so made some changes. Carried on as you were until 6 minutes from time when Ignacio Pussetto scored his first league goal following an almighty scramble following a Kabasele header. Andre Gray put the cherry on top with another totally realistic brilliant finish following a totally realistic through ball from Doucoure. Hush went over the Vicarage Road Arena as United fell limply to defeat. (W 2-0, Pussetto, Gray - 4th)

    The games were coming thick and fast and with Liverpool (H) three days later on Boxing Day, fans were struggling to sort out their changing allegiances. Fans turned up in United and Arsenal shirts, some in Watford shirts as we were doing well but generally, the Liverpool fans all sat in the Rookery End as normal. What they witnessed, would shock them.

    The same starting line-up as the last game led to Gerard Deulofeu popping up for the first time in weeks with a cool finish after yet another pinpoint pass from Doucoure. Livepool was strong in the latter stages of the half but Watford remained strong at the back with Patric, Kabasele, Cathcart and Masina keeping Liverpool's dream front line at bay. BUT WAIT! Klopp had left all of them out, much to the anger of the Liverpool fans in the Rookery. Comfortably meandering through the second half, a VAR assisted penalty decision led to Ismaila Sarr scoring his first for a while. James Milner missed a penalty just before substitute Ignacio Pussetto once again putting the cherry on top following a great run and cross from Masina. The fans booed off Liverpool and called for Klopp's head - after all they were only 4 points clear now. (W 3-0, Deulofeu, Sarr, Pussetto - 6th)

    December was rounded off with a trip to Everton (A) just three days later. Pussetto had earned a start replacing the erratic Will Hughes. Welbz dropped to the bench so he could have more time on Instagram.

    A rock solid performance saw Watford run out comfortable 2-0 winners. Ismaila Sarr scoring with a stunning finish following great and totally realistic work from Andre Gray on the wing. Pickford made save after save until sub Troy Deeney scored with a cool finish late on. (W 2-0, Sarr, Deeney - 5th).

    As December ended and the transfer window opened. A name appeared on the free agent list. A name from the past. A name that only feels correct when followed by 'Midfielder, Watford'. His throne had never been taken. He'd never forgotten where he was happiest. He happily accepted a contract to rejoin in January.

    ALMEN ABDI had returned and he was GOOD.

    Position 5th
    Highest Rating - Deulofeu (7.40)
    Top scorer - Deulofeu (9)
    Monthly Form - L W L W W W
    Upcoming Games: - TOT (A), CHE (H), PAL (H), LIV (A) + FA CUP
    PL Leaders - Liverpool
    Top Scorer - Vardy (15)

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    Amazing again GD. It's so utterly not what would happen that it makes great reading. Andre' Gray can barely hit a barn door with a banjo at times. Probably our best ever Xmas period including the real
    one we had under Pearson. You are doing a stela job as manager too. Abdi is back at the Vic? What a great piece of financial wrangling that was.

    Looking forward to what else the TW can bring us. Looking good for Europe still.
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    I like @GoingDown

    But with every passing update, I’m beginning to think he’s not actually playing this game.
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    It's the Andre Gray thing isn't it?
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    Hang on, who was the seocnd?

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