We have nothing to worry about.....

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  1. Because "IF" all the "DONE DEALS" I have heard about in the last few days come off in January, we should win virtually every match in the 2nd half of the season :rolleyes:

    Nugent £4.5 m

    Smith, Rossi and Bardsley on loan from Man u

    Also that Tunisian? striker we have on trial "whatisname"?

    If all of those signings come off, Premiership survival will be a snip, it don't matter what Charlton did last nite or whatever any other team does....

  2. StuBoy

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    Unfortunately if Football Manager is anything to go by you can only have two players on loan from a Premiership club at anytime. So with Foster that means one more space for a loan signing. I'd go for Bardsley, I've seen him play and he's looks like a useful player.
  3. wfchornet2

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    What I find funny is that we always see this sort of thing and rarely do any of the rumours we see/hear about come to anything.
    You can bet your bottom dollar that when January is out of the way it will start all over again as to who we will get in June.
    It would be nice to see it that we only ever discuss realistic transfers but thats the nature of the beast i guess.

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