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    Forgot to post here, but I've now finished: https://public.tableau.com/profile/stuart.reid3110#!/vizhome/PLCornerDashboard1920/Dashboard1

    So, from a Watford perspective, we all know we're poor from corners but here's the data to back it up:

    Attacking deliveries from the left

    As we know, we've spent a large proportion of the season hitting our corners straight into the first man. This could be down to poor delivery or it could be down to a high risk/high reward strategy of launching the ball into that near post area where a single touch would see the ball sent towards the goal at a very close range which would cause problems for any keeper. Either way, this hasn't worked as we've generated a paltry 2 shots in this area with another 1 coming from the main danger area of between the penalty spot and the 6-yard line. If I were lining up against us, I wouldn't bother defending the back-post at all as never seem to teach the back of the 6-yard area, making us easy and predictable to defend against.


    Attacking Deliveries from the right

    A similar story to the left, we're slightly better at hitting that central zone, but again the huge clump of losses in the near corner of the 6-yard area is ridiculous for just the one-shot gained in that area. Also a curious number of balls played into the near post area which is odd and definitely not a great way of trying to get goals.


    Shot map (both sides)

    Our shot map is again pretty damning, just 4 shots from inside the penalty area (from 133 corners taken) and just the 1 shot on target. What is interesting though is that Kabasele shows up here as having a good grouping for shots in a decent area, so at least he's consistent (and that's a good area to attack) which gives hope that if the delivery is improved, his shot numbers will likely go up which will give goals. I've attached Norwichs shot-map below, who have had 1 more corner than us to give an example of what this should look like.


    Norwich Shot Map (both sides)

    Watford Defensive (Left)

    Onto the defensive side, we seem to defend the 6-yard area really well which is a positive, although there seems to be a weakness towards the back-post.

    Defensive Right

    Again, for the most part, the 6-yard area is defended relatively well, can't have too many complaints about this.

    Defensive Shot Map (both sides)

    Not terrible but not great either, overall decent at stopping shots from happening which is always a positive

    Foster successful claims

    Using the shirt number filter you can see actions via shirt number, one thing I like doing in my analysis is seeing how active the goalkeeper is (aka do you want to put someone on him to hinder them coming to claim) and this shows that Foster is pretty active, often coming to claim at least up to the 6-yard line. Interestingly although he ventures up to the 6-yard line, he tends to take pretty straight runs and doesn't venture to claim balls at weird angles like Guaita does (below)

  2. Great effort Reeds, well done mate have you sent this to the club?
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    It’s been months since we’ve seen a game, but visualising all of those short corners, and corners hitting the first man actually pains me, even now.

    Definitely a positive of lockdown, not being subjected to that week in week out!
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    Not yet although the backroom staff are already well aware that this is an area we've been really poor in. When there's a date set for the return of the PL then I'll send it to them and ask if they want me to do an analysis for that game (since I'd done one for them for the Leicester game that was postponed!)
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    How do you like Tableau? We've been deliberating between that and PowerBI, but I haven't had the opportunity to use Tableau yet.

    It's a lot more expensive than PowerBI, though, which makes it a harder sell...
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    I really like it, but on the flip side haven't used PowerBI so sadly can't compare the 2. I also use Tableau Public which is free so luckily don't have to worry about the cost!
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    Is Guaita really good at claiming corners, or is Foster just bad at it?
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    It's only tracking the successes, but Guaita absolutely loves it - he's basically ready to sprint out and claim whenever whereas Foster tends to be a bit more conservative

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