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  1. TBF I think he was just called over to watch the exciting bit of The Alamo where the fort gets overun on TCM channel. Just happened to coincide with his team conceding a goal.
  2. GoingDown

    GoingDown Pizza & Figs

    A ridiculous idea.

    TCM isn't on Sky Go m8. Must have had it on Netflix.
  3. My bad.
  4. wfc4ever

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    Will they show the FA cup goals tonight ?
  5. Aberystwyth_Hornet

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    I think the highlights at half time of wolves vs man u is our lot
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  6. Extensive piece with Gracia, Deulefeo and Luther on the PL Show on BBC2.
  7. Decent piece on the premier league show tonight, interviews with Havy, Gerald, and Luther

    Worth a watch
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  8. If only I wasn't on LTC68's ignore list.
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    Ignoring people is so gay.
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    On 2nd tonight - must be due to the shock win for the newly appointed hero of Man U
  11. UEA_Hornet

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    Game of the day on Sky too.
  12. wfc4ever

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    Well we were bold but too much it seems .

    Maybe explains why teams do playing a negative fashion against the top sides as they get caught out anyway !

    BTW Bournemouth a good early bet for relegation next season ..
  13. Siohmy

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    Not sure I agree completely with Shearer. Yes, we did commit a number forward which was a risky tactic. However, we should have dealt with Rashford a bit better for the first. We did have two men on him so not sure how many we should have had! The ball by Luke Shaw was absolute class but we left the gap for him to run into. Must have been very tight for offside as well.

    I could maybe see an argument for having one of the 6 in the box dropping back into the area 30-35 yards from their goal to add a bit of cover but do not really have an issue with how we approached the game yesterday.

    Will be interesting to see both the team Wolves put out on Tuesday and how they approach the game. Not sure they’ll go quite so gun-ho. The pressure is on both of us now Leicester and Everton have entered the fray for 7th. A win on Tuesday and I think we’ll be in pole position for the spot.
  14. Maninblack

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    The Man U goals and moans at Pogba aside, all you could hear were the Watford fans on MOTD.
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  15. dynamo380

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    All you could hear on the stream was our fans. Thought they were excellent yesterday!
  16. FromDiv4

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    I was very surprised how quite 70,000+ home fans were at ManU. Our fans made lots of noise but apart from the cheers for their two goals they were almost silent.

    Not impressed with the “theatre of dreams”. (first visit for a few years)

    Not allowed to bring any bags in, where was this publicised? They had a bag drop area, but charged £5 !!
    Seat pitch was shocking, glad we stood up all game.
    Our fans were not allowed bottles, every drink had to be put in a cup, but the home fans either side had bottles.
    Premier league rules are that the away fans section should reach pitchside at some point, how come they do not have to comply with this?
    They did not announce our line-up, though I heard theirs given out twice.
    You could not hear any announcements during the game as the tanoy was terrible.

    Rant over……
  17. Knight GT

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    You can barely see the pitch at Newcastle, let alone reach it
  18. Happy bunny

    Happy bunny Cheered up a bit

    Well, MOTD eventually got to the match of the day at Wembley, but didn't in any way tell the story of how the match panned out.

    Watford were the better of two nervous teams in the scrappy first half hour before Wolves scored against the run of play. After the goal, Wolves settled down and the quality of the game improved.

    The second half was very even until Wolves scored their second. Then, with Watford pushing forward and Wolves breaking out quickly and effectively, it looked like the final score would be 3-0 or 4-0.

    Catastrophic misjudgements by Wolves on and off the field after Del scored his brilliant goal. Wolves retreated into defence and allowed Watford on to them. It was 15 minutes of pressure from us that caused the panicky foul which gave us a soft penalty - on MOTD the pen seemed to come out of the blue. Meanwhile Nuno took off two talented attackers and brought on a fourth central defender, which left them unbalanced for extra time.

    I was confident that we would have the momentum - and three subs available to deal with whatever eventualities there were - and although we seemed to lose that impetus at the restart we had enough to get the job done. However, if Cavalleiro hadn't got his feet in a tangle after rounding Gomes, we might have had the dreaded penalty shootout.

    All in all, passages of mediocre play but an absolute thriller with some terrific goals. I'll never forget it.

    We even won the pageantry. Arriving early, I saw the Wolves seats set out with their well-publicised plastic bags and very impressive it looked. But then they were ambushed with the Watford flags which were so much more effective - the Wolves display didn't really work when the bags were being held up.

    So well done Javi with his bold team selection and innovative formation, well done the team of course and well done the fans who never gave up supporting the players. The togetherness between these three gives me some hope for the final now. The FA Cup is only Man City's third priority but we'll be really going for it. COYH!
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  19. AndrewH63

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    I thought Martin Keowns comments were very odd. "Wolves were brave because they played two upfront". Hang on, we started with two up front and scored our goals playing three upfront. "You felt for the Wolves defence, because they did not deserve to lose and the team defended superbly" Hang on they conceded two goals from open play and gave away an unnecessary penalty. "Wolves would have given Man City a real challenge in the final" Hang on they could not win a knock match from 2-0 up with 15 minutes to play. Could not see injury time out at the end of 90 minutes after replacing attacking players with defenders. I am sure he said something like Wolves were the better team, blah, blah and have had a superb season (which I did agree with) blah blah. I thought his comments were very churlish. Made Danny Murphy sound like a Watford press officer.
  20. Worth catching Danny Murphy on Talksport today on the Jim White show, you can replay their shows online, eulogising about Deeney and thinks it would be just the best story if Deeney ended up lifting the cup. Very complimentary.

    Keown is a typical modern know nothing pundit. Rambles on about Arsenal this Arsenal that doesn't have a clue about any other club.
  21. wfc4ever

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    I noticed Ian Wright was at the Everton v Arsenal game - shame they didn't swap him with Keown who seems to be the BBC main man for big games now.

    That hasn't gone down well with various views I've read on Twitter and other forums...
    Wrighty would have bigged us up and loved Troy scoring the vital goal.
  22. hornetboy1

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    Keown was massively coming from a Wolves angle with all his comments. It was a case of unlucky Wolves, rather than well done Watford.

    Keown and Murphy were sitting with the Wolves fans during the game, so this probably influenced their opinion from being neutral, as they would have picked up on their emotions. They reported from a Wolves' fan perspective.
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  23. hornetboy1

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    The way Keown summed up the match was "some of those Wolves players didn't deserve to lose today, but it's Watford I'm afraid will have their day in the sun in May"......as he wiped the tears away from his eyes.
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  27. Gomes for media duties. Foster for football duties. Fair compromise ?
  28. wfc4ever

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  29. Otter

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    Why are they putting on a 0-0 draw before 3 other games?
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  31. Arakel

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    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
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  33. bedmond_hornet

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    It really is a joke. Not mention of a possible 7th place finish.
  34. NathWFC

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    Honestly **** MOTD.

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