Watford Defensive Corner Analysis

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    As promised in another thread: I've expanded on my write-up and looked in detail at our zonal marking scheme from corners, how I'd exploit it if I were an opposition manager and how we can fix it.

    Might not be of interest to a lot of you, but may interest plenty of others.


    Videos may not work very well on mobiles (or just takes a long time to load), so I'd recommend viewing it on a tablet/pc/laptop.

    Feedback/discussion encouraged!
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  3. reids

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    Can we sack off the Silva thread and concentrate on this as it's definitely more important. Thanks
  4. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Interesting article, thanks for posting. My observations on the clips that you've uploaded are:

    1. Holebas always seems to be the last player in the line across the six yard box, and there is no-one near him to help him out. On three of the clips (West Brom, Swansea and Everton) he has no idea who is behind him at all. He's also probably the weakest header of the ball out of those that line up on the six yard box making us especially vulnerable to deeper corners or those flicked on.
    2. Silva criticising Cleverley for the Stoke goal seems unfair, it looked like he was there to cover the short corner as for some reason Carrillo was in the box this time trying to block runners. There's no way he could have done that and also covered Fletcher towards the back of the penalty area.
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  5. reids

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    Sadly that's another advantage of being the attacker from corners - in order to defend effectively you need to have 2 pairs of eyes, one to watch the ball and one to watch your zone/man, Holebas is pretty guilty of ball watching!
  6. Vicarage Road

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    Holebas is guilty of so many other things
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    We should play man for man and try to make sure the heights of the players are matched not like that goal we conceded when Cleverley was nowhere near the height of the player he was up against.
  8. reids

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