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    So you're saying there were a load of kids playing against Hull then? Not a bad effort then!
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    In isolation it wasn't a bad showing considering the official report says it was a team made up of "...three trialists, four Under-16s, three first years and one second year," with only one defender (Janjeva) from the actual U18 group, as well as a trialist 'keeper.
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    A 0-4 defeat away to Nottingham Forest this evening for the U23s.

    That's 4 wins out of 5 for Forest so defeat with a mix 'n match side isn't that much of a surprise.

    WFC's team (with age in brackets);

    Baptiste (g/k - 18), Barrett (21), Statham (20), Burchell (17), Perkins (20), Trialist (?), Crichlow (c - 20), Conteh (17), Hutchinson (18), Trialist (?), Forde (16).

    Subs: Trialist (g/k - ?), Hunter (16 - forward), Janjeva (18 - centre-back), Manning (17 - midfield), Lawal (17 - midfield).

    Teddy Perkins played despite being on loan with Hemel Hempstead. However, I don't think he started at the weekend for them.

    As for the way the official twitter feed listed the side, don't read too much into that.
    It looks like a back 3 of Barrett, Statham & Perkins with Burchell & Conteh as defensive midfielders.
    Forde probably started up front.
    Hutchinson has started as a wide player this season but the wings could easily have been occupied by him, Crichlow or both trialists - it's anyones guess to be honest.

    As it stands, neither club have released any details whatsoever other than WFC announcing the team.

    If I find out who the trialists were I'll post here and on twitter when I find out.

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