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    I already posted this. For flip sake don’t people read before they post anymore. Everyone always rushing to try and be ITK.
  2. Unfortunately for you every post has a time stamp :cool:
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    I know, it was a joke. I said the same to Squibba.
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    Read from someone in Twitterland that Trevor Benjamin is taking over the U23's.

    No idea if this is genuine, but it's so random, that's it's possible I suppose.
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    Not a clue about Trevor Benjamin but a return for Robbo is on the cards.
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    I doth my hat to the troll who made up that one.

    He's had more clubs than we've had managers.
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    I remember he scored against us for Cambridge - got a move to Leicester which failed and ended up playing one game for us at Crewe I think?
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    We have signed toby stevenson on a 2 year deal (1+1) (its on the fishical site).
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    Last about a year then be let go I guess.
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    With no confirmed additions as of yet (other than Stevenson) to the U23 or U18 squads, it's been a question of shifting players up the age groups.

    Last week WFC U16s only had 12 players & a trialist when they were soundly thrashed 0-13 by a Chelsea squad laden with age group internationals.
    The U18s had 4x U16 players in the squad and they managed a 0-0 stalemate away to QPR.
    The U23s, supplemented by a number of U18 players, lost out 0-1 to Colchester despite creating plenty of chances and hitting the woodwork several times.

    This morning has proven to be equally as eventful and without knowing the actual line-ups I'll presume a similar situation of shifting players around occurred.
    The U16s won 6-5 against their Colchester United counterparts, so a happier weekend for that group of players.
    Sadly the U18s didn't fare quite as well against the same club, the game finishing 7-2 in favour of the Essex side.

    The U23s next play Millwall on Monday 21st September.
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    Thanks for the updates mate, always appreciate them. I know the results at these ages aren’t that important but it’s a shame if we are having to put boys into games they can’t really compete, must be a bit demoralising.
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    Two trialists playing today against Millwall (1pm kickoff)
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    ...and only two regular U23 players involved, three if you count Lo-Everton though he still qualifies for the U18s I think.

    The two U23s were defenders Mason Barrett & Bayli Spencer-Adams, which means the likes of Agyakwa, Perkins, Stevenson (all defenders), Crichlow, Hungbo, Phillips, Wise (midfielders) and Dalby (forward) could be included in some way against Newport. Alternatively, some could be having trials for loan moves.

    Sam Dalby is an odd one as he hasn't been seen at all in pictures this season and is the only U23 in last seasons kit on the official site so heaven knows what's happened to him.

    edit: I realise the transfer window is clogged up and the main focus is on the first XI but it's taking a while to get any new faces in at U23 & U18 level.
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    Millwall 2-2 Watford.

    Substitute Shaqai Forde scored Watfords first before setting up Dominic Hutchinson for the second, putting WFC 2-1 up after trailing in the 1st-half. Millwall equalised in the 80th minute. The Lions twitter feed made it sound like Dante Baptiste had a decent game in goal for Watford.

    The player on the right is one of the trialists I believe and he also played in the pre-season friendly against Crawley, so it's not too much of a leap to say he was the unnamed player last week. He looks not too dissimilar to Spencer-Adams but it definitely isn't him. Anyone know or recognise him?

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    Sounds decent from that write-up. Certainly worth taking a look at for sure.
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    Am awaiting the usual forum criticism to follow.
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    Looks like a young David James!
  19. StuBoy

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    Baptiste played in goal during the decent youth cup run right? I thought he seemed to have a lot of potential at the time.
  20. The Recluse

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    There were two trialists playing for the U23s today and while I'm positive one was Maxwell Statham, I'm not so sure on the identity of the other.

    Taking the Millwall gallery as a starting point and with a bit of Google leg work I may have found a name though.

    Another centre-back, this time released by Leicester City, Justen Kranthove is my guess at the moment.

    20 years old just 2 days ago, Kranthove is a strapping 6' plus. He had trials with Sunderland back in January and played for their U23 side in the Premier League Cup, conceding a penalty and scoring before being substituted. The article below seems to indicate he did well at U18 level but failed to make an impact for Leicester U23s, partly due to the amount of good defenders at that level. Interestingly, the same piece mentions we had another Leicester player on trial at one point, Camron Gbadebo, who ended up signing for Manchester City!


    It's not a concrete identification, see what you think...

    A Trialist 1.jpeg A Trialist 1 A.jpeg A Trialist 2.jpeg A Trialist 2 B.jpeg A Trialist 3.jpeg A Trialist 3 A.jpeg
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    Yeah, that's him StuBoy.

    Excellent shot stopper but from what I remember he struggled with crosses and accuracy with his kicking. In the last couple of years, between him, Parkes, Roberts and the now released Hoskins, White & Howes, Baptiste looks the most natural keeper of the lot in terms of reflexes and positioning. The others look(ed) a little stilted, hesitant maybe, when defending their goal, if you know what I mean. Very promising.
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    No thanks. The new Dorothy Perkins. :p
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    Harry Hudson (19, centre-back) was released last season and at the time I was a little surprised. I thought he looked as good a defender than Perkins, Spencer-Adams & Barrett, though probably not as as good with the ball at his feet as the last two.

    Today he has joined Glebe Football Club of the South Counties East League (Premier Division). I don't know anything of that league but I'm shocked he's had to drop so low to get a team.

    Good luck Harry!

  25. Smudger

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    Times are tough throughout the pyramid. Clubs unwilling to sign new players I suppose. I am sure with his relative ability he can climb back up the pyramid.
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  26. The Recluse

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  27. WatfordTalk

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    Do you rate him?
  28. The Recluse

    The Recluse Reservist

    I've not seen enough to have a rounded opinion to be honest, I couldn't even say where in midfield best suits him either.

    What I have seen began 2 years ago when he either started or came on as a forward for the U23s. Sadly he got injured, was taken off and I didn't see him again until last season. That's not to say he missed a whole season, he just wasn't selected for U23 football.

    Towards the end of last season he was making short cameo appearances from the bench and played in midfield. He's leggy and looks a little uncoordinated but I think that's solely down to his slightly awkward gait. He looked to read the opposition well & intercepted passes often before giving a simple pass. I don't remember him making any runs with the ball or launching long raking passes but he seemed to cover the ground effectively. He did look annoying to play against though!

    He played in the U23 pre-season game against Crawley which was streamed live. If I remember correctly he played on the left hand side of an outnumbered midfield 3, and he struggled against older and more physical players in both terms of pace and awareness. He wasn't just brushed aside but neither was he able to stamp any authority on the game, but to be fair it was a pre-season match so it's unreasonable to judge too critically on that one appearance.

    He's had a pretty rapid rise, only joining the club from Andover Youth in 2018 and is currently a 3rd year scholar at WFC, so to be included in the Irish U21 squad after barely any appearances for the U23s shows he's made an impact in U18 football last year and must have something about him.
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    The U18s drew 1-1 with Millwall on Saturday. No details sadly.

    Today the U23s beat Charlton 3-2 with Hungbo (x2, 1x pen) and 17-yr old midfielder Kamil Conteh the scorers.

    Hungbo's first.

    Hungbo's second (penalty).

    No clip of Conteh's decider.

    Interesting to see in Hungbo's first goal, the build up shows what looks like a back three of Barrett, Spencer-Adams & Statham with young defender Jack Burchell (17) and Conteh sitting in front by the time the move finishes. There was one trialist playing and he can be seen at the start of the clip on Charlton's 'D' before moving out to the right as Hungbo comes inside and scores.

    I've not been able to find out or 100% identify the trialist yet. My inkling is Pheonix Patterson, a 20-yr old attacking midfielder released by Tottenham, but I'm not convinced.

    This is him below.

    EjAqoecWkAIbTHA 2.jpeg
  30. The Voice of Reason

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    That person in the mini picture, looks like they should be a trialist for the Ladies team :D
  31. The Recluse

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    Update on Sam Dalby.

    I asked people on twitter - including the agency who represent him - if anyone had any news and apparently he's had an injury rectified by surgery over the summer. He is currently recovering from the unspecified problem and has mentioned it on his Instagram account, of which I don't have so cannot verify.

    I'm confident this is true as his reps - @10TenTalent - have 'liked' this explanation.
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  32. barely1egal

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    The club's insta confirmed today that he had ligament damage, and has had an operation on his toe.

    Still in a cast but expected back December / January time.
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    I'm now pretty sure the trialist in the recent U23 win over Charlton was Louie Watson of West Ham.

    Strangely, he's listed as released (not on transfermarkt) but I cannot find this news officially confirmed anywhere and he still appears in the WHU development squad page on their site.

    He's 19 and has played central & right midfield though now sees himself as an attacking midfielder/#10.
    He had an extended trial at Roma when 16 years old and has been capped by the Rep. of Ireland at U18 level.

    Watson became a full time scholar in 2017 before signing his first pro deal in May 2020.

    There is talk of an injury last season and in the article below it mentions 5 months on the treatment table but I'm unable to find any specifics.

    Trialist vs. Charlton.jpeg gettyimages-1228411100-1024x1024.jpg

    A highlights video

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  34. I just read the words "5 months on the treatment table" ...... yep it's definitely him.
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    Louie Watson starts for the U23s again today against Bristol City. He's the only trialist on show.

    EjU2nuPXsAAWuTT 14.13.13.jpeg

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