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    He did well as manager of an adult side I.e. Stevenage so I think he will do fine at Yeovil.
    The complaints against him were real and in this day and age and with the media spotlight on the EPL everything needs to be investigated by the book. Both parties chose to part ways before it went past the next stage.
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    anybody know what time the under 18 & 23 are playing mk dons on tuesday at bisham abbey ?
  3. The Recluse

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  4. wfc4ever

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    Including Dennis Wise's son..

    Almost got a whole new team?
  5. The Recluse

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    Quite a high turnover of players since June outside of the senior squad.

    I've had a free afternoon and did a little search of the comings & goings.
    So far we've replaced the 10 players released at the end of last month with 10 incoming - at least 10 who have been officially/publicly announced.

    Sam Howes - gk (signed for Woking on 1yr deal)
    Ryan Suckling - lb/lm
    Andrew Eleftheriou - rb (signed for Dagenham & Redbridge on 1yr deal)
    Michael Mullings - rb
    Tom Leighton - cb (lb)
    Joy Mukena - cb
    Ben Tricker - cb
    Kai Sanders - lm
    Ashley Charles - cm
    Sam Sesay - acm

    Harvey White - gk (scholar)
    Cameron Green - lb (1yr pro)
    Jamal Balogun - rb (1yr pro deal)
    Bayli Spencer-Adams - cb (1yr pro deal)
    Joseph Hungbo - lm(?) (1yr pro deal)
    Bosun Lawal - cm (scholar)
    Henry Wise - cm/acm (1yr pro deal)
    Kane Crichlow - acm (2yr pro deal)
    Sam Dalby - f (2yr pro deal, 1yr option)
    Max Thompson - f (scholar)

    Reported signing
    Al Warren Tameghi - midfield (reported 3yr pro deal)

    Known trialist
    Leandro Paiva - cb (doubtful 5yr pro deal in the offing)

    Still no news of Daniel Phillips or Jayden Bennetts signing the pro deals offered.

    Michael Folivi has reportedly signed a new deal until the end of the season with a 1yr option.

    The majority of the players outside of the senior squad appear to have contracts due to end this time next year.
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  6. hornetboy1

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    U23's drew 1-1 with Stevenage this afternoon.

    Here's a peek at the new club kit in action.

  7. Watford Rovers me thinks ;)
  8. Markoa$

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    Hate it! Looks like a damn Liquorice Allsort.
  9. vic-rijrode

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    No this looks like a damn liquorice allsort:

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    Stevenage aren't playing in their new kit yet? Now that kit is something else
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  12. The Recluse

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  13. lowerrous

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    We didn't have to wait long to find out.
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  15. lowerrous

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    Under 23s won 2-0 vs Wingate & FInchley last night.

    Malachi Linton, trialist from Crewe. with the first goal. Sam Dalby off the bench to score yet again.
  16. The Recluse

    The Recluse Academy Graduate

    The u18s beat Bolton 5-1 in their first league game of the season. No idea of the scorers.

    It sounds like an excellent result but a little of the gloss is taken off when you consider the picture below is the team sheet for Bolton's 1st XI today against Coventry.
    The handwritten numbers are the ages of the players and these Bolton Babes managed a 0-0 draw against their senior opponents, a terrific achievement.

    They played in the senior game because of the ongoing ownership problems Wanderers continue to have ('boo' at the **** in the red hat) meaning any contracted players still at the club refuse to play until they're paid. This in turn means youth team players turned out against City so Christ knows who they had in the u18 side.

    Still, 5-1 eh! COYH

  17. wfc4ever

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    Under 23s at the Vic on Monday - 1pm kick off .
  18. Smudger

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    Yoan Zouma is the younger brother of Kurt. Good result for the u18 nonetheless but sympathies with Bolton's fans and the terrible pickle that the club is in. Great result as you say against Coventry.
  19. wfc4ever

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    Still 7k there - must have helped the kids stay motivated.
  20. De'Marlio Brown-Sterling & D'Neal Richards - where D'hell do parents get these names from?
  21. The Recluse

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  22. lowerrous

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    I give it a month until he leaves for City.
  23. carboy98

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    Big Marv Zeegelaar just laid on an assist in the u23s game... Who needs Danny Rose?
  24. lowerrous

    lowerrous Squad Player

    Found his level.
  25. The undeniable truth

    The undeniable truth Squad Player

    He was always alright going forward. Perhaps we've missed an obvious option to save ourselves £35m or buy 10 central defenders ?
  26. carboy98

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    5-0. "Five great goals including a double from Kane Crichlow, as well as strikes from Hungbo, Zeegelar and Trialist."

    Prodl also played, he lives.
  27. luke_golden

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    Classic shop-window appearance for Zeegs and Big Seb.

    Hopefully we can move them on before the European window closes with a gentle bump.
  28. lowerrous

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    Trialist is often popping up with goals in the youth games - sounds like a hot prospect!

    I hope he's given a chance in the first team sooner rather than later.
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  29. wfc4ever

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    Presume this lot weren't complacent then !

    Anyone go?
  30. wfc4ever

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  31. The undeniable truth

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  32. The Recluse

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    Trialist was Kaylen Hinds.

    I went - for £3 it would have been stupid not to!

    Neither side played well with ball retention poor from both sides.
    Watford also had 2 goals rightly disallowed while Sam Dalby missed two absolute sitters.

    Last season mainstays Cassidy, Forster, Adebiyi and Sankoh (played on Saturday for the u18s) were all missing while Bennetts came on as a late sub. Long term injury kept Lewis Gordan out for most of last season and he underwent a vigorous work-out (with Adebiyi) before the game.

    This bodes well as towards the end of last season when there was a glut of games some of the players were overplayed.

    Phillips and Whelan combined well in central midfield with the former much more disciplined with his positioning. Future 1st teamer for sure.

    Dalby looked okay but not as good as I'd hoped (my expectation, not his fault!) but did lay on a goal with a lovely pass.

    Hungbo was fouled A LOT!

    Team played better when Crichlow and Hinds swapped positions - Crichlow started central in support of Dalby, Hinds wide right.

    No immediate threat to the 1st team squad from anyone.

    Some positives but ALL need to be able to play the simple pass far more effectively on a consistent basis.
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  33. Rookery Refugee

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    I can't imagine what it's like for a 16 year old forward who probably weighs something like 11 stone to come barreling down the pitch only to see Prodl waiting there. Prodl probably has at least 10lbs of scar tissue on him for starters....
  34. Jumbolina

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    Probably like they would feel approaching a bath tub filled with rocks I suppose.
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  35. lowerrous

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    Not even Zeegelaar?!

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