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    Well that is an improvement on the 8-0 a few seasons back!
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    Arjanit Krasniqi, young midfielder from Colchester United.
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    Is that for definite DrewH?

    He only moved to Colchester in January (from Waltham Forest).

    He's an 18/19 years old midfielder and a Kosovan U21 player.
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    The U23s/Development side played superbly for the first 45 minutes today.
    Dan Phillips & Daryl Janmaat were excellent, Andrew Eleftheriou played right midfield and looked a better player there than his normal full-back position while the rest of the side gelled really well.

    The second-half wasn't as good but they were still pretty dominant. Jayden Bennetts came on and the Nigerian wonder-kid (apparently) looked very good. He looked supremely quick, tidy with the ball and eager to shoot. A little slow in reading the game but for 17 years old he looks promising. A steady half for the side as a whole though.

    There were two trialists. The keeper, who didn't have a great deal to do to be honest, and a Liverpool-born centre-back. Tall, slim and fair haired, the defender always looked to either control the ball to play out or opted for a first time pass whenever the ball presented itself. His reading of the game was excellent and he often made interceptions before bringing the ball out under pressure. Very vocal throughout, quick enough and generally looked a very good player, using every part of his body to get the ball under control at times. Impressive.

    A special mention for Marvin Zeegelaar who played like a Full-Kit-W@n£r for the first 15 minutes! Every time he passed the ball or made a tackle he would then slow right down and look down at himself like a kid wearing his favourite strip for the first time on Christmas morning! Bizarre!! Second half he played well and by no means did he let the team down in the first. Certainly didn't stand out like Janmaat though.

    A word on Daryl Janmaat. It showed the physical differences between these youngsters and experienced professionals because the Dutchman looked absolutely massive, both in height and build, compared to the teenagers. I got to the ground a couple of minutes after kick-off and didn't realise he was playing, thinking he must have been a trialist for the first few minutes viewing. The hair (and face) eventually gave him away though!

    Talking of massive. Coventry had the BFG between the sticks today - Big Fu-ckin Goalie. Huge.
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    I've been trying to think who the trialist centre-back reminded me of in his style of play and body positioning, and it came to me today; John Stones. I'm not saying he's as good as Stones but his mannerisms and the way he'd bring the ball out of defence was very much like his fellow scouser.

    I'm also surprised Penaranda didn't play a part on Friday in the same way Janmaat did. He's probably injured already though!
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    It was reported recently in the Nigerian press that Jayden Bennetts would represent Nigeria at the upcoming West African Football Union (WAFU) U20 Cup.

    Now it appears he has been withdrawn, though depending on where you read it the reasons aren't 100% clear.

    FootballLive.NG say Watford have withdrawn him due to club commitments but add he'll be available for the Africa U20 Cup of Nations next year.

    However, in AllNigeriaSoccer it says it's because he hasn't been passed fit to play due to being in England when the national side underwent the necessary medical tests.

    Either way, it looks like Bennetts will spend the winter wrapped up in his best M&S woolly and mittens instead of parading around in Speedo's & flip-flops in the heat of Togo.
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    We beat Bristol City 1-0 in the FA youth cup.

    The goal scorer was Sonny Blu Lo-Everton!! Seriously.

    I wonder where he'll be going after he leaves Watford.
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    Seems to have a lot of talent according to the official website. Can't see us selling many shirts with his name on the back though
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    I can just see it now. 'B Lo-Everton'. Many will think that's a statement.
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    This is very odd - it appears no one at the club knows his correct date-of-birth! That article is from 25th August, which refers to him as "The 16-year-old winger", yet according to the piece on him today he "only turned 16 in September"...

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    Can't wait to see this guy pull on the yellow and black of Dortmund!
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    Two goals for Jakubiak for Bristol Rovers against Oxford United. The new manager there has a lot of faith in him. Sometimes that is all that counts, an arm around the shoulder and somebody who believes in you. He needs to show it as he is no longer a youngster at 22.
  18. But it doesn't help when the press use the word 'starlet' indiscriminately...

  19. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Lingard is still a ‘youngster’ at 26!
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    Busy few days of Cup action for the Under 18s:

    First playing Southampton in the FA Youth Cup this Thursday at Whingate and Finchley.

    Then a Herts Senior Cup quarter final at Bishop's Stortford next Tuesday.
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    Anybody else go to the U18 FA Youth Cup game vrs Southampton tonight?

    A 2-1 win for Watford against another whinging bunch (Birmingham City were the same in the previous round) and a side who know how to be sly off the ball. Plenty of shirt pulling, trips and little taps behind the ref's back.

    Two goals from Ryan Cassidy either side of a Southampton penalty was enough for the Hornets.

    The first followed an excellent run by Jayden Bennetts & cross from Dominic Hutchinson. Cassidy received the ball in space about 8 yards out, back to goal, swivelled and shot. GOAL!

    His second came after some ugly defending sent the ball looping in the area and Cassidy set himself, totally free in the area once again, and sent a looping header into the left-hand side of the goal. Nice.

    Southampton had their chances, as did Watford who also hit the woodwork twice. The next round is another home game, this time against Ipswich Town.

    Mini review;

    The keeper Baptiste didn't have a lot to do.

    The back four of MacLean, Hudson, Tricker & Langston held firm in the first quarter of an hour against a very motivated & speedy Southampton attack, nullifying most that came their way.

    Imaad Sankoh sat deep in midfield and continually broke up play well. Still just a 17y/o, I saw him play in the last U23 game and he looks very promising.

    Jayden Bennetts was recalled from the Nigerian U20 training camp to play in this game and he showed glimpses as to why he's often referred to as the new Eden Hazard (https://www.allnigeriasoccer.com/read_news.php?nid=30714). Quick with or without the ball & able to draw fouls. Looks good at defensive duties too as he played on the left of midfield.

    Dan Phillips was more controlled than his usual pit-bull style as he played on the right of midfield rather than the middle. It was pleasing to see him more careful with his passing as recently for the U23s it's become a little ragged at times. He's 18 today (18/1/19) but has the physique of someone a lot older. A worrying sign was his inability to sprint over a distance because his legs are so bloody muscular! Cut down on the gym sessions Dan!!

    Emmanuel Adebiyi played in the centre a little further forward than Sankoh and was pretty effective either helping to break up play or moving the ball quickly between team mates. I was impressed with his snappy short passing under pressure tonight.

    Dom Hutchinson played left sided forward, usually a little deeper than Cassidy, and troubled Southampton with his pace for most of the night. He hit the right upright with a thumping drive after running with the ball in the second half. It's difficult for me to see what his best position is at the moment, either a wide attacking midfielder or possibly playing off a centre forward. He'll either develop into a menace for opposition defences or fade away without really
    finding his place.

    Ryan Cassidy lead the line really well tonight and was up against two giant redwoods at the heart of the Southampton defence. He's so clever off the ball, continually finding space, and tonight he held the ball up very well. Took his goals really well, too, with contrasting finishes and looks to be a good leader of this age group. He looks more of a goal threat without Michael Folivi cramping his space (I'm not knocking Folivi) and being able to make more runs in the middle rather than dragging players away for others. Tonight was the young forward who earned the rave reviews last season and it's easy to see why. Very good but still not ready for the 1st XI, just in case you're thinking of saying anything!
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    Cheers Oxhey. As a matter of interest and because it feels like an age since we had a player come through from the youth teams and actually forge a career with Watford, who looks as though they have what it takes to play at the top level from either the U23's or U18's. Is anybody even remotely close to being ready?
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    Good result, especially over our former U18s coach.
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    As HB1 mentioned on the Randell Williams thread, WFC look like they're having a clear out of (the older) players in the U23/Development squad right now. This suggests they don't really fancy a number of those players to have a future at the club which in turn says to me that there are no players in there who look like they're going to burst through to 1st team football anytime soon.

    Dahlberg (19), Wilmot (19) & Quina (19) are all eligible for the U23 side but other than one appearance by Dahlberg several months back (Chalobah also played) they don't feature. This looks like if you're considered good enough for 1st team football you won't be involved with the age group sides.

    The movers;

    Williams (22) has been released to Exeter City on a free transfer with a % of any further sale going to WFC.

    Eleftheriou (21) is on loan at Braintree Town for the remainder of his WFC contract (6 months).
    A possible trial then? I've not read of a 1 year option on his contract for the club either.

    Howes (21) is on loan at Eastbourne Borough for the rest of the season.
    I can't find any details on his contract length but after being the U23s #1 early in the season, the club has recently been playing Dante Baptiste instead of Howes and there was one match where a trialist 'keeper played. That suggests (& I admit it's pure speculation on my part) that Howes will leave in June. Baptiste will be 18 next month and has a further year on his contract.

    Pereira (19) has left on a permanent to Atlanta United. He too only had 6 months left on his WFC contract.

    Possible movers in January;

    Michael Folivi (20), 18 months left on his contract and Darren Sarll wants him out on loan.
    A regular scorer for the U23s but needs a higher standard of football to see where he is right now.

    Joy Mukena (19), 6 months left on his contract and another possible outgoing this month.
    A fairly regular player for the U23s but I think he's only ever been named on the bench once during his time at WFC for the 1st team.
    He's a ball playing centre half but surely by now he should have forced himself into contention for a League Cup appearance somewhere if the club rated him?

    Tom Leighton (19), 6 months left on his contract.
    Another defender, bought from Motherwell in 2017, but has barely appeared for the U23s this season. I don't know if that's through injury or form.

    Ashley Charles (19), 6 months left on his contract.
    A tidy central midfielder who captains the U23s when he plays. Trained with the 1st team squad in pre-season and made two(?) appearances in friendlies. At the start of the U23 season he looked very good and I had high hopes for him but after missing several games his form dipped alarmingly. To still be captain with his contract running down shows he's not sulking about a new contract not (yet?) being offered and the club hold him in some regard. But there are a swathe of younger central midfielders coming through which may see him edged out or looking for a move.

    Harry Forster (18), 6 months left on his contract.
    I'd be gutted if Forster left, especially now Pereira has gone. I really hope he's offered a new contract and he signs on.

    The rest;

    All other U23 players are generally 18 years old or younger and I've no details on their contracts other than Dante Baptiste, Lewis Gordon, Imaad Sankoh & Ryan Cassidy who are all 17 years old and have professional deals running out in June 2020. There may also be 1 year contract extensions on these deals but I've no knowledge of them right now.

    I hope that helps Knight GT.
  28. oxhey67

    oxhey67 Squad Player

    Oops! How could I forget Jerome Sinclair!?!

    He's 22 and his contract is up in June 2021.
    We are light on forwards but I can't see him staying here. Surely another loan or two until he's released for free, possibly a nominal fee, this time next year or someone offers enough money now to soften any losses for the club while getting his wages off the books.

    And finally, Alex Jakubiak, also 22.
    His contract is up in 2020 and there doesn't seem any problem getting him loan deals. When he plays he generally scores and is gradually moving up the Leagues. Whether he'll move after this season or WFC extend his contract with an eye of getting him a Championship loan remains to be seen however.
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  29. nornironhorn

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    I think Tom Leighton's absence has been through form although I may be wrong.

    I watched him play for NI under 19s (he looked very average - he was playing against Stuparevic actually) and at the time of the year he didn't appear to be in the U23 squads before and after this fixture, although I noticed he played the other week for them.

    I'd imagine he will be released.
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  30. oxhey67

    oxhey67 Squad Player

    I remember you writing about that. He looked okay for the U23s but there are others younger than him who look as effective right now. As you say, probably released in the summer or now if a club can be found.
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  31. Knight GT

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    Brilliant, thanks Oxhey
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    Carl Martin, who was the Lead U18 Professional Development Coach, has left the club to join Southampton.

    In Academy player news, such as it is, it looks like we've nicked 16y/o Rio Campbell from Chelsea.
    He was named sub in the FA Youth Cup game in midweek.
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  33. oxhey67

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    Sonny Blu Lo-Everton has been called up to the Scotland U17 squad for friendly matches against France & Hungary.


    * * * * *

    The Herts Senior Challenge Cup quarter final tie against Bishop's Stortford is currently being played with WFC 3-1 up.
    Jayden Bennetts, JJ McKiernan & Kai Sanders scoring for the 'Orns (so far).

    * * * * *

    Talking of Jayden Bennetts. He was recently over in Nigeria with the U20 training squad preparing for the U20 African Cup of Nations, but hasn't made the final 21-man cut.
  34. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Won 5-3 on penalties in the end.
  35. oxhey67

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    Watford conceded 2 goals in the final 10 minutes against Bishop's Stortford and the game was 3-3 after 90 minutes.

    No extra-time was played so the game was decided by penalties with WFC winning 5-3 to reach the semi-finals. Nice.

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