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    Got to say, I like Roger Schmidt's philosophy and I think Cleverley, Doucoure, Janmaat, Perreyra and Zarate would thrive in the fast paced attacking style and high press, however I don't think we've got the defence for it - we'd need fast defenders and ours are painfully slow. Plus you'd need mobility up front to draw defenders out and start the high press, so Okaka would fit in whereas Deeney seems a bit more static and allow defenders possession.

    The only downside is whilst it would be akin to Zola's first season in terms of entertainment, it could become Zola's second season once teams figure it out.

    However Leverkusen were brilliant to watch.
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    This article is supposedly written by Gianluca di Marzio, but it has strong overtones of direct quotes from Wally himself and they're very well-made points that I'd agree entirely with. It smacks slightly of him laying out to the Pozzos what he's done to earn a second season. I've edited into the first person that you'd suppose it started out in.

    1. English language - The truth is I have improved a lot in this regard compared to when I arrived in the Premier: now I understand perfectly every question that I'm asked and I have started to have real conversations. Certainly I need to and will improve, but there's no rush: I just need some time.

    2. Results - 40 points with 6 matches to go: enough to avoid relegation. Record for the most wins (8) at Vicarage Road in the Hornets history in Premier League. As well as some unforgettable wins like the one against United which Watford hadn't achieved in thirty years. A team that was never in the lower zones of the standings during the season. Despite countless injuries, Pereyra above all: a key player that was absent almost the entire season. Without mentioning that also Pochettino in his first season in England was heavily criticized for his English, and look at him now. The same rule applies: results on the pitch are what matter.

    3. Haterz - But some of the criticism bothered me regardless. And significantly. It felt like there was a need to find some negative aspects during a positive stretch for the club. Not just my English, the supposed disagreements with captain Deeney, a rumour that was started after he was benched against Tottenham. The player had been instead rested as a precaution because he was recovering from the flu in a week the team was playing three matches. Deeney had also been one of the players who appeared in the most matches: 31 in which he scored 10 goals. But he was the only player who would have been in the news had he not started. Excuses to start controversy like a potential coaching change. Like the Pozzo family was obligated to find a replacement because of all the previous changes on the Hornets bench since 2012.

    4. The Future - I have a three year plan with the goal of raising the bar every year. Both the Pozzo and CEO Scott Duxbury, have expressed their satisfaction with my work on multiple occasions. They know how much and how I work. I basically live at the Training Ground at London Colney: the first to get there and the last to leave. "I'm here at the training ground until 18 or 19, then I have dinner and I work some more. I try to watch a film to distract my mind but I'm always thinking about football". Also thanks to the arrival of Whatsapp: I maybe in the bathroom washing my teeth but if I have an idea I send a voice message to my assistant Frustalupi".
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    Good read
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    Taking a mobile phone into the bathroom? Disgusting habit, let's hope his teeth aren't suffering too much.
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    I have been sitting on the fence a bit, I must admit, but having just read this, I would like to see him given further chance next season.
    It has been a while coming, but his English does seem to be improving, and with language learning, once you have the basics, then improvement becomes quite rapid with practice.
    The quote " Without mentioning that also Pochettino in his first season in England was heavily criticized for his English, and look at him now." is worthy of lengthy consideration in my opinion.
    Mazzari might have to go eventually, but now is too soon in my opinion, and we could just live to regret, if we made another change.
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    I wrote this before going to Hull.
    Having watched that dreadful display, am now casting my mind back to some of the lovely football that we played in most of the games during our last promotion season. Saturdays display was clueless, uninventive, and boring.
    Perhaps on reflection, it might be best if he does leave us at the end of the season.
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    It's a good thing that Gino didn't go for Leonid ****sky otherwise hornmeister would have to rewritten his swear filter algorithm
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    With Mazzarri and the players, I honestly think it was a combo of the two.
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    Then i hope the rumours arent true that we are getting Wayne W***lyn in as reserve team boss. With his assistant.. Danny S***tu.
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    Thankfully Kums has been sold because he was skating a fine line
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    On holiday in Sorrento, the locals (Napoli supporters) are all very surprised he failed at Watford. All say he is an excellent coach and they are bemused he flopped in the Premier League. Maybe he will return one day and have another bash at the English game.
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    I'm not surprised as Mazzari's a bit too old school IMO. As shown against England's U-21s Italian footy is coming a little undone, possibly because they rely too much on dirty tactics and the more the game gets sanitised throughout Europe the harder they will find it. Of course they still have bags of quality but that's not always enough.

    We also had far too many injuries but whether that's just bad luck I'm not so sure?
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    Blimey, you're posh. I'm going on holiday to Shropshire.
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    Some might have been but when the its the same players suffering the same injuries it must be more than bad luck...

    No doubt the communication was an issue respect and confidence wise too.
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    A Shropshire Lad! I doubt Nutty Walt will have read it,or Janet and John for that matter!
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    No longer a lad, sadly. :(
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    In the Doctor Who sense of the phrase?
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    Many a fine tune..!
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    A week half board in Sorrento cheaper than a week self catering in Ashbourne Derbyshire. Looked up Bridgnorth B&B and it's also more than a package with flights and transfers and accommodation. Like British footballers, UK holidays offer poor value compared to the foreign opposition.
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    Fair point. I agree it's not cheap to holiday in the U.K. The dog enjoys it though! :D
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    I'd be selling Fido to the local Korean restaurant if the downside of your companionship is that you have to holiday in Telford.
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    Not Telford. Coalbrookdale(!)

    Telford really is a s**thole, isn't it? Visited there for the first time last month. Makes L*ton look like a bustling metropolis and cultural hub.
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    Nationals used to be held in Telford,not a great place and I rarely played well there. I think if Housman visited Telford today he would be horrified.

    The area around it is beautiful however,Much Wenlock,Little Wenlock and Lord knows how many other Wenlocks!
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