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Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by Smudger, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    A lot of clubs are keen on Samir Handanovic the Slovenian number one.

    Was excellent for Slovenia in the World Cup where he caught the eye and has been in great form for Udinese.

    AC Milan are tabling a bid for him apparently .This is cash plus player deal involving Djamel Mesbah the lightning fast Algerian left back who never has quite lived up to his potential.

    Don't think Handanovic should make the move with Abbiati still at AC Milan and should stick around for the CL campaign.
  2. The Rous

    The Rous Reservist

    Wasn't he heavily linked to Juve?
  3. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    no originally he was linked to Inter, but Inter problem is that they need first to get rid of J.Cesar, who's annual salary is a big burden
  4. Not1me

    Not1me Academy Graduate

    I hope, and think that Samir will stay with us also next year; if he go, it's for a Top club..probably abroad not in italy.
    Udinese also follow Fabian; he plays in Mexico and is talented...wuold be a great hit!!
  5. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Thinking about it, I'd imagine that Samir loves playing in Udinese, with Udine being so close to the border with Slovenia and all. Saturday afternoon playing in Serie A? Saturday night at home with the family in Ljubjana? Yeah go on then.
  6. Not1me

    Not1me Academy Graduate

    Yeah absolutely!!!He's also a father by few months, so it's the perfect situation ;)
  7. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    Why would he ever want to leave Udinese?? He's got it all worked out!

    We do need a goalkeeper though, any chance you could loan him to Watford? ;)
  8. Prisc

    Prisc Academy Graduate

    Well Samir has an annual salary of 700.000 euro, and in Inter or Milan they would pay him at least 1.500.000.
  9. poleman

    poleman Reservist

    An apt name for a 'keeper.
  10. bisiacco

    bisiacco Academy Graduate

    transfer in:

    Muriel (Granada),
    Cuadrado (Lecce, loan)
    Heurtaux (Caen)
    Willians (Flamengo)
    Allan (Vasco de Gama)
    Mori (Empoli, loan)
    Angella (Empoli, loan)
    G. Silva (Granada)
    Brkic (Siena, loan)
    Pasquato (Juventus)
    Maicosuel (Botafogo)

    transfer out:

    Isla, Asamoah (Juve),
    Torje, Floro Flores (Granada)
    Pasquato (Bologna, loan)
    Ferronetti (contract expired)
  11. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Thanks for that list. Some interesting young prospects from the Brasileirao. Do you know how much the club has paid for Willians ? Or is it being kept secret bisiacco ?

    Maicosuel perhaps a little more than just potential.
  12. bisiacco

    bisiacco Academy Graduate

    willians should be 3 mln € and maicosuel aound 4.5
  13. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    transfers in
    Willians (Flamengo),
    Allan (Vasco da Gama),
    Mori (Empoli),
    Heurtaux (Caen),
    Pawłowski (Lechia Danzica),
    Pasquato (Juventus) on loan to Bologna
    Angella (Udinese),
    Charma Lerma (Empoli),
    Muriel (Lecce)
    Maicosuel (Botafogo)

    transfers out

    Surraco (Torino),
    Candreva (Lazio),
    Fernandes (S.Etienne), loand not renewed
    Torje (a, Granada, p) on loan
    Pazienza (Juventus), loan not renewed
    Isla (Juventus)
    Asamoah (Juventus)
    Koprivec (Perugia) jointly owned
    Jefferson (Perugia) on loan
    Fabinho (Perugia) on loan
    Denis (Atalanta)
    Tissone (Sampdoria)
    Ferronetti contract expired
    Doubai (Sochaux)
    D’Agostino (Siena)
    Zlamal (Sigma Olomuc)
    Mollo (Nancy)
    Formiconi (Grosseto)
    Lazzari (Empoli)
    Gotti (Ternana)
    Bradaschia (Taranto)
    Marino (Reggina)
    Vujadinovic (Sturm Graz)
    Floro Flores (Granada) on loan
    Nyom (Granada) on loan
    Dani Benitez (Granada) on loan
    Diego Mainz (Granada) on loan

    situations not yet officially reconfirmed or to be defined
    Cal* (Alghero) 2011
    Beleck (AEK Atene) 2011
    Romero (Granada) 2011
    Bossa (Grosseto) 2011
    Gerardi (Ascoli) 2011
    Mazzarani (Novara) 2011
    Forestieri (Bari) 2011
    Brkic’ (Siena) 2011
    Sissoko (Kilmarock) 2011
    Ighalo (Granada) 2011
    Salustri (Venezia) 2011
    Landgreen (Fredikstrad) 2011
    Sanchon (Gimnastic) 2011
    Cuadrado (Lecce) 2011
    Cabrera (Luqueno) 2011
    Caruso (Godoy Cruz) 2011
    Orellana (Celta Vigo) 2011
    Bucuroiu (CS Mioveni) 2011
    Laurito (Deportivo Cuenca) 2011
    Gejio (Granada) 2011
    Licata (Viareggio) 2011
    A. Tetteh (Granada) 2011
    Carlos Calvo (Granada) 2011
    Kitoko (Tenerife) 2011
    Franz (ISM Gradisca) 2011
    Pikiz (Kras) 2011
    G.Silva (Granada-Novara) 2011
    Amadio (Celano Olimpia) 2011
    Bonaiuti (Santegidiese) 2011
    Cotrufo (Montebelluna) 2011
    Ortobelli (Mantova) 2011
    J. Gonzales (Kras) 2011
    Dimitrievsky (Cadice) 2011
    Pudil (Granada-Cesena) 2011
    Felipe Monteiro Diogo Sodinha (Ceara) 2011
    Baraye (Lumezzane) 2011
    Rico (Granada) 2011
    Carrasco (Granada) 2011
    Campos Toro (Universidad Catolica) 2011
    Bordignon (Varese) 2011
    Sissoko (Brest) 2011
    Widmer (Granada) 2011
  14. El distraído

    El distraído Johnny Foreigner

    That is a LOT of transfers!

    Ah! You signed Willians! I signed him once on football manager. Great little player haha.
  15. SouthernHornet

    SouthernHornet Reservist

  16. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Samir Handovic is attracting interest from Spurs and Arsenal.
  17. Not1me

    Not1me Academy Graduate

    If he has to go (hope not), i prefer for him the Premier League..Arsenal specially: that's is a top club, not Inter!!hahaa
    In my opinion for Watford FC, it could be useful Ferronetti, Sissoko(from Brest) and Geijo.
  18. wfcthroughandthrough

    wfcthroughandthrough Squad Player

    Arsenal certainly need a top keeper, haven't had one in years, although he'd get a fantastic opportunity at somewhere like spurs!!

    Willian is quality!
  19. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    local rumors say that this week Zola is expected to sign the contract, then the transfermarkt will start.
    Always according to rumors one between Mori and Angella, together with Ekstrand might be loaned to Watford.
  20. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Is the Gelson Fernandes move a permanent one or a season long loan to St-Etienne ?

    The PES community have been quick to respond:
  21. rojiblancohorizontal

    rojiblancohorizontal First Year Pro

    LOVE the new posts symbol with the flags
  22. Defunct

    Defunct First Team

    It looks better than I expected it would. Thanks.
  23. nascot

    nascot First Team

    Juventus have signed Kwadwo Asamoah €18m and Mauricio Isla for €18.8m from Udinese with Cristian Pasquato moving the other way. Huge sums of money!
  24. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    Fernandes was in Udine on load, the loan has not been renewed.
  25. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Thanks Udinese. :) Always struck me as a bit of a lightweight and nondescript for both Manchester City and Switzerland.

    Seen he's been signed by Sporting Clube. No big loss at all.
  26. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    Not a big loss, but he was a good lad, he also came to watch the match at the pub together with us supporters, once that he was not playing.
  27. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    That's nice. Players here in the past used to do the same though long before my time, some of the old stagers on the forum could probably recall players making an appearance at the Red Lion a pub opposite the ground which was run by a former player Taffy Davies for some time.
  28. domthehornet

    domthehornet Moderator Staff Member

    Looks like Handovic is off to Inter, is it time for Romo to fill the void or will you bring soneone in?
  29. Udinese

    Udinese First Year Pro

    I guess the first goalkeeper will be Brkic, he has already done a whole season in serieA on loan to Siena and he did very well. He's back now and there are no rumors of a re-confermation of the loan

    so these are the three keeper in the order:
    -- Brkic Zeljko
    -- Romo Rafael
    -- Pawłowski Wojciech

    plus there are also other two queuing
    -- Bucuroiu Alain
    -- Dimitrievsky Stole

    ciao Handa! mandi mandi! :-(
  30. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    If they are all keepers, it looks like the proposed Heaton deal will be off, and Loach will be off to Ipswich too!!!
  31. Cthulhu

    Cthulhu Keyboard Warrior Staff Member

    There is some crazy bat **** going on wth those ears
  32. Smudger

    Smudger Messi's Mad Coach Staff Member

    Yes. :) Looks like the creator got a bit mad at some point while he was o-editing the models. Vulcan FC ?

    Handanovic is having his medical at Internazionale along with Matias Silvestre ex of Palermo. Make sure Moratti pays up. Internazionale look like they are having real financial problems. The Silvestre deal had to be dragged to an initial one year loan for £2M &/if a permanent deal is struck £4m over another two seasons.

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