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Discussion in 'Pozzo's Place' started by El distraído, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Given that Udinese have an excellent track record of signing young talent from around the world and selling them on for massive profit, are there any young players that Udinese have been linked to recently?

    Also, how are your U19 team doing this season? What is the best talent in your U19 team? I'm just curious.
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    scouting for august are we???????????????
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    There were several "rumors" reported on Udineseblog.it, this evening I'll try to sum them up.

    Edit: well, no need to sum up. I see the articles are collected under the collective tag "transfer market" on http://www.udineseblog.it/index.php/udinese/calcio-mercato.html and google translate seems to do a decent job in making it understandable.
    Of course maybe 10% or less of all these "voices" will become true, yet it is interesting to read.
    Among the names listed in the various articles, the one who would be most interesting is Alen Halilovic. Unfortunately probably already too famous: listed in the 50 more promising under20 in the world, with biggest clubs searching him. But ... after all, his home-city Zagreb is just 3 hours by car from Udine. That might be interesting for a 16 old if he wants to play in a big league like serie A but doesn't want still to go too far away from family.
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    I thought that this thread would be about lovely women from northeast Italy:doom:

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