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  1. sherlock

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    New season, hopefully more entertaining both for us in Friuli and for you.
    Lots of very promising lads in the team, we hope they will blossom.

    If you're curious, in a few minutes the friendly Huddersfield-Udinese will be live in streaming on http://www.udinese.tv/

    HUDDERSFIELD T. (4-2-3-1): Lössl; Cavarè, Zanka, Schindler, Malone; Billing, Williams; Ince, Palmer, Van La Parra; Mounié

    Bench: Coleman, Whitehead, Hudson, Hogg, Scannell, Kachunga, Mooy, Bunn, Cranie, Löwe, Lolley, Depoitre, Quaner, Hefele. Manager Wagner

    UDINESE (4-3-3): Scuffet; Widmer, Danilo, Angella, Pezzella; Fofana, Hallfredsson, Jankto; De Paul, Lasagna, Perica.

    Bench: Bizzarri, Wague, Balic, Ingelsson, Bochniewicz, Badu, Matos, Borsellini. Manager Delneri

    (the promising youngs are Fofana, Jankto, De Paul, Balic, Ingelsson and Scuffet of course)
  2. PowerJugs

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    What'd you think of the players yesterday? Was unable to watch game.
  3. sydney_horn

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    Didn't watch myself but it did sound like Udinese had a solid game. The local Huddersfield press had a bit of a dig at the visitors "stereotypical" antics but conceded that Udinese were the better team, especially in the first half.

    Particularly impressive considering that Udinese have an extra week before the start of their season compared to Huddersfield.
  4. GoingDown

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    Indeed. Lasagna was quite spicy from my understanding.
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  5. The PozzMan

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    Miss you Sherlock <3

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