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    Noticed today that Triestina have gone bankrupt and effectively dissapeared off the face of the earth. Since this is close to Udine and I believe Triestina were Udinese's rivals, how do Udinese fans react to this?

    UHORNS V-Bookie

    Oooh,if only this could happen to our rivals that'd be a huge shame!!

    HORNETCP Reservist

    It's actually a very similar kind of story. Let's hope it ends the same way for us!
  4. Prisc

    Prisc Academy Graduate

    The last derby with Triestina dates back to 1991. So they are now just memories for Udinese fans.
    Some supporters miss the derby, as a peculiar match, some hate Triestina, even if it does't exist anymore.
    Others are too young and simply don't care because they never attended to a derby.

    AAA SORETE! PROTONE Academy Graduate a very british manner...I simply ignore all what s coming from that side....
  6. MANDI

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    Triestina bankrupt is one of the best news for all the Friuli region and not just for Udinese footbal fans...Rivalry between Trieste and Friuli (i wrote Friuli and not Udine purposely)has historical roots and goes far beyond a simple footall match...

  7. Cthulhu

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    I hate Triestina 110%

    I also hate Granada's main rivals LWT
  8. Udinese

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    much ado about nothing

    what's triestina? :D
  9. hollywood

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  10. TheDon

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    We hate Luton and Triestina! GIPPPOOOOOOS!
  11. Not1me

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    In a way, it's fantastic that Triestina is failed; in another way, i am young and i never saw a derby, so 1% i am sorry for this news...but hahaaha is a dream come true!!!
    Who are your rivals?Luton Town i guess..and is felt as rivalry?
  12. nascot

    nascot First Team

    It's our biggest rivalry. They hate us more than we hate them these days as they now play in the equivalent of the 5th division and we haven't played each other for a while. We have other smaller rivalries with clubs near us but Luton is the one.
  13. domthehornet

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    Boooo Triestina!

    Odio Triestina!
  14. Udinese

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    We are living a parallel life :)
    having had triestina for long time far behind us, far for been able to play a derby, far to have any chance to reach us, at a certain point the rivalry from our side remain based on history, they become a nothing and we sort of pity them, which is worse then hate I think... :D

    said that: lutonMerda!
  15. Estuary Hornet

    Estuary Hornet Reservist

    So Triestina are the Luton of Italy
  16. PotGuy

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    Then we are the Udinese of England.

    Why aren't we in the Champions League then? Booooooo!
  17. North North Watford

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    If you can count on anything in football, it's that Michel Platini will personally ensure that the English Udinese never play in the Champions League.
  18. StefanoFromUdine

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    UAHAHAHAHAAH Triestina faileeeeeeeed, OH NOOOOOOOO i am so sorry for themmmmmmmm cry cry cry ;_; ;_; ;_; uahahaha "Noi vinciamo a Leverkusen, voi perdete a San Don*, San Don*****" ("we win in Leverkusen while you lose in San Don*, San Don****")

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