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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Burnsy, Apr 29, 2018.

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    I wish we had a proper set piece taker. Can't seem to score directly and our corners are poor. Dawson benefitted from having Chris Brunt swinging in good corners at West Brom to attack, whereas here he's going beyond the far post.

    Free kicks were something to get excited about when we had Daniel Tozser.
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  5. lowerrous

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    Eurgh, don't remind me.
  6. And Abdi.....sigh.
  7. RookeryDad

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  8. UEA_Hornet

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    I think we’ve scored 1 direct free kick since promotion. We’re awful with them.
  9. Burnsy

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    Kaboul’s is the only one I can think of? And even that took a deflection.
  10. UEA_Hornet

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    I don’t think Kaboul counts on the stats for that reason.

    It was Abdi against Villa in April 2016:
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  11. lowerrous

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    Looked poor for Southampton today. Very sloppy and no composure. Yet to get off the mark for them.
  12. lowerrous

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  13. foxywfc

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    Haaland from Salzburg. 6.4ft forward watching him playing Genk in champs league just got his second think commentator said he’s only 19. Probably all top teams already looking at him

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  14. lowerrous

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    We haven't got a hope - Utd were in for him before he went to Salzburg, and his next move will almost certainly be to Salzburg's sibling club RB Leipzig. If/when they do eventually sell him it'll likely be to another CL club and for more than we paid for Sarr.
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  15. reids

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    Sadly no chance, as lowerrous said will almost certainly be Werners replacement at Leipzig. That was his 3rd hat-trick this season, taking him to 17 goals + 4 assists in just 9 games!
  16. That, and he wouldn’t displace Troy.
  17. lowerrous

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    Thinking about left backs, how about replacing our current left-back - who is the former Greece and Olympiakos left-back, with Champion's League experience - with the current Greece and Olympiakos left-back, with Champion's League experience? Konstantinos Tsimikas seemed pretty good in the highlights vs Spurs. Just 23 as well.
  18. That Adomah looks pretty decent for Forest.

    Basing this on him coming on as a sub and playing about 14 minutes.

    But looks technically really good.
  19. lowerrous

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    AZ Alkmaar's 19 year old left back, Wijndal, looks a good prospect, has a very good cross on him.
  20. domthehornet

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    I'd prefer Koopmeiners from AZ, great player. Controls the game and is solid defensively.
  21. lowerrous

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    He looked good as well. Less of a priority area and probably more difficult a signing, though could be a Doucoure replacement should we stay up and ever sell him.
  22. domthehornet

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    I'd say he is more of a Capoue replacement. Wjindal looks promising but his positional play is average which I'm sure it will improve with age.
  23. reids

    reids Squad Player

    31 now though!
  24. Oh sh*t. I thought he was 20 or something!!!
  25. lowerrous

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    He's also been promoted to the PL twice in the last few seasons - first with Boro, then with Villa - both times he was sold back to clubs in the Championship right after...
  26. He was. Once.
  27. Sort of OK

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    Attacking version of Malky, maybe he'll manage us one day.
  28. Squibba

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    Giroud on loan. Put Gerri & Sarr either side, let him play them in. We'll score a few like that and he'd get a load himself too I reckon.
  29. LaClusazSki

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    Who will join Watford with the position we are in?
    I think it will be difficult to get any player to sign.
  30. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Mercenaries who only play for their next move and care about the money. Business as usual basically.
  31. Moose

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    Yes, it's hard to think why anyone would work for a lowest possible salary of about 20k per week. Particularly when it's such hard work and Hertfordshire so inhospitable.
  32. hornetboy1

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    According to the Athletic, Andre Gray could be sold in January!!

    I think a lot of it is speculation, but there appears we'll be pushing a few of the higher earners out of the door and allowing fringe players to be given a chance. Chalobah and Quina were mentioned at this type of player.

    Also, Pedro is coming in January, as most of us already know, and the work permit will be applied for on 1st January. Hopes that it will be granted are high as he'll be earing around £30-£40k per week, the transfer fee is in access of £10m, plus high profile clubs such as Liverpool and Man City were after him. He'll be able to come over and acclimatise himself with them club before a WP has been granted as well.

    It's been recognised that the perceived success in keeping the squad together last season, has been a contributing factor in the club's poor start. "Where there is job security, there can also be complacency."

    There was a suggestion that Pererya, Deulofeu and Doucoure could go either in the January window and if not then, certainly at the end of the season.
  33. Yes but that assumes they couldn't earn £20k at another club where they wouldn't have to incur a 50%(?) reduction in pay and drop out of the prem 6 months later.
  34. lowerrous

    lowerrous Squad Player

    If we're relegated then that will practically go without saying.

    Also, given all three's current form, perhaps they have considered that if playing well hasn't earned them a move, that playing badly would force one. Doucoure and Deulofeu especially won't be missed if they keep playing like this (though we know they can do better).
  35. Hopefully they spend the next 7 months helping us beat the drop rather than discussing offers with potential suitors.

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