Tottingham 2-1 Watford 30/01/19

Discussion in 'Match Day' started by Diamond, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Imagine if success had strangled the kid to death, right there on the side of the pitch. Would anyone have rushed to the little ***** aid? I know I wouldn't have.
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    Does anybody know, is Martin Tyler a spurs fan? I watched a stream with him commentating and rather awkwardly he yelled yes when they scored.. then covered it up by repeatedly saying yes afterwards as if it was planned.

    Nothing much to add other than Delefelou is deceptively fast, he does very little with it unfortunately.

    Ben Foster has to the the best possible keeper that a club outside the top 6 can ever hope to have. He has been throughly excellent this season. Shame he wasted most of his career at West Brom.
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  3. UEA_Hornet

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    He's a Woking fan.
  4. Glenhorn

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    Nice to see how quickly the ballboys are getting the ball back today lol
  5. Stevohorn

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    I was at this one (haven't posted since) and 2nd half i moved over to the seats nearest the Spurs fans on the left.. cause some big oaths in front of me wouldn't sit down first half and i wanted to. Anyway i was having a joke with one of the stewards at half time about how cold it was and was disappointed to see he was the one copping the most grief of some little weasels at the end. I felt he was quite restrained not to react more tbh.. though i realise it's his job not to.

    There was one older bloke going a bit metal which seemed to set it all off. He had a child with him and although i didn't see what happened perhaps he had good reason to be angry. Was something thrown perhaps? or just verbal abuse. Anyway it didn't excuse the other scroats i saw joining in.
  6. Diamond

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    After the game myself and my daughter were out quickly and followed a small group of Watford fans giving dogs abuse to any Spurs fans they passed, (and they were walking quickly). We hung back a bit in case we were associated with them but stayed close enough, because if I'm honest I wanted to see what might happen. Well eventually one bloke took the bait and straight on offered them out, (he was on his own with a girl). They kept walking. I'd say they were mid 20's so not spotty youths.
  7. Stevohorn

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    It seems this type of thing is creeping more and more back into the game. Youngsters watching Football Factory too many times and want to see what it's like for themselves.
    We evidently have some of them, though tbf seemingly less than some other clubs i could mention (maybe we just have less of everything!)

    I understand the game brings out passion in people and that boys will be boys.. but do hope we never see a return to the days when it impacted on all match goers.
  8. GoingDown

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    Stone Island 'lads'?

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