Tony Yorke Steps Down

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    C+P from Watford FC Website

    TONY Yorke, director of communications and corporate sales at Watford FC, has stepped down from his role at Vicarage Road, with effect from 31st October 2006.
    Yorke, 41, has spent the last 12 months reorganising Watford's media, marketing and corporate sales departments - and building strong relationships between the Club, its fans and the wider business community in Hertfordshire.
    During a successful period at the Club, Yorke has been responsible for growing corporate sales revenuesand overseeing the implementation of a new strategic approach to sales, marketing and communication.
    "We are sad to be saying goodbye to Tony," commented Watford FC chief executive Mark Ashton. "His approach is always professional and his attitude is nothing less than first class. Tony has made a significant contribution to our off-the-pitch operations and is a popular figure at Vicarage Road."
    Added Mark Ashton: "On a personal and professional level, I wish Tony the very best of luck in his future endeavours."
    Tony Yorke said: "I am naturally sad to be leaving after enjoying a very rewarding period at Watford. Nonetheless, I am delighted to have played a part in helping the Club move forward.
    "However, I experience a near 200-mile round trip to work on a daily basis, which has taken a major toll on my energy levels in recent months. I also have a young family who I don't get to see very much at all.
    "Due to personal circumstances, I am unable to relocate to Watford, which leaves me with no other viable option than stepping down from my role at the Club."
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    One day somebody will invent a device that will enable us to read between the lines. I'd love to know why he's really going, as this above statement seems a bit too cold to be true.
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    Thing is he said that he is doing a 200 mile round trip a day and can't relocate to Watford.
    Would love to know the reasons why he can't relocate to watford but alas we will never know.

    Surely when he took the job on he knew the distance from his house to the club.

    I am relocating to Newcastle with my job and have bought a flat up there, there is no way I would of gone if I couldn't live near work.
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    Does seem there is more to this than meets the eye hey!!
    have to admit though... didnt know who he was at first... thought he was the bloke in the Harry suit!! lol

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