[RUMOUR] Tobias Pachonik

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Moose, Mar 6, 2018.

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    This beat is
    This beat is
    This beat is Tobias Pachonik
    This beat is Tobias Pachonik
    He'll ******* murder ya
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  3. Not a patch on (ik) what we've already got.

    22 hours and thats the best I can come up with.
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    This one has resurfaced again...


    I watch quite a lot of Venlo's games and have been to see them before (and am again in Feb) . They are the Watford of the Eredivisie - one of the smallest clubs, play in yellow and black, fairly non-threatening fans and are staring relegation in the face.

    This boy has championship written through him like a stick of rock.
  5. Surest sign yet that......
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    The final piece in Giraldi's jigsaw
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    His surname is pronounced "Panick" so he sounds perfect for our defence.
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