Time for a new Captain?

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Burnsy, May 23, 2019.

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    Notwithstanding he was a 'keeper Gomes would have been the obvious choice. Too late now.
    Capoue not being a football obsessive just indicates his sanity in my book.
    Blanchflower was a half decent captain - Bobby Moore ditto. Neither of them were muck and nettles. They didn't do too badly, though.
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    The only player I’d see as a leader in the squad other than Deeney is Nathaniel Chalobah, I reckon it will be him coming through as Deeney is phased out
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    Probably because it’s still fresh in my mind that he got himself stupidly sent off against the arse and because he was the first to give up on the pitch at Wembley last Saturday, that I’d be happy to see him go. It also p1ssed me off seeing his pre cup final interview saying if we won he’d be lifting the cup for his mum, I think his employers and supporters come first,mate. My brother in law is a plumber, I don’t think he’s ever fitted a boiler and rang his mum afterwards craving admiration ffs. I hate these modern day pros waving to their families during games making it a personal little thing between them, just ******* chat to each other after the game!!!!!
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    I know it sounds strange but what about Gray? He is quicker than Deeney and gets in goal scoring situations more Would giving him the responsibility of captain improve his game? He can finish when he keeps his head as we saw vs Everton and Leicester and won us a few vital games last season.

    Regarding Troy, he is a legend at the club there is no denying what he has done both on and off the pitch. He is generally the first to applaude fans especially at away games. Losing him would be a blow but I feel we do have a leader in the making on the pitch already

    I know he has had the off game (cough)Southampton(cough) but Cathcart has been here a while now and knows the club well. He has played virtually most of our games and has had a decent season by and by. Def in with a shout?
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    The best player doesn't always make the best captain and sometimes has an adverse effect
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    Richarlison was quoted in the media recently saying that it's very difficult for a player to take Troy's place in the team cos he's the captain. Reading between the lines he seems to be suggesting that a better player could still struggle to be picked ahead of him. Not sure how healthy that is. We repeatedly collapse towards the end of the season and r hammered by the big boys on his watch. But at the same time our record against the bottom 14 is great. The other thing is that Geri, Troy and Andre is quite a good combination of options for a mid table prem team but if we could sign a lone striker who could do the business like Vardy or Jiminez do for our rivals it would be a vast improvement and take us to the next level. No doubt Troy would b a nightmare and kick his toys out of the pram if that happened. I find it really strange when Watford fans talk about Troy like he's a top striker (cap doffing maybe?) when he clearly isn't and he is a highly unprofessional athlete in terms of his off the pitch antics. But Im still very grateful for what he's done for the club. He is a club legend.
    I don't think there's a simple answer to this question. But luckily for us there's a man who probably does know the answer and his name is Gino Pozzo.
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    Now that's a captain who had to learn how to deal with his replacement by a younger, more marketable option.
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    Yet another victim of a common fisheries agreement post brexit.
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    Yep. "100% pure white cod" became a bit of hake, bit of haddock, some chinese trout and a couple of sticklebacks.
    ****ing sick of it.
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    Don't knock it. Once you've had stickleback you never go back.
  13. I find they catch in the throat.

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