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    Im thinking that the listing being removed means they have other complaints about the sale of these controllers which I figure must work in my favour. However i cant personlly report it as fake because its been removed already, all I can do is follow the refund process which seems wrong, but I guess if seller has sold fake items genuinely believing its real then it gives them a chance to accept a refund. The only other time I requested ebay to step in involved a stereo sold as new that had no remote, a foot missing to the stand and was clearly scratched. Paypal/ebay did nothing to assist.
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    Er, it would seem not:
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    Au contraire:
    Cleese is an extremely bitter individual (towards the beeb it was all to do with money - he bought himself out of his contract, he's not in the last series of Python, so he could make his training films) & is known as being 'challenging' & 'difficult' to work with. ISTR at the time of the edits he threw his toys out of the pram saying the beeb showed his work in its entirety or not at all, the beeb said fair enough then Cleese rembered just how much he gets in residuals and agreed to the edit. For a supposedly intelligent bloke he's a serial divorcee that's very expensive.
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    So you’re saying he’s now changed his position again?
  5. Bwood_Horn

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    I don't know what he's doing. I can only assume he's venting at the BBC owned UKTV as they (along with Netflix) are the only ones who've been broadcasting an 'uncut' version of "The Germans" since 2013...

    EDIT: Also going back to that article ( I've never really got the Alf Garnett "...we're laughing at him not with him..." argument either.
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    FWIW I'm B'wood born and bred (perhaps not the greatest claim to fame) and used to be a member of the BWSC (NB dodgy link) when an awful lot of members worked in "The Studios". Two universally despised, by the studio mob, 'stars' were Cleese and Peter Falk. Universally loved 'talent' were the Muppets (Frank Oz and Jim Henson) and Carrie Fisher (mainly because of her ability to, ahem, "...put it* away...").

    *Firewater, medicinal herbs and powders, male appendages.
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    Peter Falk? Why? Do tell...
  8. Robert Peel

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    I do find it fascinating how fame makes people behave. Cilla Black was known for being one of the most vile people you could meet away from the cameras.

    It never seems dependant on how famous you are as some very famous people are completely approachable and friendly, just whether you're a good person or not.

    The only "famous" person I've really encountered was Mani from the Stone Roses, who was an incredibly nice bloke and spent most of the conversation taking the piss out of himself. He can sink a beer as well.
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    A thoroughly unpleasant character who continually castigated the crew for the 'failings'. Incidently it was Frank Oz who witnessed one of Falk's rants at a stagehand and publicly admonished him in front of the entire set warning Falk that he had got it "...ass backwards..." as it was the lead who could be sacked in an instant and was very replaceable unlike a member of the team who made up the crew.

    It was interesting whenever Columbo popped up on the Club's TV they liked the show and character but always remarked that it would have been a nightmare on set working with Falk...
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  10. Blanket adverts for Fathers' Day cards and presents.
    My dad died 9 years ago, it still makes me sad, and so no I'm not "Stuck for what to buy on Fathers Day?", thanks very much.
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    I remember Cilla was on Room 101 and wanted to put celebs who say "Do you know who I am?" into Room 101, however, according to threads on airline workers' fora, she was a serial prima donna who acted like she was Elizabeth Taylor whenever she was on a flight, and treated everyone like dung.

    I once met Terry Butcher before a game (he was scouting or doing media work). He was nearest the tea makings on a buffet table and without waiting, be brewed me up a cup and asked me if I wanted sugar. Class.
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  12. Filbert

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    I read that in Alan Partridge’s voice.
  13. wfcmoog

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    Back of the net
  14. Filbert

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    It would have been better if it had been Gary Wilmott or Dale Winton but still good accidental Partridge.
  15. Filbert

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    I hate when you ask someone to do you a very basic favour and they bluntly reply ‘no’ but you know they’re kidding. I get it a lot at work when I have to forklift something off a lorry, I almost always have to ask the driver to position the lorry over a large drain in the car park because the forklift’s wheels can get stuck in it.

    ‘Would you mind just etc’

    ‘No..... *hilarious deadpan expression*....... yeeeeah of course buddy’

    ******* bastards, it’s not funny.
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    Winton's dead you fiend. RIP.
  17. Filbert

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    To be fair Moog didn’t mention when his story took place, unless the ghost of Dale Winton had poured him a cup of tea. That would have elevated the story even higher in my opinion.
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  18. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    ...which was nice.
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    People using burger buckets as chamber pots.

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