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    Sofa delivery times are bonkers though.

    We've spent most of August until last month completely gutting a pretty tatty room in our house and turning it into a modern, decent living room. In late August, we went to sort out a new sofa only to be told on order to expect it by 20 November. Had the nod last weekend that it's now come forward slightly to next week, but that lead time is still ridiculous. Was the same in all the usual places - unless you wanted the exact one they happened to have in the warehouse, without any changes at all, you'd be waiting 10 weeks or so.
  2. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    Pretty much the norm. Unless you have a professional head-hunter experienced in your industry working to get you a job, they are generally a waste of space.
    I have experienced looking for jobs, recruiting people and also having a recruiter as a client of mine. Won't deal with them when looking for staff any more.

    A lot of job agencies earn their crust by hijacking jobs not put to them, fielding 100s of candidates in the hope one will stick and then demanding their cut for doing the hard work of getting position filled. Some will advertise non existent jobs to get your details on the books, will then suggest that that position was filled, will find you something else but in the mean time would you like to do this temporary work for a quarter of the hourly rate.

    A particular recruiter I dealt with called me in for computer based testing and screening in advance of putting me up for interview for a job I applied for.
    I scored 100% on their assessments and heard noting more so I chased and apparently I was over qualified for the role (something they could have told me before schlepping over to do their testing) but when anything else came up they'd definitely get in contact. A couple of months later a similar role was advertised and I again applied (not knowing it was through this same recruiter). I was called in to do the IT assessment so I suggested they should have my details on file and I was surprised given this role was perfect for my skills and experience that they hadn't contacted me as a matter of course. Suddenly that role was "withdrawn". Guess what, a similar advert appeared a couple of months later.
    This same recruiter contacts me in the job I'm in now every couple of months or so to see if we have any jobs for them. I take pleasure in wasting their time.

    When I was looking for a job in my last period of unemployment I went into a recruiter (who's books I was already on) because they had a perfect job advertised in the window. Only to be told "oh that position was filled some time ago." 3 months later that advert was still in the window.

    ******* the lot of em.

    Every job I've ever got be it employment or consultancy was because I applied directly to the company or through my contacts apart from the one I'm currently in where the boss called me up having seen my details on a job site.
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  3. hornmeister

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    The problem with sofas is that there inherently big, low volume but with much variation items. You can't have lots ready made hanging around in warehouses because that's expensive and likely to leave you with a lot of stuff that won't sell. Likewise stockpiling materials is equally expensive which is a killer in such a competitive market. So you'll get the cheap generic sofas that can be obtained with a weeks notice and everything else will take a while.

    My sofas are bog standard brown leather cheapies from Furniture village. At the time they were flying off the shelves because they were fashionable It think I got delivery in 3 days from order. A relative owns a high end bespoke sofa making company and his take 3 - 4 months from order to delivery.
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    My dad used to have a van, so they went to buy their new sofa, with the van and were ready to take it home. At chekout they were told it's £X plus £XX for delivery.

    They said they don't need delivery, because they have a van. The store says, we don't have them in store, they have to be delivered. That's fine, say Moog and Moogetta Senior, we will go and pick it up from the depot. Not possible say the store, it's not open to members of the public.

    Conclusion, why is the sofa priced at £X plus delivery, when you have no option other than to have it delivered? It's like when companies charge you a CC processing fee, but don't accept any other means of payment. Just roll it into the price you wnakers.
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  5. SkylaRose

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    Are they not paid on a commission basis? I would of thought getting the best candidate in for the job advertised would suite them better then someone who would need x-amount of weeks training. Still, that's pretty crap the way they treated you Miester. I'm sorry you had to deal with such scummy people.
  6. wfcmoog

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    I've worked with one or two half decent recruiters and they stand out like Redwoods in the forest, simply because the rest of their ilk are so perfectly useless. The bulk of recruiters work on a straight throw **** at the wall methodology. Calling hundreds of companies a day to try and get vacancies and then sending over batches of CVs which they hope will match. In today's day and age, that CV matching is something which can easily be automated.

    The only value they can present is in saving hiring firms time and improving the quality of their hires, which few recruiters actually do. The few good ones I've worked with spent time to get to know the job for which I was hiring, the cultural fit etc. and then, sent me 2 or 3 perfect matches, rather than just flinging over CVS, which I could get myself from a posting on a job board.
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  7. hornmeister

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    Furthter to this, if you were minded to you could set up a generic email with slightly different CV and a lower salary expectation and see if you get the same treatment. I bet you do. It's likely the bloke has no work at all and as just getting details for his database to mail bomb other adverts with.
  8. hornmeister

    hornmeister Administrator Staff Member

    Absolutely there are good ones out there I consider them to be headhunters rather than recruitment agents.
  9. wfcmoog

    wfcmoog Tinpot

    There's another agency I've been registered with for a long time. They have put me up for a couple of half decent roles in the past, but nothing has come off. Now, however, they just seem to call me up every 2 weeks, talk about a role, say they will email it to me and then never do so.

    It seems to be some sort of compulsive mental illness. Like there's literally no upside to them calling me just to talk about a job and then not take any action.
  10. hornmeister

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    Are you actively looking? If so consider doing something creative and on-line because your posts are always entertaining. If nothing else it'll be something extra to pop on your CV and keep you from the insanity of daytime telly. Maybe you could become an influencer:D and I could whinge about you in this thread.
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    Don't worry @wfcmoog the head coach job at a certain Premiership Club might be up for grabs if things don't get well in 48ish hours time.
  12. wfcmoog

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    I wouldn't work for the Pozzos.
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  14. The undeniable truth

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    98.8% :) !!
  15. The undeniable truth

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    99.1% :eek:
  16. The undeniable truth

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    I'm lying of course. I've not played whatever game this is but thought it might be amusing to suggest I'd blown every one else out of the water.....
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    It won’t let your draw a penis :(
  18. SkylaRose

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    If your penis is that shape overall.... you better see a doctor.
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    Yes it will. It just has to be a 'normal' shaped one.
  20. The undeniable truth

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    It does in cross-section.
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    Has anyone else noticed the 'politicians exaggerated fist clench'? Really annoying.

    Seems to be standard issue, whenever a politician makes a point they all make this clenched fist with the exaggerated first finger raised up. Hard to describe but you will probably notice it now. Sorry.
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  22. Cthulhu

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    Id add about 2-3 months for the actual delivery
  23. hornmeister

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    Need a bigger screen
  24. Maninblack

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    I always get an ex-display sofa/chairs from the showroom that is heavily discounted, not visibly used and delivered in a few days. Last set I got was only £600, down from £3,000 (OK no-one would've bought it at £3,000 but that's still pretty good value!) Just need to be a bit flexible with what you want.
  25. Robert Peel

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    I noticed it years ago. Once you see it, you can't take your eyes off it.

    I assume it's because pointing is rude so it's to control your gesturing.

    Just another little thing that shows how stage managed it all is.
  26. The undeniable truth

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    Yes. I guess you're floating round your lounge in your dinghy right now ? Good to see the wifi is still working ....
  27. It is rather damp! The swim to work was a refreshing change from the daily drive.
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    Exactly this. My firm work with a very good recruiter, they focus on finding people with the right attributes and who will be a good cultural fit. Our CEO interviews everyone at some stage, so they don’t want to put **** in front of him because he’ll very quickly be looking for another recruiter. Their reputation hangs on the people they put forward and that’s how a good recruiter should see it.

    On the flipside I know of somebody I used to work with who has just set up a recruitment company focusing mainly on our industry. Essentially all they have been trying to do is pluck people out of one company and place them in another, they’ve tried doing it with me and they’ve sent some awful dross over to my current company as well. Effectively their business model is to coordinate a glorified version of musical chairs.
  29. hornmeister

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    Essentially that's an agent. Tries to engineer a client move to get their bonus. All it really does it put up employments costs and reduce salaries.
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    Air Pods. No rational reason - I just think they look stupid and I hate them and I make an instant, negative judgement of anyone who wears them.
  31. Guy

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    I have only bought one sofa in my life and that was a three piece suite for £50. A throw covers a multitude of sins.
  32. hornmeister

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    Have you considered plastic sheeting instead?
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