The rise of Adam Masina

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    Evidence was in my first post. That for 3 seasons he was one of Bologna’s best players. Not only that multiple fans in the Serie A supporting all different teams had him in their top 3 LB’s in the league at the time. Italian football pundits were saying that this is a good deal and that watford are getting a great player. Bologna fans were outraged at the small price we paid for him. So while I acknowledge your football knowledge, the professionals of the sport and the multitude of serie A fans that watched him for 3 seasons week in week out is what I will go by. Also there is evidence throughout his time at Bologna he was putting in better performances because he was playing nearly every game. If we give him a run of games, there is so much evidence that points to a much better player with playing time.

    Too say he was cack every game is also untrue and such a biased opinion on here by some. Whenever someone has a boo boy they never ever have a good game, which just isn’t accurate. Multiple people have pointed that out on this forum throughout last season. Did he have more bad games than good, yes, but not every game was bad.

    Holebas was great for us last season at the beginning, then as the season drew on, we started to see the Holebas of old. Similar to how we finished the season and appear to have started this one the same, so has Holebas. It’s not a knock on him, he’s been great for the club. However we have a 25 year old LB with proven statistics that he can do just as good, if not better, with games under his belt.

    I just think it’s too early to right off a player who barely played last season and when he did, it was sporadic. So he never had the chance to find his feet.

    Giving Masina a chance doesnt do us anymore damage than what Holebas is currently doing. So in my mind it’s worth making the switch and seeing what happens.
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    I like the idea of Masina being given a chance, and I accept that you’ve provided decent evidence as to why he shouldn’t be written off.

    That said, I’d much prefer that he’d given Javi no choice but to play him, based on him taking the chances he’s been given, and his performances in training, rather than being given a chance simply because Holebas is playing crap.
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    I'd rather trust my own eyes than a load of shifty italians: he's shyt.
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    Masina started 7 Premier League games in the 2 months between the end of February and end of April last season, including 3 in a row in April. To say he's never had a chance/never had a run of games is just nonsense. There's a reason why Holebas has come straight back in to the side for him pretty much asap.

    As for him being good in Serie A, there's an endless list of footballers that do well in one league, but for whatever reason don't fare so well in a different team or a different league. Masina won't be the first, nor the last.
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    I don't have any problem at all if they do, but I'll be damned if anyone's ever going to perpetuate the myth that Kylie Jenner is 'self-made' around me and not feel my wrath.
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    Can't even get on the bench let alone come into the side. He's got no hope.

    Holebas was good going forward last season and was improved overall, but he was, is and always will be crap defensively and is an OAP, and Masina still can't get a look in.

    Masina is another you can add to the huge pile of Pozzo bargain bin punts that were completely pointless.
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    Not really nonsense though is it. 3 games in a row, wow, woopdedoo, that’s a huge run of games. Really, come on, you’re better than that. 3 games is nothing.

    Let’s take Drogba, for second. When he first came to the Prem, he was atrocious, a donkey if you will. Then after some faith, a long run in the team, he finally found his footing and became one of the greatest strikers in the Prem in his prime.

    Now I’m not suggesting, Masina has the same potential as Drogba, but again to write someone off after 3 games in a row is ridiculous and unfair.

    Agreed there are players that happens too. Majority of those players have been given a fair run in the team. Like Schevchenko, Torres at his Chelsea spell, which was weird after being so great for Liverpool and others. So I don’t disagree, but they were given a fair crack.

    You have your point of view, I have mine. I think you’re wrong, you think I’m wrong. Let’s just leave it that. You won’t convince me that I’m wrong.

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