The Joka to return?

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by hornetboy1, Nov 10, 2019.

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    By far my favourite manager of the Pozzo era. He just seemed to be the complete manager for us. Tactically got it spot on and if it wasn’t going his way would hook players and fix it no matter what time in the match it was. All the players worked their arses off for him and we had a plan a, b, c etc.
    I understand why the Pozzos did what they did. They wanted a bigger name in charge to attract a higher calibre player but I would have kept him on personally. I still think QSF deserves a chance over the next few games
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  3. wfc4ever

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    Well he didn't do well in the Premier league with Fulham - maybe not all his fault ?
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  4. The Recluse

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    Fulham splashed a helluva lot of money (over £100m?) when they came up which I think had a detrimental effect on their season, ie. too many players trying to gel at the same time. I think Aston Villa are having a similar problem as they slowly (or not so slowly) find their way towards the relegation places.

    Mind you, as Norwich are finding out, keeping the majority of the squad doesn't always work either.
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    Like many of us I’m not convinced QSF is the man to keep us up, however I also think it would be a strange decision to change him this quickly when he’s probably doing the things those who employed him to do. That is tighten up the defence and make us harder to beat. We’ve recorded some clean sheets, couple of impressive draws and finally won a game.

    Another chance surely means another settling in period and learning another way to play.
  6. Guy

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    The one thing which comes to mind was Billy McKinley, Pozzo's weren't keen on him displaying a negative /defensive mindset if I remember, maybe they feel like Flores approach at home not to their liking . Would like the Joka back but we shall see...… international break would be the time to do it
  7. a19tgg

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    I personally think that had nothing to do with it, what big high calibre players did we attract under QSF?

    They didn’t renew his contract because he had a gung-ho attitude that worked in the championship but would’ve seen us torn to ribbons in the premier league. They were proven entirely correct by his stint at Fulham.

    He won one game in 12 and they conceded 31 goals, I think that was a record by that stage of the season. You can make all the excuses you like, oh the bought in too players, they spent £100m... we’ve got a terrible defence but it still has a better record than his did with better players at his disposal.

    The fact that anyone would consider bringing a manger into a club who notoriously skimp on defenders, who has a record breakingly bad track record at setting up a premier league defence is mind blowing.
  8. hornetboy1

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    I agree with his. I liked Joka, but it would be a big mistake to switch Flores for Jokanovic. I don't think Flores will do enough to ensure we win the required total of games needed to stay up. He works on the principle of keeping it tight, nick a goal on the break and hope for a 1-0. It's a good approach for away games, and I think our away form will improve under Flores, but home is where you should be picking up the majority of your points. I don't think Flores is the man for this.

    But, Joka had a disastrous time at Fulham. They were hopeless at the back, and I think he's a bit too cavalier for the Premier League. With the defenders we currently have, we'd be sunk if the Pozzo's made this switch.....IMO.

    I don't think Flores or Joka are the answer to our problems, but at least Flores will probably keep our futile hopes alive for longer than Jokanovic would.
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  9. a19tgg

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    Yep, agree entirely. I’m not sure how people can try and mitigate his performance at Fulham with conjecture, when his record is a matter of fact and is one of the worst the premier league has ever seen. A good manager should be able to make a team or defence better than the sum of its parts regardless of how it’s made up. Gracia stopped being able to do this hence he got the sack, QSF when it comes to the defence can absolutely do this, and has done it again with us this season. The rest of the pitch is another question, but switching to a manger that will make us more attacking at one end, but leak goals at an even worse rate than before QSF came in would be comical, even by our standards.
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  10. Davidmsawyer

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    Agree with this. I did love the season with Joka - it was so much fun, even without the promotion. But pretty much every team will kill you in the premier if you don’t defend well.

    Also, normally I don’t care what people thinks at all about Watford because 95% of the time it is based on ignorance. But it would make us look pretty silly. How long would Joka get before McKinlay comes back?

    although I did have a soft spot for Sannino so I’d be happy eventually, until he quit!
  11. Bubble

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    No no no no and no! Don't get me wrong, I love Joka, BUT, he's NOT what's needed right now! Quique is steadying the ship with a rather horrendous injury list. We've just won our first game of the season and should see confidence come back to the way we play in the final third to compliment our defensive base. Joka would undo all of that with his fast and loose football (exciting though) and we AREN'T good enough defensively to keep teams out! Not to mention we don't have a natural goalscorer at this level. In the Championship Joka had Deeney, Vydra, Fessi & Ighalo at his disposal. They're all excellent at that level, but now he'd be trying to get a tune out of Deeney and Gray, neither for me are Premier League strikers, so can't see his style being as effective as it was with the team he had at that level.

    Has to stay as it is. If we change Manager's again, especially after our first win of the season, 3 clean sheets in 5 and players returning from injury then i'd seriously have to question the thought process of our owners and Duxbury.

    Can't afford to change it. Keep going as we are, we will improve in the final third with Deeney and Sarr coming back, claw our way out of the bottom 3 by Christmas which is well achievable and re-invest some money in our defence in January!
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  12. I'm pretty sure this was probably a joke by the media outlet.

    Even if QSF was close to being axed, Joka would never have been considered as a suitable replacement at the level we're now at.
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  13. Much as I liked the guy and the football we played under him, he always takes 10 games or so to actually get going, probably because he isn't the greatest communicator. Happened for us and for Fulham too and we don't have that much time. Might be an option in the summer though for the Champ next season ? Get Vydra back too - job done !
  14. wfcmoog

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    I know I'll get flamed for this, but I'm starting to form the opinion that perhaps we let him go too soon.
  15. A radical view but I believe you may have a point. Honestly I can say that's not something I had ever considered.
  16. Knight GT

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    I'm amazed it's never been mentioned on here to be honest
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  17. Maybe we could offer him an Attacking Coach role?
  18. folkestone orn

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    Agreed. Getting rid now would basically mean Gino admitting it was the wrong choice. Seems unlikely.
  19. folkestone orn

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    Reserved for when Zola comes back, with Dyche as defensive coach.
  20. folkestone orn

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    Next people will be calling for Vydra and Forestieri to come back!
  21. Too late. See #13-16.
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  22. Forzainglese

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    Dream Team.
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  23. Bwood_Horn

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  24. Ybotcoombes

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    Sounds like ******** to me, however would have favoured Joka over the QSF return.
  25. Bwood_Horn

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  26. I Blame Bassett

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  27. Wexford-yellow

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    I seem to remember one of jokas first actions was to send Andrew's out on gardening leave as there seemed to be an issue in the dressing room.
    Wonder if that might not be an issue now.
    The team seem very disjointed and maybe a manager with big b***s is needed to get them back on track.
    The team were rocky up to the Fulham win that year and he certainly got them firing as a group.
  28. Rontaylor

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    I think taking a close look at the conditioning, warm up, physio and the huge number of injuries is at least as important as the Head Coach position.
  29. CaveManHornet

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    With Joka, we’d play attacking football but would leak more goals than we already are.

    In fact, we’d probably play exactly like Norwich did against us last Friday. Yeah... They look alright going forward but a defence that would struggle against a League 1 side, I can’t see us getting any points out of it
  30. wfcmoog

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    Good idea
  31. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    It’s not clear to me who Andrew is and which of his possessions was sent out on gardening leave.
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  32. R4E

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    Keith Andrews.

    He was dropped for the Fulham away game, Sky got him in the studio for analysis and he basically slated the decision and the manager (Slav). I don't think we saw him again.
  33. reids

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    Tbf it landed him a decent career in media it seems, he always seems to be a pundit for the Championship games whenever I watch them!
  34. Kernunnos

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    Gobshite Keith came here believing he had a shot at becoming player-manager, and never missed an opportunity to tell the world what the current management were doing wrong in his eyes in the hope of impressing Dux and Gino with his superior knowhow.

    Joka came along and said: "f*** this idiot."
  35. SkylaRose

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    Dont be cruel.The guy is 70, let him retire with dignity. He takes over us, with a more attack minded phillosophy we'll put him in an early grave.
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