The Difference Between Us And Burnley

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  1. Carpster

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    Not yesterday because he didn't have a target man or two up top from what I witnessed. He adapted the style to the players he had at his disposal and it worked a treat . They were playing some very good stuff at stages.
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  2. Arakel

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    Someone once told me "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard".

    That's our team in a nutshell, unfortunately.
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    We’re struggling for the same reason West Ham are struggling. Like us, they have players that have individual quality but when it comes down to working as a team and actually giving a **** about the team they’re playing for, there’s very few players there that can put their hands up saying they do

    Unfortunately, its a case where those players that dont give a **** outnumber the players that do, and in the event where you’ve got players like Mark Noble and Will Hughes that do care, you’ve got ***** like Andre Gray, Pereyra and Haller who all drag the good players down.

    It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a passionate manager, the players not caring only psychologically does the same to the manager. I thought it was pretty evident in the game against Southampton that Pearson visually and understandably couldn’t care less anymore. In other words he’s gone “**** it, why am I stressing myself out over this when my own players haven’t got a single thread of determination”. When they had a water break, Hasenhuttl was evidently communicating with his squad in a circle whilst Pearson stood behind all of the Watford players as they drank what was seemingly water, laced with some sort of sedative

    I can’t see us staying up now. The fight we had when Pearson first joined is now completely gone. I’ve said it before but passion can only take you so far in professional football... funnily enough, tactics do come into play in this game... we just seem so void of any
  4. Steve Leo Beleck

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    Depends on what they're trying to achieve to be honest. We're not going to get into Europe, win any silverware, sell out a 50,000 seater or become a global brand. The Pozzos know this and they don't have any other sizeable business interests. The best game for them is to do the bare minimum to keep us in the Premier League and make money for themselves. They've sailed a bit close to the wind this time and have got it so wrong that we might drop down to the Championship.

    If so, I'd expect them to make the most of the parachute payments then either sell us or drastically cut costs. I presume they might have a bit more sentimentality in relation to Udinese but who knows, really? Ultimately they're quite unique as football businessmen, rather than businessmen who fancy football as a bit of a side show. I doubt they care anywhere near as much about our results as our finances, albeit the two can't be separated when talking about relegation. As long as we scrape enough points together to stay up and keep the TV money rolling in, it's another successful season for the Pozzos.
  5. Smudger

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    It's increasingly difficult given the number of clubs with rich states, corporations , oligarchs behind them. It's a billionaires club now. There are rumours some dodgy so-and-sos interested in Burnley. Newcastle look to be going that way.
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    I’m not sure how dependent Gino is on Papa Pozzo but that has to be key? I can’t see why Gino would have as much sentimentality about Udinese. He’s lived in the UK and run Watford for 7 years now. Constantly at the training ground and goes to matches home and away, so far from an absentee owner.
  7. GoingDown

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    As I've said before then, the Italian Mike Ashley.
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    Funnily enough, Brighton tried a very clever FK today against United, which narrowly missed the target.
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