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    I had a similar experience, except it was at the start of my second year at WBGS when I was taken by my mother to sit some sort of exam for some vague reason I didn't really take much notice of. I quite enjoyed exams, so it was no hassle to me. It appears it was a "blind" exam for the chance to earn a scholarship to Haberdashers Aske's. When informed by her that I'd been offered the scholarship, I was adamant that I was not interested in going there and I was perfectly happy at WBGS. I think she was a bit crestfallen, but I'm really glad I stuck to my guns, even at only 12 years old.
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    I imagine this sentence is going to take on a whole new interpretation seeing that an awful lot of allegations about private 'schooling' are presently about to break...
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    Forget that, I was being thick - I get what you’re alluding to.

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