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    Much has been made of our lack of firepower this season but looking at their current stats they are actually fairly decent given where we are in the league and comparable to other seasons.

    8 players in total from teams outside the Big 6 have scored more than 15 in the last 3 Prem seasons - Lukaku (Everton), Vardy (x2), Llorente, Defoe (x2), Mahrez (Leicester Prem season), Llorente, Josh King and dear old Ighalo.

    Continuing this into this year only Jiminez (on 11) will likely break that threshold.

    Deeney - 8/26 averaging 1 goal in 3.25 games
    Gray - 5/20 averaging 1 goal in 4 games
    Deulofeu - 6/22 averaging 1 goal in 3.66 games.

    Arguably two of them will hit double figures with Gray going close.

    Factor in Deeney's 4 assists and Deulofeu's 6. Between the 3 of them they have been involved two thirds to three quarters of our goals taking into account they will set each other up.

    I would say we still need one more quality forward whether that comes from the prospects on the books or the transfer market, but we're not far off.
  2. Stats aren’t going to plaster over the problems. Neither Deeney or Gray can play a lone striker role whilst Delia is a #10 / winger. Our choice of players therefore dictates the formation which means we go into some games compromised. For example any sane manager would play 451 away to city next week and play on the counter, but we don’t have a striker for that in the squad now. Deeney Gray and Delia have been doing well but we’re still a long way off.
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    Goals per minutes on the field would be a better gauge.
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    premier league only:
    deeney 2160 minutes 7 goals plus 1 penalty 4 assists
    del boy 1535 mins 6 goals 5 assists
    gray 830 mins 5 goals 0 assists

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