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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Sam Phillips, Jun 4, 2014.

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    What is happening with the attendance in the stand? Against Charlton, according to official seating plan, all the seats were sold except for a fair few in the block nearest the Charlton fans, yet at the game there were lots of empty seats throughout the stand. I know that some ST holders may not have attended but it seemed an awful lot of empty seats . As at 11:50am today there is no ticket availabilty at all in the stand for the Blackpool game - will it be packed out on Saturday???

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    Lots of the seats in there are reserved for family and friends of the players, as well as youth players and players not in the squad. Could have something to do with that.
  6. Is the last block (nearest Rookery) open?
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    Yes bit strange. However, as mentioned, a lot of seats are left for players families and seats aren't sold as believe some are left as potential press seats. Also there maybe restrictions on numbers due to safety cert regs and facilities at present.

    I'm pretty sure you could get a ticket by dealing directly with the TO though
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    Is the section near the away fans open - I wonder if that will be used for such supporters in the future as an over-spill?
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    That seems to be kept empty at present ie tickets not being sold. No need at present.

    Is the section near the away fans open - I wonder if that will be used for such supporters in the future as an over-spill?

    Yes it is and from where i was sat, looked like a bit of banter was going on. What do you mean 'as an over-spill' ?
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    I just thought if it wasn't being used they might put more away fans in a section but clearly its in use.
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    If there was need for overspill it would be in the vicarage road end. It would make sense to move the 'barrier' across and the away fans walk through the seats to get along the stand.
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    Can't see any need to give the away fans any increased allocation. I know the was a half price offer on yesterday but we had C16.5k home fans yesterday. I hope the home crowds increase above this as we become more successful, more of yesterday's second half and they surely will.

    I guess the only time we will have a problem will be in the FAC. When you are required to give more than the 10% of capacity (prem rules). The problem we have is that although the Vic Road stand holds 5300 we only have a safety cert for about 4800, I believe.

    At present with the attendances at the level they are we don't have many issues with the seating arrangements or regs and I believe we are set up pretty well for the prem. without the SEJ we would have had a fair bit of work to do if we were to secure promotion hence why the changing rooms were increased in size during the recent erection. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to comply with ell ground regs but we prob don't need to do too much more. Prob ok re camera positions, studio size, away fans allocation etc. definitely need to improve on floodlights and off course Goal Line technology.

    Really love our little ground, singing starting to occur in all 4 stands and if I take a prawn sandwich package anytime soon, I will endeavour to start some bouncing in the black seats.
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    I know that it has been said that our floodlights do not meet with premiership standards. But what exactly would need changing to get them correct?
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    Has it been said? Hadn't seen that anywhere that I recall. Either way if you google Premier League Handbook and then search for floodlights you'll find the technical requirements.
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    Brighter bulbs
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    Is anyone clued up as to whether, when the club say it can be expanded, rows would be added at the bottom, or the back. Stand looks great when you're there in person, but on highlights it looks a bit naff, which is a shame. I guess the slope of the pitch is an issue? cheers in advance!
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    Actually this shouldn't be too difficult. Much brighter LED lighting uses much less electricity.
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    See my post 27.10.14
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    Perfect, appreciate that!
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    It seems you can now buy tickets in SEJ 1 (rookery end) but not SEJ 7 (vic rd end)
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    pretty sure the way the club expand it is by taking it down (effectively it is a big meccano set) and build one bigger. footings etc already being in place.

    though i still think its more likely exec boxs will be merely built behind the existing structure and avoid the problems of the twist and layout of occupation road.

    i doubt theres much they could do with the look of the front of the stand as it is.
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    No there definitely won't be any exec boxes. It'll just be given a gentler slope and seats down to the ground.
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    It was said at one of the fans forum things, by Scott Duxbury I believe. Our floodlights aren't up to Premier League standard and so would need revamping/replacing.

    You must remember all those Tuesday night games where you've struggled to see the ball because of our weak floodlights? No, me neither...
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    Isn't that more to do with floodlight failure and backup systems rather than the amount of light produced?
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    Possibly but the minimum light level in the Premier League is twice the Football League minimum light level. The rules haven't changed since we were last in it in 06-07 so I guess it's a case of getting more luminous lightbulbs put in.
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    Upgrading to LED's will undoubtedly take more than just a bulb change but once installed it should be cost effective. There's no point jumping the gun though as as with all new technology the prices will be coming down.
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    It does seem weird though. Surely the vision of players, officials, the crowd and cameras is the same at any football match ...
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    The ELEVENTH biggest ground in the league still holds 30k plus.

    Just makes me feel like we are very small! I had always thought 20k was about par for a Championship ground.
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    We probably have one of the highest attendances in terms of capacity, though. Give me a small, packed stadium over somewhere too big for us any day of the week.
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    Interesting to note that Reading's ground, which is shiny and reasonably new is only about 3,000 seats bigger than our ground now. Having been there a few times this seems surprising to me. Maybe we are not as small as you think! Or maybe Reading are just as small.....
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