[RUMOUR] Ryan Manning

Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by Squibba, Oct 16, 2019.

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    This bloke is already 23 and has been kicking around QPR, and elsewhere, for four years. He can't be that good.
    On top of that, he's apparently a Royal Panda.
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    Preparing for life in the Championship.
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    Half his audience were black and Asian so he couldn't be a racist
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    He's their second highest rated player on whoscored so far this season (just behind Eze, who is a good player), and has 3 assists in 11 appearances.
    He tops the club’s charts this season for: chances created, assists, crosses, tackles, possession won, touches, and fouls won.
    Maybe he's the Irish Andy Robertson?

    We're desperate for a decent new left-back, and he sounds an attainable option.

    Having said that, the article also claims Southampton are confident of getting him, in which case there's not a chance we could compete for a player with such a prestigious club.
  6. I think he was pretty "anti-German" TBF given his 3 brothers had been killed in action in WW2

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