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  1. No. Go back and read what was said at the time. Quique didn't want to introduce Ducoure because he had the team he needed. This was said when the signings were made.

    The Adebayor rejection was cited by WD Sports when they broke the news that Quique was going, along with Gino's concern about the coach's insistance that we bring in Amrabat and Suarez, as an alternative to Adebayor, and his subsequent under use of them.

    There is about ten percent extrapolation, but the 90% of it has been reported at some stage or other, IMHO. It's just a matter of whether or not you bother to absorb things you don't want to know.

    I'm absolutely sure that there are still some out there that think Quiquecwill still be in charge next season.
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  2. WatfordTalk

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    Yeah, I know what was said at the time. Read your post again.

    "Quique had Gino over a barrel"
    "Gino was not upset with those players, but with Quique for forcing his hand"
    "The reason they didn't come is because Quique didn't want them here"
    "Gino already knew the writing was on the wall for Quique"
    "Suarez and Amrabat...were the only players Quqiue said he had space for on his team"

    These are things you've written as facts when you have no way of knowing if they are facts.
  3. Every thing you quote above has been reported at some point or other in the last six months, there is only a small amount of extrapolation in my original post, but even that is hardly speculative.

    People didn't want to hear that Quique was going, didn't want to believe it, but it was true. The same applies to your denials here I am afraid.

    Edit: People said he could not stay, and they were right. In the fullness of time their reasons for why he had to go will also prove to have been right. In fact, they have already been pretty much confirmed already, to the point where Gino's thinking appears uncannily in tune with Quique's detractors on this forum, and completely contrary to those that defended the coach to the bitter end, and now beyond.
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  4. Jimmy Armchair

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    If anyone's interested, I've written a short piece on QSF's departure. It's intended to be therapeutic for both sides.

    (Insert your own gag about people on here needing therapy.)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm ready to move on from the debate.

    I was thinking I'd post my therapeutic piece here, but you lot would only make me cry like a girl again.

    So it's ready and waiting at a gentle, calming, loving place: jimmyarmchair.wordpress.com

    If you're not ready to move on yet, don't read it. No problem.

    Yours in peace,
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    You say 'both sides' like it's simple duality, yet your piece completely ignores the argument that Quique is a Lizard Jew Illuminatti mole sent to turn football into night soil to soften up the working classes for more Tory spending cuts.
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    I see the thread has been hijacked by the classy posters.
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    Thank you QSF for raising the standards of Watford FC and its fans!

    For me there will always be a 'What could of been' attitude towards the great guy, he could of just tried to score a few more goals!! If he had tried a bit harder to experiment in march and april and we picked up 4 more wins (2 a month) we'd all be incredibly annoyed if he'd of left. No-one has any idea why he didn't just try and play with some width, but its happened and all parties are happy.

    Good luck for the future, i hope to see your glorious tracksuit bottoms again some time.. and please don't let any other club sing your song the way you did.
  8. hornetboy1

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    How do you know it was QSF that didn't want them? You say that Gino new the writing was on the wall for Flores, then go on to say he had Gino over a barrel!! Which is it? None of what you say is fact, it's just what you think happened, so you can justify painting the blackest picture of the coach as you possibly can.

    I know Flores has turned into this evil villain, but this is not true. He's a decent guy, who was unlucky with the players he got in January. Amrabat and Suarez were poor signings, sanctioned by Gino and the recruitment team. It's very easy to always blame the coach but he did a lot right, but of course made mistakes as we all do. What I'm saying is had Penaranda, Success and Doucoure came to us in January, results could easily have improved and the downturn could have been avoided.

    This is just my opinion, but one based on some logic.
  9. Jimmy Armchair

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    Hello Moog. This is Jimmy's media spokesman here, John Baron.

    You're right, Jimmy didn't mention the Lizard Jew Illuminati. But Jimmy wishes to pro-actively deny that he himself is a Lizard Jew Illuminatti trying to conceal his machinations.

    He also wants to assert that he's very successful at dating and at business. And that with me, in charge, Watford will will be great again because I'm a winner.

    Did I say me? I mean him.
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    He was given Amrabat, but unfortunately he wasn't very good. He certainly does not justify being the record signing on a top salary. People keep banging on about Amrabat and Berghuis not being used as the reason we went on a poor run......but honestly have you seen these guys play? They do have some quality, but it's spasmodic. Only in glimpses do you get anything worthwhile from them. They were not the answer to our problem, from what I've seen of them.

    If Success and Penaranda are good enough, he would have played them. I've watched them at Granada and they are a cut above Amrabat and Berghuis. Again this is just my opinion, but next season I believe we'll all get to see this.
  11. Jumbolina

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    QSF hasn't give Amrabat a chance. He has played about 60 games in Spain for a team that consistently finishes well above Granada. Success and Peneranda may well be far better in time but as immediate solutions Amrabat is the finished product. If QSF marginalised Amrabat it is almost certain that he would have done the same to the 2 prospects given his mentality.
  12. WatfordTalk

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    Can you show me these reports please
  13. Simple, the writing was on the wall because Quique had Gino over a barrel.

    Because it was reported at the time; when the question of why the players weren't coming straight to the club, it was explained that Quique didn't want to disrupt a settled team by bringing in players who would have to adapt to the philosophy - that clearly did not apply to the players he asked for and was given. It was not reported as negative at the time because the rot had not settled in. It does rather counter your argument that Quique would have taken them, would have played them and would have saved his job. 100% he did not want them.

    Gino provided these players, who Quique himself spoke about before they arrived at the club. Are you really saying they were forced on him? Why would they get in but others no? WD Sport got Quique's departure right, and I see no reason why their claims about Amrabat and Suarez are not equally correct, particularly as they were mentioned in the very article that claimed Quique was finished.

    You are entitled to your opinion, I support your right to claim whatever you like. If you put it on a forum, then you invite everyone else's right to express their opinion about your thoughts.

    But just to make it clear, my post, to which you originally responded, was reiterating reported information, and not expressing an opinion.

    Quique did do a lot right. He doesn't deserve all the criticism he is getting. But he is toxic, and he does need to go.

    Whether he is a good bloke or not I cannot tell.
  14. After you show me where Quique said he didn't ask for Amrabat and Suarez, and that he wanted Ducoure and Penaranda at the club.

    The reports were public domain, and were discussed on this forum. I am not going to spend my time looking for information you ignored the first time only for you to tell me you can't be bothered to read it the second time.

    Edit: If you are suggesting you haven't read WD Sports article, then I am not sure how you can suggest you are making any kind of informed comment on this subject.
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  15. Oscar calling

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    How can you be so sure that Peneranda, Success and Doucoure would have been better than Amrabat and Suarez.

    For a start, Peneranda and Success have potential but they are raw and nowhere near the finished article. Secondly from what I have seen of them at Granada, they generally rely on their pace getting on to incisive passes from their teammates. With Quique's rigid ultra defensive and slow build up their apparent assets would not have been utilised. Finally it is highly unlikely that they would have ever started a game as Deeney and/or Ighalo would not have been left out.
  16. GoingDown

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    Agreed. Penaranda and Success wouldn't have played as QSF's tactics did not include attacking wingers or wide forward men. The results would probably have been dead similar as he's only brought Amrabat and Berghuis into the fold in their favoured positions in recent weeks.

    Doucoure would have been a success but as Guedioura pointed out, it took him months to get near the team because he had to learn the regimented Quique way. Quique didn't want to change things around in January.

    Remember that time Quique hyped Amrabat as a striker when he isn't. Because he had to say that as he wasn't playing wingers and had to justify HIS selection of player to the owners. The Pozzo's ****ed up royally going against their judgement on the Amrabat and Suarez signings and they certainly won't let the next coach convince them they are wrong.
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  18. Callys Mullet

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    Very good article. Love the little dig at Ray Wilkins at the end haha :)
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  20. zztop

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    Seems to know more than a lot of fans, TBH.
  21. Yes, but does that mean we should take his opinion more seriously than highgrade's or meridensi's?

    (Euro-poll in joke folks.)
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    Helps that Simon Burnton is a fan ;)
  23. ForzaWatford

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    Mines an 01707 :doom:
  24. Jimmy cries like a little girl
  25. wfcmoog

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    True. And from the leftie Grauniad!
  26. zztop

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    It depends if he watches BGT, obviously.
  27. zztop

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    Ah! Fair do's!
  28. wfcmoog

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    **** off quique and take your sycophantic **** fans with you
  29. **** off moog and...actually, just **** off.
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  31. Sahorn

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    Harsh, unfunny and uncalled for, even as a troll, whatever you think of him.

    Didn't he keep your club in the Premier League?
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    The problem with Ambrabat and why I suspect he ended up on the bench was that when he tried something that didn't work and the opposition got the ball he would stop running. Flores always wanted his players working hard without the ball as well as on. That's his philosophy and one of the main reasons we stayed up. 'playing high pressure' he calls it when he did the post match interviews.
  33. Fair point. But the good thing about Amrabat is that he gave defenders something else to worry about, so that the opposition's lateral players had something to worry about, and they were not able to simply come back at us. Same goes for Berghuis and, when he did go forward, Gueds. That tactic, of occupying the oppositions defensive players with something other than a hoof up to unsupported players, often seemed to have merrit, in fact, Quique would reluctantly turn to it, albeit late in the game after his defensive strategy failed.

    Unfortunately this meant that these players only tended to get into a game at a point where we were already chasing it, yet people judge them even more harshly than players who were able to influence the game from the start, and during the long spells where we were chasing games with the same negative line up that started the game. In this way, we have recently had to watch games where WE knew that the team starting the match would never be able to win it, and that if we were to stand any chance of a win, even a draw, changes would have to be made in game.

    Then, when they did well, and showed they could bring us back into games competitively by adding a more positive element to Quique's game, they would get dropped, sometimes even from the bench.

    Tactical brilliance it is not. More like a superiority complex beset with inferiority angst.
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    Jurado was about as high pressure as a discarded condom.
  35. wfcmoog

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    Disrespectful considering all I've done for Watford

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