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  2. simms

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    I think it's rather disrespectful to Slav to be talking about his replacement while we know the offer is still on the table for him. However I think it wise to have a list of potential replacements and this seems like someone has run with the story when all that's happened is we've enquired about him as a possibility. Anyone know what style this guy likes to play?
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  3. reids

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    Not entirely sure, but a win % of 41% with Atletico (admittedly not the side they are now), 51% with Al-Ahli and 45% with Al-Ain (those 2 teams should DOMINATE their league) doesn't fill me with a whole lot of confidence.
  4. Always_A_Hornet

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    It's a no from me
  5. The Voice of Reason

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    Come on Joka, you know we all love you :notworthy:
  6. Avispón

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    I have been living in Spain for 20 years now and have seen QSF during all of his career, I think he has been sacked from every club he has been at. It's a NO from me
  7. Stevohorn

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    "Watford could leave the club despite taking them into the Premier League by finishing runners-up in the Championship" :doh:
  8. Bore

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    Slavs odds fallen from 66-1 to 12-1 to be next Newcastle Manager.

    Crazy situation
  9. Malteser

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  10. Hornet23

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    This guy looks like the rolling contract was invented for him. Can definitely see him being a Pozzo kind of coach. I also read an article about him were he spoke about his teams working hard and defending as a whole unit, much like Slav has said numerous times.
  11. cyaninternetdog

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    Never heard of him, fits the Pozzo model.
  12. wfcSinatra

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    Fuuuuuuuuuck, no no no no. Come on Slav sign man:(
  13. Legskeattch

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    Quique Flores - 403 games, won 187 (46%)
    Gianfranco Zola - 165 games, 58 wins (35%)
    Giuseppe Sannino - 31 games, 13 wins (38%)

    Slavisa Jokanovic -180 games, 119 wins (66%)

    The answer is easy.
  14. Jellyman

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    I imagine we probably are looking into him in case we don't get Slav to sign.

    There must be interest, otherwise how would they arrive at this name? The Daily Mail is often right on Watford actually, they knew about Bassong before the Observer.
  15. miked2006

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    Joka's agent telling the press he could move to another Premiership Club.

    Pozzo's leak that they are looking at another manager who has won the Europa League.

    It's like the Cold War of contract negotiations, who will blink first? Or will they both just walk away??
  16. G man

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    I think it might be thanks for the memories now. Flores sounds a good replacement, quite likely he would be in demand as well though. Next week could be interesting.
  17. jizm

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    Anyone else thinking that the Slav situation could depend on what happens with Newcastle?
    Theres been talk of interest in him by Newcastle, and it would be interesting to know whether hes been holding out to see if they stay up or get relegated, if the former maybe he will plan on staying here, but the Newcastle job would be a big career oppurtunity and maybe hes intent on so, barring they retain thier premier league status.

    Forgive me if it sounds stupid, its just that to me, it seems a little peculiar that the contract situation is dragging for so long, if Slav was considering the contract for personal reasons, sucha s family, I'd imagine he would have come to a conclusion already, but maybe he is, as I said, pending the final Premier league fixtures to make a decision accoridngly.

    Just throwing it out there... :confused:
  18. cyaninternetdog

    cyaninternetdog Forum Hippie

    I think this is the case, Newcastle have obviously offered him a longer contract with better pay. I dont blame Slav at all, he is out of contract and free to do what he wants and has to concentrate on what is best for him and his family. Having said all that I hope Newcastle go down.
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  22. Godfather

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    zeman loves ze woman wery much
  23. wolfy

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    Slav's been my favourite Watford manager in a hell of a long time - tactically astute and fantastic at keeping the squad grounded. Will be gutted if he's off
  24. El distraído

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    Bye bye Joka. Love you for getting us promoted, and just don't understand why you can't stay.
  25. KelsoOrn

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  26. simms

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    By officially approached that could well just mean he's been contacted in regards to be putting on a shortlist if Joka doesn't sign the contract. It doesn't necessarily mean we've offered him a contract.
  27. KelsoOrn

    KelsoOrn Squad Player

    No. It says he has "received an offer" on which he has to "make a decision". That's significantly beyond being "officially approached".
  28. Levon

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  29. Hornet23

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    At the end of the day it looks like we've offered Jokanovic as much as we're willing to offer and it's still not good enough for him. People probably think we should break the bank for him but it's nice to have sensible owners for once and especially as we can attract decent replacements as well now. He won't be short of offers after getting us promoted so good luck to him wherever he ends up. Flores sounds pretty decent, if we're targeting coaches who have won European trophies then I trust Gino 100%!
  30. WatfordTalk

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    Can understand Gino wanting someone with some experience at the top level. I think Joka has the potential to be a top manager, but he has none. Maybe GP thinks it's not worth the risk? There are tens of managers who look tactical geniuses at Championship level, and they've done it with weaker squads than ours.

    I love Slav and if it were up to me he'd get a 2 year deal but I'm inclined to trust the Pozzos on this one.
  31. Hornet23

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    I'd like to point out that I want Slav to stay but nobody is bigger than the club and if our terms aren't good enough for Jokanovic then I applaud Gino for having the balls to find someone else.
  32. The Voice of Reason

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    What about Fat Sam if he leaves the Spammers; we could do a lot worse than him IMO!
  33. miserableoldgit

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    No - Fat sam won't be any good with ronaldo and Messi when they sign on!
  34. Nnnn

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    Maybe Gino approached Flores but not about Watford...
  35. Hornet23

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    I don't get it.

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