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Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by Steve Leo Beleck, Oct 5, 2019.

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    QSF is the messiah. 1 defeat in 5. Boom.
  4. Disappointing beard action tonight from the lad. Not as full and fierce as usual.

    You've got two weeks to sort this out Quique.
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    Good managers are always in jobs

    We made a rod for our own back with the whole silva affair, we’d never be going for a successful manager at a bigger club would we? It would always be a smaller club. Why would a smaller club agree to let their manager leave knowing what how we dealt with Everton? If they had half a brain cell they’d at least knock out first attempt back, safe in the knowledge that the moral high ground we’d created for ourselves would mean we’d have to go OTT with a compensation offer. Yet after being rejected once we’d be highly unlikely to go back in again anyway.

    So we could go for a completely unknown up and comer that we can somehow get out of their club, they’d need 10 games to bed their style in but at the end of that 10 games there are no guarantees. With our start if it’s not worked after 10 games we’re completely ******, no coming back whoever else you get in.

    The only other option are mangers like BSF or QSF. They’re often not at clubs because people hate their style of play BUT they’re effective almost from the start. They play the percentages and get the basics right. You don’t necessarily need the 10 games for things to start turning around, but at the end of the 10 games you know you won’t be getting anything spectacular either.

    I think we did the only thing we could and if we genuinely want to stay up there are no other viable choices other than an absolute Hail Mary.
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    Sorry, so what in this context is the Hail Mary?

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