Prem 2 - Europe to relegation 2018 - 2019

Discussion in 'The Hornets' Nest - Watford Chat' started by EB Hornet, Aug 11, 2018.

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    21 games gone, 17 to go and we find ourselves pretty much safe already and realistically we are in a fight with 6 other clubs for 7th spot and a possible / probable European campaign! Good weekend ahead for us as we travel to a team in the next batch down (the relegation scrap batch). These are the other fixtures for our Europa League chasing opponents

    West Ham V Arsenal
    Brighton V Liverpool
    Leicester V Southampton
    Everton V Bournemouth
    Man City V Wolves

    So 2 play each other and 3 play the big 6. Only us and Southampton against those lower in the league. Fingers crossed for a good weekend all round.
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    Eh? Presumably you mean Lesta?
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    Only West Ham result went against us yesterday. Great work from Southampton!

    So today...Everton and Bournemouth! Uurgh. What do you want there? Draw with lots of injuries and red cards I guess is the best outcome!
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    Damn, can’t get everything you want I suppose
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    Please can you do an update after tonight's games, as it is always interesting to read.

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    Evening all, update on the Prem 2 only league table below

    Prem 2 Table 03 02 19.PNG

    I'd say a striking stat from this is how we've only lost 3 games in 18 against these teams, that's a pretty high standard! In fact, we are unbeaten in 8 games now in this league. Our next opponents Everton have lost 4 of their last 6 against these sides. We rank 3rd for goal scoring and joint 6th defensively. Interesting that good defences aren't as important to points as scoring goals, the bottom 6 have scored the fewest but some rank highly for goals conceded. So that's the buy a new striker or CB question sorted!
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    This needs a little updating, especially now as we've reached the 40-point mark, we can re-think of this as the "Race to Europe" (before you accuse me of jinxing this, we're not gonna qualify for Europa League this season).
  12. Wolves have the easier run in to a Europa spot
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    Yeah exactly. We've got Utd, City and Liverpool, away in our next 5 games. The saving grace for us is that we still have it in our hands as we've got both Wolves and West Ham at home yet to come
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    Looking at the remaining fixtures, the key game will be when we play them, win that, and I have us qualifying for Europe on goal difference.
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    I'll update this this week after mid-week fixtures, as it may be an easy to view guide as to who has the harder / easier run ins of all those chasing the 'best of the rest' title.

    Had a look at last seasons final league table (the full one with the top 6). Burnley got 54 points in 7th but only needed 50 to claim this spot. For me, even a top 10 finish would be amazing (plus I have a bet on this). It only took 44 points last season (plus a better GD) to get a top 10 spot. Everton are currently 7 points behind us in 11th, which in this league is quite a gap to close. It's looking good as it stands.
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    Come on Huddersfield hold on for at least a draw!
  17. Or just win it!
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    Hoping Huddersfield can get a goal here.
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    90+1 winner for Hudd
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    Everton and Leicester win but that wolves defeat will do me tonight. Means if we do lose tomorrow we can still hold 7th spot, unless we get a spanking!
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    Wolves were dreadful that game, Huddersfield dominated for most the match and should have had at least another goal. Wolves looked pretty cumbersome against Bournemouth at the weekend as well. Touch wood they're appearing a bit of a spent force - perhaps their fortune/stubbornness/necessity in being the side in the league with by far the fewest players used may be catching up with them.
  22. GoingDown

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    Still holding out for a Terriers winner.
  23. Well done Huddersfield, now we just need to beat Liverpool.
  24. We will finish below Everton, Leicester and WHU. No disgrace in that.
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    If you can believe it I believe that belief is growing in our ability to be above these teams.
    Believe that if you will.
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    You are right, no disgrace in that but equally no reason it will happen either.
  27. We'll see !
  28. EB Hornet

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    I don't reckon we will finish below all of them. Teams in that area of the league get on average around 1.3 points per game. 10 games is 13 points. We have 4 & 5 point headstart, so I reckon we need about 9 points from our remaining fixtures to end above them (or 2 of them probably).
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    @EB Hornet - any chance of pulling out the "...vs top 6 stats..." (us and everyone) from your data?
  30. EB Hornet

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    Yeah I'll get both the table v bottom 14 and table v top 6 done sometime this week.
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    Cheers mate!!!!!!!!!

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