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  1. Prentice

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    Udinese and Granada fans, has your club since ownership of the Pozzo's had a player who has been imprisoned, or in particular imprisoned for some form of violent conduct towards another person?

    Out of interest, if so, how did your club deal with that player?
  2. Not1me

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    Are you referring at some criminal offenses that provide prison?In udine, nothing happened in this direction; only some issues about contracts, and players that wanted to leave, to earn more money. If something like that would happen, i think that there is the justice of the nation first, and then the club/society..but it varies from case to case.
    Recently, there was a case of drug that involved a player in italy, in Palermo, (Carrozzieri), but he was assisted and then he comes back to play.
  3. Prentice

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    Well, just because I don't know if you noticed, but our star (*cough*) striker Troy Deeney has just been imprisoned for 10 months, for kicking someones head in.

    I'm curious to see the Pozzo' family's viewpoint on such matters.
  4. cyaninternetdog

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    Majority of people on here want Deeney sacked a.s.a.p if your reading this Mr. Pozzo.
  5. wfcthroughandthrough

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    hmmm, this is probably true, but a poll would tell us by exactly how much ;)
  6. rojiblancohorizontal

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  7. Cude>2<

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    That's pathetic. Let me find you a better video
  8. Cude>2<

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  9. hollywood

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  10. TheDon

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    That was literally amazing. Still don't see what Aidy did to deserve a sending off really when everyone else came piling in. Iain Dowie really is a c**t
  11. rojiblancohorizontal

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    hahaha you were right i prefer yours
  12. poleman

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    Quite interesting looking back. Mr King trying to calm Boothroyd down and Henderson steaming in with his arms...
  13. scummybear

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    Maybe we should've seen the warning signs with Hendo, given his recent court case!
  14. Smudger

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    The irony isn't lost on some....
  15. wfcwarehouse

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    That's still amazing, even after all this years Cudey. What a night!

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