Post-match fighting

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    You cannot judge the incident based on your own behaviours and standards (unless you’re a violent yob of course). Simply put there are dickheads all over the place. If you antagonise a collection of people which is likely to include one or more individuals with this mindset then at best it is foolish.

    Now this is based on the reports that some Watford supporters were banging on the coach and part entering one of the coaches to hurl abuse. If this is true then they are idiots plain and simple. Do you deserve to get a kicking, of course not, but don’t be surprised if you do.

    People tailgate at 90mph, people throw rubbish on the floor within 10 feet of a bin, people support L*t*n. There are assholes in all walks of life. Don’t rattle their cages.
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    Ironic really, 35 years ago we took part in the "friendly final" with EFC, at a time when football violence was routine throughout the country every Saturday. Now when such activity is rare we see the worst violence in or around the Vic for probably 15 years and it involves EFC.
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    A solid source (direct from Watford General) confirmed dad and son involved. Son was released Saturday night, Dad was keep in overnight but doing Ok, nothing of serious long term concern.
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    Happy to give my own personal account of things:

    As I walked up Occupation Road and turned right, the first Everton coach was parked up with a group of 4 lads stood between the first coach and the second. One lad was verbally abusing and gesticulating to every Watford fan he could get eye contact with. This stirred up the excitement as fans walked past the second coach. I have no doubt whatsoever that this group of Everton fans gobbing off sparked everything else off.

    As I walked past the second coach the same group were, immaturely, shaking up a large fizzy bottle of pop and spraying it at fans. The lady in her 70s or 80s who I had let walk in front of me down occupation road was now behind me at this point and got a soaking. She looked very frightened as she tried to avoid the group.

    At this point, some Watford fans were shouting back and this incited Everton fans in and near to the second coach. I note that no Everton fan near or on this second coach was targeted by anyone from what I could see - any gesticulation and shouting by Watford fans was at the group on the first coach.

    One male, in his 20s, dressed in joggers and looked like he hadn’t washed before, grabbed a bottle of beer (sol/corona) from inside the coach, opened the fire exit at the rear of the coach facing towards the road, and went after one male in particular. He got close and a few others piled in from the front of the coach and it spilled into the cemetery. This rather unclean young man threw his bottle of beer and I recall not hearing it smash - I could only assume it had hit someone.

    Personal thoughts: the group of lads on the first coach instigated everything. They riled up anyone and everyone they could, hoping to get a reaction. Poor policing also. Not a single copper between the Red Lion and the traffic lights. Very, very poor. No excuses for not having resources - the club pay for it. Eventually every man and his dog showed up.
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    Does just go to show, nothing in life is episodic. As Newton proclaimed for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Ergo it's all Gino's fault for appointing Slivva in the first place but true to my hypothesis it could be Mazzari's fault that we needed to employ Slivva in the first place and you can go all the way back to 1881 to know where the blame lies for that.
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    Yes, a lot of the Everton fans looked like they'd never washed their body, hair or clothes. It was quite a fascinating study of extreme poverty. The level of violence they dished out is another symptom. That's their normal day to day life. Starting from the beatings they got at home from their mum and dad, and from the priests at their mainly Catholic schools.
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  8. Stevohorn

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  9. Hey priest don’t dish out beatings, they share God’s holy love with the choir, sometimes on a one to one basis
  10. I trust you have volunteered whatever you know to the police to enable them to build up the fullest picture
  11. Can someone change the title of this thread, because every time I see it my mind puts "Everybody was" in front of it. (Those kicks were fast as lightning).
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    Unfortunately 1% of 20,000 is a large number.
  13. The undeniable truth

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    A little bit frightening too.
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  14. But, on the plus side, they all had expert timing.
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  15. hornetboy1

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    Update from Hertfordshire Police
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    It was NOT "friendly" no matter how the media wanted to portray it.
    And it would have been a darn sight less friendly had we won...
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    "Them kicks". Or was it "them cats was fast as light'ning"?

    I like to be precise about use of the English language
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    I thought is was "kids".
  19. Stevohorn

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    Two 32 year olds and two in their early 30's.
  20. Keighley

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    Well, everyone’s experience was probably different but it was certainly friendly in my case. An Everton fan even offered to swap scarves with me afterwards (I declined).
  21. HappyHornet24

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    My experience was of it being very friendly too. Admittedly, this was probably helped by the fact that I was in a large unintimidating family group and I was only a young girl but I remember the atmosphere being friendly and recall mingling with Everton fans both before and after the match with no trouble.
  22. It was only friendly compared to other matches of the time... that and the bulk of the watford fans were using wembley central whilst the stinky gipos were using wembley park to euston which naturally separated fans by route and by boozer.
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    Yep. I’m sure I’ll get a reply.
  24. RookeryDad

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    I was on the Euston tube, having spent the afternoon in the Everton end.

    Didn’t speak for 4 hours.
  25. Teide1

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    200 I'm afraid!
  26. V Crabro

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    Well I speak as I find and my impression then and now is that their was little if any animosity between the fans that day. We managed to swap a couple of tickets for the Everton end with scousers who had Watford end tickets and I don't recall any intimidation or violent incidents being reported (mind you this was the pre-internet era!). Contrast this with the QF at St Andrews which had the predictable skirmishes and hostility and the SF at Villa Park with thousands of Argyle fans making monkey noises whenever JB got on the ball.
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    Yeah that was fun afterwards, didn't think we'd get out of there alive at one point.
  28. CaveManHornet

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    And there is the answer. They were coked up wrong'uns desperate for the trouble that cocaine instigates on its users. Of all the drugs, it's the worst and the violent mood swings that it creates, when matched with football is deadly.
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    Nah was the pre-match tunes that provoked them. I read it in a paper, so must be true.
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    but there from everton m8 they should like z cars
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    Please don't base your views on Coke based on Gary Oldman in Leon.
  32. My daughter is doing history A level and I had to explain that Orgreave Coking Plant, of Battle of Orgreave fame, did not produce fizzy drinks.
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    Love that film.
  34. Happy bunny

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    Hopefully she's learnt the historian's standard get-out: "Not my period"
  35. RookeryDad

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    That's history!

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