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  1. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Reservist

    Are we safe yet?
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  2. We were safe after Newcastle. Keep up !
  3. Markoa$

    Markoa$ Reservist

    I’ve predicted Palace to go down next season and this just sows up my thought.

    Zaha has once again made it very clear he wants to leave. Hodgson isn’t happy about it. That form going into next season in 47 days, was like our form going into this season.

    If I was a betting man, Palace would be one of my favourites for relegation.
  4. AshdonWFC

    AshdonWFC Prediction League Champion 2011/12

    A safe bet I think. Will be astounded if they manage to keep him there any longer.

    Hodgson sounded resigned to losing him from what I read yesterday, and rightly so. I don’t think any of us on here are Zaha’s biggest fans, but I think we can all agree he is very much the jewel in a very poorly fashioned crown.

    They got away with it a few years ago, it’s about time he stopped having to bail them out.
  5. Markoa$

    Markoa$ Reservist

    They should have cashed in on him. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and no-one would have predicted Covid happening. However now in this Covid market, I doubt they will get anywhere near the £75mil asking they were looking for last summer.

    My guess is they will get £40mil at most. He’s 27, soon to be 28 in a few months. Coming off a very poor season with only 4 goals and 3 assists. He’s not the Prem golden boy anymore outside the top 6.

    Can’t see any of the top 6 buying him, he’s just not good enough. He’s wasted his career by staying there too long. Can see someone like Leeds splashing the cash on him to make a statement on intent. Maybe West Ham. Outside of those two teams in a Prem, he’s other options will probably come from Italy or China.
  6. UEA_Hornet

    UEA_Hornet First Team Captain

    Newcastle if the oil money comes through has to be a good bet.
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  7. Markoa$

    Markoa$ Reservist

    Good shout, forgot about that.
  8. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Reservist

    I'm sure they are not looking forward to next season, like us last season, a total lack of momentum from the end of the season, and an ageing squad. What might save them though is that the teams that are coming up will have little time to prepare for next season, a lot of loan players at both Leeds and West Brom that they'll need to make permanent before they even think about actually improving their squads, and needless to say the team who comes up through the play-offs is gonna find it very difficult too
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  9. LondonOrn

    LondonOrn Reservist

    I think rather than Leeds they are more likely to be saved by Brighton (poor form since beating Arsenal away and overrated manager), Aston Villa (21 points from 25 games and a bucketful of goals conceded is hardly survival form, and them being a big club means nothing) or Newcastle. Leicester could be a dark horse but I think they have too much firepower. West Brom possibly yes, as they either stay up for a while or go straight back down.

    Mind you, I've got my predictions quite wrong in the past - my initial relegation picks were Bournemouth, Burnley and Sheffield United, which I changed to Bournemouth, Burnley and Brighton on hearing they'd employed Graham Potter. The latter did better than I expected obviously but it wasn't a convincing improvement on last season.
  10. WillisWasTheWorst

    WillisWasTheWorst Its making less grammar mistake's thats important

    Brighton’s form since beating Arsenal is 9 points from 8 games.
  11. Can someone update this ? Need to know by how many points we stayed up and whether we were above or below the 40 point line.
  12. LondonOrn

    LondonOrn Reservist

    I said their form since beating Arsenal away - 23 points from as many games. That would be 38 points over a whole season, which might not be enough, plus Arsenal will be stronger and may not be as charitable.
  13. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Mods - can we unpin this thread and let it gently float away? At the moment, it's just there taunting us at the top of the forum.
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  14. AshdonWFC

    AshdonWFC Prediction League Champion 2011/12

    I look forward to the new instalment of this thread with the 50/52 point line and our historic Championship data...

    No pressure @Davidmsawyer. :)
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  15. CarlosKickaballs

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    Don’t worry there is always the next game!

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