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    I noticed @Horace_goes_up_north asking about podcast recommendations in another thread. They’re certainly getting more and more popular, it seems like every celeb and comedian has one now. The ‘celeb hosts another famous person and they bleat about how difficult it is to be famous’ format is a dime a dozen. Having said that a good podcast is a wonderful thing, they’re often funny, intimate and a pleasant distraction from the bits of filler in life like driving and dog walking. I’m lucky enough to get to listen to headphones when working on my own in a workshop or in the car when driving up and down motorways. Anyways, enough babble, recommendations.

    Football - The Guardian Football Weekly is the best in my opinion. It has the most interesting contributors from a range of opinions and journalistic backgrounds. Amusing without trying too hard and they try to cover everything. The Football Ramble used to be great but they’ve stretched themselves too thin since going daily. Their weekend review show is still an alright listen for more of a ‘sideways glance’ at the action. The spinoff shows are generally a bit watery and crap, and their regular hosts are having to manufacture opinions and talking points to fill the time. The Totally Football Show has by far the best host in James Richardson but the general tone of the show is a bit wry for me. The Italian spinoff, however is a brilliant listen with Richardson and Gab Marcotti talking all things 90’s. Don’t bother with the Mike Calvin one unless you love Frank Lampard or Liverpool.

    Interviews - Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (rhlstp) is the pick of the bunch. Loads of guests to pick from in the back catalogue, his style usually gets something funny or interesting out of his guest even if they’re someone you would usually be bothered about. Worth going back to the start to get a handle of Rich’s sense of humour and the in jokes that develop, all of the episodes are pretty much timeless. The Adam Buxton Podcast is a lovely cozy listen with the an absolute podcasting legend. Never lets you down, other than being frustratingly intermittent. The Joe Rogan Experience/Wtf with Marc Maron probably the two biggest podcasts in the world. I don’t personally enjoy the Maron one, it’s all a bit Hollywood. Rogan’s is the most mixed bag out there. Steer well clear of anything to do with nutrition, MMA or comedians, unless you’re really into any of those things but I find them interminably dull, personally. Get on anything to do with politics, science (proper science, like physics, not the fad nutritionists he has on) or journalism. Jon Ronson, Prof Brian Cox and Louis Theroux have done fantastic episodes on here.

    Comedy - Athletico Mince if you like Bob Mortimer (which is a bit like saying ‘if you like puppies and chocolate’) then give this a listen. The most consistently amusing show around, it’s the world of football and entertainment processed through Bob’s genius mind and delivered in the form of stories, impressions and songs. Andy Dawson the cohost from this started his own podcast called Top Flight Time Machine with Sam Delaney which started out being about football and morphed into some kind of weird therapy group for disenfranchised middle aged men. Very, very funny. Especially if you’re still purile enough to enjoy hearing the C word.

    Of course there are many good Crime, News, Politics, Science and History podcasts. Anything to suit your mood, of these I would recommend searching for;

    - Conflicted
    - Pod Save America
    - Full Disclosure
    - The History of England
    - The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry
    - The Infinite Monkey Cage
    - Sword and Scale
    - Dirty John
    - Sh*t Town

    All of these obviously come with massive back catalogues but just scroll through the titles and find a topic or guest in which you’re interested. The best ones are accessible no matter what.

    A special mention to Harmontown. The best podcast ever in my opinion and easily one of the most divisive. By Dan Harmon the creator of Community and Rick & Morty. If you like his work you’ll love his podcast. Sadly they killed it just before Christmas after about 8 years.
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    The What and The Why is a cracking political podcast.

    As you have already mentioned S Town and Mince are great listens. Serial's first season was also very good, it tailed off mid way through season two for me.
  3. Filbert

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    Oh yeah, I forgot about Serial. Series 3 was decent, they changed the format on that one. S Town is the best miniseries style pod around even if it doesn’t quite go in the direction they initially intended.
  4. domthehornet

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    Uncle Jimmy in S Town was absolute gold, I could have listened to him for hours.
  5. Filbert

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    Uh huh goddamn right yes sir. You’d struggle to make up half of the characters in that.

    Apparently Tyler’s life never changed and John’s estate was sadly left to rot.
  6. Diamond

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    I've tried literally hundreds of podcasts to make my commute more bearable and have yet to find a single one I'd try again**. I hate just about every one within a matter of minutes. The only thing I found which was even slightly listenable was "teach yourself Spanish", seriamente!

    If any suggestions in this thread turn out to be even half decent I'll be delighted.

    Edit: **The Chernobly podcast talking about the story behind the series was awesome.
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    I find Rogan's show very interesting, outside of the above areas you identified. I especially admire his ability to have a civil conversation even with people he disagrees with. His interview with Russell Brand about hunting was a particularly excellent example of that.

    I also quite enjoyed when he got a paleontologist onto his show and made him watch a Youtube video about how dinosaurs are a conspiracy theory and never existed. Watching the paleontologist get wound up was quite hilarious, but he was knowledgeable on top of it and I learned a lot about paleontology (particularly early paleontology) I hadn't known previously. A good listen.

    His political interviews are probably his best work, though. It's refreshing to get actual insight into candidates and what they believe/stand for, instead of the agenda driven, biased rubbish the US media puts out.

    I recently watched one where the interviewee made a point I instinctively knew but had never actually thought about and articulated: the format for current elections essentially asks candidates to cram their entire platform and beliefs on a subject into around a minute of talking. There's just no way you can do that, so ultimately the existing formats are beyond useless.

    I think this is why alternative media is really starting to take off: the format is simply far more suited to in-depth conversations and discussions than traditional time limited television shows. While there are a lot of conspiracy loons/wingnuts etc doing podcasts, there are a lot of decent ones too.
  8. Filbert

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    Agreed. What I like about Rogan is that he isn’t afraid to change his mind. He might say the odd dumb thing or repeat a half remembered fact from a spurious source but he’s a genuinely curious person and gives his guests a chance to speak freely without being interrupted or aggressively questioned.
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    Hawksby and jacobs daily podcast is alright, about the only talksport show I can stomach and condensed into 35 minutes. The same "authors" clips of the week is good, sometimes incredible. Then FTRE, if you're in the mood.
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  10. I usually listen to H&J at lunch time. Makes me imagine 2 old boys chatting over a couple of pints and a packet of nuts in a rustic pub with dodgy patterned carpets and the sun peering in through the window on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. That's how I picture them anyway!

    I'm new to podcasts so just looking at what's out there now.

    Will look at a couple posted above as sound up my street. Some sound a bit to highbrow for my simple mind!

    Just started on Peter Crouch's podcast. Pretty funny and revealing. Watford boy Chris Stark co hosts. Only 2 episodes in so far but good.

    I've subscribed to FTRE but not listened to anything yet.
  11. leighton buzzard horn

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    The Danny Baker 5 Live podcast used to be brilliant but his new one, The Treehouse, isn't quite as good. The Peter Crouch one has got much better and is now very entertaining.

    FTRE I am not a fan of, sadly. A bit too self righteous and a self proclaimed 'voice of the fans' for me. It is very popular so it must have some good stuff to it, but it isn't for me.

    Undr the cosh is good if you can put up with average sound quality.
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  12. Bwood_Horn

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    Matt Forde's Political Party.
  13. Filbert

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    Forest scum.
  14. Bwood_Horn

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    ...Ken Clarke's also Forest scum (they spoke about during one of his podcasts).

    Jonathan Pie: Palarse scum.

    Pie's often dismissed by critics because of his 'links' to 'Russia Today' (ie after his 3rd youtube they offered him a paying gig) - very good interview with Tom Walker here where he talks about Pie and him. I keep putting off seeing him on tour as I'm uncertain how his 3min 'shtick' would work expanded to an hour - but mind you I raised the same doubts about the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and how wrong I was about that...

    I'm surprised that Pie doesn't have a podcast - although he appears on lots:
  15. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    Well I’m pleased to tell you that I saw him at De Montford Hall in Leicester last year, a decent sized theatre and it was great. He presented it as a kind of lecture after he had been fired for saying something awful by mistake on TV. He took that and used it to rant about shame culture in the media with video clips and a power point. I was surprised at how many laughs he crammed in and he gave a good performance, especially seeing as he seemed to be struggling with a sore throat.
  16. Filbert

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    Forgot to mention, the apple podcast app is almost unusable, it’s dreadful compared to Acast and Spotify.
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  17. Diamond

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    Maybe now's a good time to ask what, (free), podcast apps people are using and would recommend?
  18. Bwood_Horn

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    I'm very tempted as Tom's not a comedian but an actor (something he freely admits to) and I should view it as a performance piece. Like most actors, he his very good and engaging when talking about his 'craft' here's him with the, frankly, exquisite Bianca Nobilo:
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    Acast. Really good app, free obviously but you can pay for subscription content. It links up with Patreon too, so Athletico Mince do extra shows for paying customers (£3 a month sub through patreon), they email you a URL, you copy that into Acast and it just drops that content into your feed when it’s released.
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    My 160GB ipod clasic finally gave up the ghost last week so I'm moving to my android phone (helpfully mine can utilise a 256GB SD card). My son has started to get into 'music' (metal) and I discovered that the hateful itunes won't work with an android phone (duhhhh!). I started playing around with musicbee (I've always used the fantastically user unfriendly 'rhythmbox' on linux as it appeared to be a battle of wills between what its programmers wanted it to do and what I wanted it to do - much like itunes) and I'm now totally converted.
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    Itunes should be classed as a swear word on here and starred out. I don't even like giving it a capital letter. I always look at people who like it with a mixture of disgust and annoyance.

    So having taken a quick look at Musicbee and Acast, it appears that Musicbee is more geared towards playing downloaded podcasts and MP3's, where Acast is aimed more at streaming. Due to being too lazy to download and organise I'll probably lean towards Acast.

    You can replace your Ipod for about £80 on ebay.
  22. Bwood_Horn

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    And a 256GB micro SD card is £38...
  23. Clive_ofthe_Kremlin

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    Pero que sigas con eso compay. Aprende tu castillano. Es la lengua más bonita.
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  24. Filbert

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    Andrew Doyle, who used to write Jonathan Pie is on the latest Joe Rogan podcast. Might be a decent listen.... all three hours of it.
  25. Filbert

    Filbert Leicester supporting bloke

    I’ve listened to the first hour of this this morning and so far it’s been an absolutely fascinating chat about ‘woke culture’ and the threat it poses to serious liberal politics.
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    Who are you trying to convince?
  27. Filbert

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    No one I’m just posting about a podcast in the podcast thread....
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  28. ek uncle

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    Why did you make such a silly post?
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    "Graham Linehan, writer of Fr Ted, I hear you're a bigot now?".
    - I'm stealing that.
  30. Filbert

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    Ah was it a joke about quoting your own post and I walked right into it?
  31. Filbert

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  32. Arakel

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    The bit that's always concerned me about particular issue is childhood and adolescence is a bloody confusing time with hormones running rampant. Most of us don't know our arses from our elbows during that time period.

    The notion that during this confusing stage of life, not one single adolescent has ever made a bad/wrong decision about transitioning that can't be backed away from later seems implausible to the point of impossibility, even if you ignore the detransitioners. Yet there's no discourse to be had about the topic unless you're willing to be yelled at and on the receiving end of quite vile abuse.

    When there is no rational conversation possible, the science inevitably suffers. I don't think it's a great strategy if we make life better for one group of kids at the expense of another group.
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  33. Bwood_Horn

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    Not much to add to this (other than I still haven't received any photos yet). The other thing is the 'area' of sex research is populated dominated (ho! ho!) by a collection of charlatans and fraudsters: a good example is the academic qualifications of, picking someone entirely at random, 'Dr' Pamela Stephenson-Connelly (I've noticed that her wiki autobiography has been purged of her 'educational' route to become a 'psychologist').

    This whole issue of kids transitioning in the US is something that I took no notice of, until on one Bill Maher's 'Real Time' show a certain Dr Debra Soh turned up where it was mentioned that she had done (proper) research that looked at the outcomes of US kids who were not 'allowed' to transition because of cultural and legal reasons and those who had that 'right'. The vast majority of one group grew up to be, relatively, happy homosexual adults and the other... She, of course, has been literally hounded out of her academic position.

    Something else I don't get is TERF - WTF?
  34. wfcwarehouse

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    The TIFO football podcast is a good listen.
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