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Discussion in 'The Transfer List' started by DrewH, Jul 22, 2012.

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    Gino, is that you?
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    Amazed at some of the free agents available this year.

    This post isn’t meant for us to sign them, we wouldn’t stand a chance, but just to see who has let their contract run out.

    Malang Sarr CB - Nice must be ticked that they won’t get a fee for him. He will join a CL club this window

    Ryan Fraser LM - will probably end up at a club like West Ham.

    Mario Gotze CAM - still only 28, seems like he’s been around forever. I’m sure someone like Everton will go for him.

    Robin Knoche CB - Solid CB. Very consistent, if we were going to get a defender on a free this is who I would want us to go for. However there will be much bigger fish than us in the sea after him. We have no chance.

    Jeff Hendrick CM - your typical hard working Burnley player. If im one of the promoted teams looking to sure up my midfield, couldn’t go wrong with him, especially as a free.

    Nathaniel Clyne RB - 29 now, but would be a decent addition for any promoted Championship team now heading into the Prem for next season.

    Kevin Stoger CM/CAM - been one of, if not the, best player for Fortuna Duesseldorf last season and this season. Missed the beginning of this season with a ACL injury, but still managed 5 assists in the equivalent of 14 games. Only 26, can imagine him joining one of the German teams that qualified for the Europa, probably Hoffenheim.

    Angel Gomes CAM - only 19yrs old, but has the potential to be something special. Leaving Man Utd is a big decision. Could go either way at such a young age. Could be world class if he gets his next move right. If not, will probably end up another Ravel Morrison.

    Other free agents - Cavani, Vertonghen, Kruse, Tom Carroll, Ibe, Howedes, Schwaab, Gaitan, Mandzukic, Ayala, Remy and our very own Iturbe, just to name a few.
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    Ayala would be a good nab for us.
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    Gaitan could certainly do a job as well. Carroll is a local lad but not for us.
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    Blimey Nath, how long ago did I post that! Must be almost a year I think, great work trawling back :D

    My frustrations really spilled over at reading so many negative posts about the players didn't it.

    I still think the nucleus of the squad should have been good enough to stay up if I had - sorry, not I, I mean that bloke Gino who I don't look or sound anything like, ahem - had added to it in a meaningful way during last years summer window.

    We already had 3 Dawsons at CB yet saw fit to buy an actual Dawson. Great job.
    No freshening up of the CM positions other than Tom Dele-Bashiru. No pressure on Capoue or Doucoure at all.
    No pressure put on Deeney's place with just Gray sat on the bench and we bring in Welbeck. He's not even a centre forward.
    And then the Sarr debacle of a transfer. A record buy who was never going to be playing anywhere near his peak until well over half the season had transpired.

    No wonder the players were sluggish from the start and that's simply from a playing perspective. Without feeling their places were under pressure they sat on their collective laurels and were shown up for it time and again. Add to that the off the field problems of bonus disagreements & christ knows what else and it's no wonder the same side who produced some cracking football the season before disappeared and evolved into an apathetic outfit who couldn't and didn't pull their weight in terms of ability or effort.

    Still, the transfer window is now open so we can all look on despairingly at who we're now linked with and who the club offer contract extensions to because they're never good enough in the end are they.
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    The Sarr debacle?

    You're kidding right?

    And he might have played better earlier in the season if QSF had actually picked him more...
  7. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

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    You can't blame Sarr individually, he's quality and he tried his heart out, but he was always gonna take time to get up to speed given he'd been playing in the AFCON last summer. Where would we have been if we hadn't gone gung ho for him, but spent more on a defence? **** knows man, **** knows...
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  8. Supertommymooney

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    Indeed it took time.

    But I'd say a very successful purchase for a young player in a good league.

    Transfer saga maybe, debacle no.

    Our problem was more taking chances than leaking goals.

    And playing one up front when we don't have a single striker who fits playing as a lone front man.

    Do agree with the need for a better defender obviously.
  9. The Recluse

    The Recluse First Year Pro

    As you said to Hogg-DEENEY!!!, possibly better described as a saga.

    Even so, the way the transfer panned out (not concluded until the final day of the window?) left the team without the player who would ultimately become its most attacking threat for maybe a third of the season due to him not finding any form from the off. Not Sarrs fault, that totally lays at the feet of the people conducting the transfer.

    I'd also now question the spending of the bulk of what appears to be that summers transfer budget on one player.

    Did he strengthen the side? Yes, undoubtedly he did. But could the purchase of, say, two players for the sum paid for Sarr have strengthened the team more? Obviously given the way the club deal in transfers it's not guaranteed quantity means quality but it's never good to pin your hopes on just one player.

    So our attacking threat was hampered from the very beginning of the season by bringing players in (Welbeck also came very late) at the last moment. That's why, with hindsight, I see it as a debacle.
  10. miserableoldgit

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    But if we sell Sarr for 40m, we might reinvest 5m in the squad - the rest goes to paying off debt and subsidising high cost base

    Life has changed - get used to it
  11. folkestone orn

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    Wonder if any of our players have relegation release clauses in them? Would Gino let that happen?
  12. Carpster

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    Jordan Ibe on a free and that's another 5m saved.
  13. Guy

    Guy Squad Player

    Just saw this on facebook so not sure if correct but if so ... a lot of players on the books

    Here are all of Watford’s released players:
    Balogun, Jamal Clinton Titilayo
    Bennetts, Jayden Ugonna
    Cholevas, Chose Loint (Contract extension)
    Da Silva Gomes, Heurelho (Contract extension)
    Folivi, Michael Kwaku
    Gordon, Lewis
    Green, Cameron Oliver
    Hinds, Kaylen Miles
    Jakubiak, Alexander Louis
    Mariappa, Adrian Joseph (Contract extension)
    Whelan, Callum Tyler (Contract extension)

    Here are all of Watford’s Retained players:
    Agyakwa, Derek Emmanuel Adjei (Extended)
    Alvarado Hoyos, Jamie Alberto
    Bachmann, Daniel
    Barrett, Mason Earle
    Barrozo Rodrigues, Matheus Aias
    Becerra Maya, Juan Camillo
    Capoue, Etienne
    Cathcart, Craig George
    Chalobah, Nathaniel Nyakie
    Cleverley, Thomas William
    Crichlow, Kane Sinclair
    Dahlberg, Pontus
    Dalby, Samuel George
    Dawson, Craig
    Deeney, Troy Matthew
    Dele-Bashiru, Ayotomiwa Sherif
    Deulofeu Lazaro, Gerard
    Doucoure, Abdoulaye
    Elitim Sepulveda, Juergen Farid
    Estupinan Tenorio, Pervis Josue
    Femenia Far, Francisco
    Fobi, Kingsley
    Forster, Harry James (Offer)
    Foster, Ben
    Foulquier, Dimitri
    Gray, Andre Anthony
    Hernandez Suarez, Juan Camilo
    Hughes, William James
    Hungbo, Joseph Oluwagbemiga (Extended)
    Janmaat, Daryl
    Junqueira Jesus, Joao Pedro
    Kabasele, Christian
    Langston, George James Barbosa
    Lo-Everton, Sonny Blu
    Masina, Adam
    Mbaye, Mamadou
    McLean Cassidy, Ryan Michael (Offer)
    Navarro, Marc
    Parkes, Adam Darren (Extended)
    Penaranda Maestre, Adalberto
    Pereyra, Roberto Maximiliano
    Perkins, Teddy Arthur
    Phillips, Daniel Shaquille Jabari (Extended)
    Pussetto, Ignacio
    Quina, Domingos
    Roberts, Myles Conrad
    Santana Ferreira, Matheus Henrique
    Sarr, Ismaila
    Segura Portocarrero, Jorge Andres
    Sema, Ken
    Sibo, Kwasi
    Sinclair, Jerome Terence
    Spencer-Adams, Bayli Alexander (Offer)
    Stuparevic, Filip
    Suarez Charris, Luis Javier
    Success Ajayi, Isaac
    Velasquez Reyes, Williams Daniel
    Welbeck, Daniel
    Wilmot, Benjamin Lewis
    Wise, Henry Dennis Paul (Extended)
    All as of August 1, 2020
  14. onion8837

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    Ayala is utterly utterly ****
  15. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    That is quite some list, if we sold half of them we would still have a massive amount of players o_O
  16. DrewH

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    Full list updated on post #1 with every player who has a professional contract.

    Below are the players with less than a year left on theirs, mostly from the U23's.
    AL believes Deeney may have already had his contract extended by another year due to 'meeting targets set out in the terms'.
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  17. The Recluse

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    Great work @DrewH

    One thing I did notice was you have Welbeck's contract ending in 2021. According to The Athletic he signed a 3yr deal in 2019, taking him up to 2022.
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  18. DrewH

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    "Danny Welbeck will also be weighing up his options with just one year left on his contract. When he made the move to Watford he wouldn’t have included at least a season in the Championship as part of the plan to get back to the earlier heights of his career with Manchester United and Arsenal. Two goals since lockdown — including a spectacular overhead kick against Norwich — will have reminded potential suitors that he could be a useful addition to a Premier League squad. However, it appears all options are still open after initial informal discussions: Watford could decide to sell or offer a contract extension if they believe he could help — and be willing to commit — to a promotion push."
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  19. The Recluse

    The Recluse First Year Pro

    Strange the same publication would give two different lengths of contract.

    I did think maybe it was initially a 2-year deal with the option of a third but the wording in the piece you've quoted discounts that.

    I also did a quick search and I found reports from talkSport and 90mins saying it was a 3-year deal while Football Insider quoted 'a Watford source' it was for 2 years.

    The club, helpfully, didn't give any details when he signed.

    Clear as mud really!
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  20. hornetfan

    hornetfan Academy Graduate

    Pervis Estupinan may have had his contract extended. Steve Leo Beleck reported on 29 July that he is "Contracted to us until 2024 according to the local rag in Osasuna..."

    No idea if it is true, but the club do sometimes seem to be quite secretive about contracts.
  21. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

  22. Captain Mandibles

    Captain Mandibles Academy Graduate

    How confident are we that Kabasele and Femenia signed new contracts to 2024? There’s been nothing official, and the closest I can find to confirmation is this article from The Athletic:

    Has there been confirmation anywhere else? Given the club announced officially that Foster, Janmaat, Bachmann and others have signed contract extensions, why wouldn’t they have done the same for Kiko and Kabasele? I’m not so sure they have signed - perhaps they were contingent on us staying up.
  23. The Voice of Reason

    The Voice of Reason First Team Captain

    Yet another example of the clubs wonderful communications NOT :rolleyes:
  24. hornetboy1

    hornetboy1 First Team

    This is an interesting league table of player salaries. Probably not 100% but I think it's pretty close as it does seem to align to the Spotrac table too.

    Gerard Deulofeu 26 LW 80,000 2023
    Troy Deeney 31 CF 80,000 2021
    Andre Gray 28 CF 75,000 2022
    Abdoulaye Doucouré 27 CM 70,000 2023
    Isma*la Sarr 22 RW 70,000 2024
    Danny Welbeck 29 CF 70,000 2022
    Tom Cleverley 30 CM 60,000 2022
    Daryl Janmaat 30 RB 45,000 2020
    Roberto Pereyra 29 AM 45,000 2021
    Craig Dawson 29 CB 42,500 2023
    Étienne Capoue 31 DM 42,500 2022
    Nathaniel Chalobah 25 DM 35,000 2022
    Ben Foster 37 GK 32,500 2021
    José Holebas 35 LB 32,500 2020
    Will Hughes 24 CM 32,500 2022
    Adalberto Peñaranda 22 CF 32,000 2023
    Christian Kabasele 29 CB 30,000 2021
    Isaac Success 24 LW 30,000 2023
    Ignacio Pussetto 24 RW 30,000 2024
    Adam Masina 26 LB 28,000 2023
    Craig Cathcart 31 CB 25,000 2021
    João Pedro 18 CF 23,000 2024
    Marc Navarro 24 RB 23,000 2023
    Dimitri Foulquier 27 RB 20,000 2021
    Jerome Sinclair 23 CF 20,000 2021
    Kiko Femenía 29 RB 18,500 2021
    Cucho Hernández 20 CF 18,000 2024
    Heurelho Gomes 39 GK 17,500 2020
    Adrian Mariappa 33 CB 15,000 2020
    Filip Stuparevic 19 CF 15,000 2023
    Ken Sema 26 LM 10,000 2023
    Ben Wilmot 20 CB 10,000 2023
    Domingos Quina 20 CM 8,000 2022
    Tom Dele-Bashiru 20 CM 5,000 2025
    Jorge Segura 23 CB 3,000 2021
    Pontus Dahlberg 21 GK 3,000 2023
    Daniel Bachmann 25 GK 2,500 2020
    Kwasi Sibo 21 CM 1,000 2023

    You can see all the highest earners and they match up with all those players we're trying to shift, apart from Gray.

    Cleverley & Gray look to be part of things for this season but are earning more than Capoue. These two should certainly be sold ahead of some of the others IMO.
  25. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Reservist

    Roughly checks out on what we all suspected I guess, a few figures look a bit different (and of course there are bonuses on top of that as well, Welbeck's figures appear to be the weeks when he plays). God knows who's on relegation wage cut clauses, because some of the filler in our squad on that money is absolute cringe

    In an ideal world, yes, Cleverley and Gray would be sold before Capoue, but no club is going to want to pay the money to get them (and Valencia are seemingly struggling to stump up what we'd want for Capoue). Gonna have to grit our teeth and accept them as squad players (Clev could be very useful in midfield if we can get him fit, and Gray won't be completely useless in the Championship I guess)
  26. Steve Leo Beleck

    Steve Leo Beleck Squad Player

    Think all of these things are probably made up but if Kiko really was on £4.5k less per week than Navarro, he should shoot his agent.
  27. Timbers

    Timbers Apeman

    Jesus, I hope Isaac Success and Penaranda have been saving all that cash because that will likely be their yearly salary in the next deals they sign when they finally leave.

    For the cost and money, Success must go down as the worst monetary signing of all, worse than Ellington even, and just ahead of Gray. At least Gray helped massively in the FA Cup run.

    I remember us scrimping and begging for money to survive with players having to take way cuts. Think about all the money wasted on Filip Stuparevic and Segura, in the last few years, a few million down the pan there, I had never heard of the Colombian fella.
  28. Hogg-DEENEY!!!

    Hogg-DEENEY!!! Reservist

    Success has certainly been more disappointing than Gray in my view, Gray has always been very limited, but Success has talent and has completely wasted it. I don't know enough about our financial situation when we signed Ellington, was that (small by modern standards) fee a risky one for the club? I recall he had particular trouble settling, with style of play issues and with Darius Henderson banging in the goals at that time
  29. AndrewH63

    AndrewH63 Reservist

    When do we have to confirm the squad for the season, is it a week after the close of the transfer window?

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