Peace on Earth, Richard Attree

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    This is a bit of a curiosity, a near 30 minute composition by composer Richard Attree of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, titled 'Peace on Earth'.

    It was first broadcast on Christmas Day 1985 on Radio One. Such was the dystopian nightmare of the era it was considered the sort of thing that young people might like to enjoy Christmas to.

    Some of the music is really good, in a sort of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Welcome to the Pleasuredome sort of way, with hints of Paul Hardcastle, Pink Floyd and CRASS. The music provides a bed for layers of news report and actuality, most of it deeply depressing and disturbing accounts of nuclear war and the Holocaust mixed with civil disorder and conflict of the time in a sort of isn't it all just generally awful? sort of way.

    I'm not sure I actually recommend it (as the content is quite disturbing) but if you paid any attention to the state of world in that era you'll instantly recognise the feeling it creates.

    The Eighties. What the **** were we like?

    Starts at 8.30 but doesn't get that interesting until after 11.18.
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    Anything about big hair and legwarmers?

    If not, I’m out.
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    The airbrushed 80s are happily absent. This is the Two Tribes Carnage Mix of it featuring Paisley, Reagan and Scargill.
  4. Meister

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    That was a band destined for impolsion.
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  5. Moose

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    Must correct the reference here. The Annihilation Mix was the best one.


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